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In Rainbow


In Rainbow is the latest Radiohead’s album. It was released in early 2008 (but it was said that it has been previously released online since 2007). I don’t know the exact date because I don’t follow Radiohead intensely.

I started listening In Rainbow since I saw 15 steps live in Grammy award 09 (see the video down there!!). Their performance mesmerized me…it was the best performance of the night. There was also Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, and Cold Play (I don’t remember the non-rock performances) and Radiohead’s performance beat all of their performances by miles.

After that performance…I search their Grammy Nominee album, In Rainbow and I have to say that I really like this album. Their songs are experimental, you cannot categorize it as either rock or pop…it is simply Radiohead. Only Radiohead can make this kinda music. It is quite hard to put a definition onto their songs and it is not an easy listening song.

There are 10 songs in this album. 15 Steps contain an unusual beat with various sounds of percussion. The song can easily make me want to move my body in the same rhythm as the song. I really like this song, unusual and fun. Body Snatchers truly snatch my body out of my mind…it is as if my body has its own mind and starts moving according to rhythm. It is a great idea to put body snatchers after 15 steps.

The next song is like a cooling down, Nude is a typical Radiohead’s song, it is so slow and Tom Yorke’s voice sounds so sincere. I have to say that Tom’s voice creates the melody of this song rather than the instrument itself. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi uses more percussion than Nude but it is still considered as slow song. The next song is still in the same slow tune, All I Need. Faust Arp is still a slow song but I love this song so much. It uses string and acoustic guitar. The lyric was sung as if there is no apostrophe, as is if it was a long lyric without stopping.

Reckoner starts with a faster beat compare to the previous 4 songs. House of Card is also another slow beat song. Jigsaw Falling Into Places is like the 1st two songs, it makes me want to move my body. The lyric ‘Come on and let it out!!’ fits this song so much. And for the last song, they slow it down again, Videotape.

I like all of the songs but my favorites are 15 Steps, Body Snatcher, Faust Arp and Jigsaw Falling Into Places.


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One comment on “In Rainbow

  1. yana
    March 14, 2009

    lagu ini sounds familiar…
    ya ya ya…it’s the ending song in twilight movie..haha knp twilight seh.
    emang d, gada yg bs nyamain, niru, nyaingin musiknya radiohead. one of a kind

    Novroz’s Answer
    eh lagu yang mana yan? 15steps? whuahaha film butut gitu tapi pake lagu keren2 ya

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