Woman Bag

I’m a woman that loves simplicity more than fashion. My mom always told me to put on something more Lady-like … but unfortunately all those lady-like things are so uncomfortable.

For example;

I prefer putting on sneaker rather than girl-shoe (you know, the one without laces) when I was still in school or college. Right now, being a working woman, I can’t put on sneaker anymore…so I bought a shoe (or 2, depending on how many school I have to teach) and then leave the shoe at the place I work for. I have to do that because shoes (especially woman shoe) are soooo uncomfortable. I wear sandal everywhere…fortunately it’s woman sandal now due to the fact that sneaker does not match with my work clothes and man sandal is so big and inappropriate.

How ‘bout Clothes?

Well, since I am a teacher, there is no way I can go to school wearing jeans and T-Shirt…so I have to use formal lady clothes…But don’t expect me to wear a skirt!!! The only time I wear skirt was when I was forced on to doing it (and I hate those moments!!).

Now this is the reason why I wrote this article.

About a month ago, my parents went to Padang and when they came back, My mom gave me a Woman Bag (it was from my aunt). What is Woman bag?? Look at the picture!!


I always enjoy using Backpack or mailman-bag…it is way more comfortable than those woman bags. This is the bag I’m using right now.


Both of them are woman bag but the one I’m using has long rope or lace or whatever they call that thing so I like calling it a mailwoman bag…even though it is for woman but it isn’t lady-like.

Why do I prefer the second one rather than the first one (tho the first one looks more beautiful than the second one)??

First, the mailwoman bag is saver than the short woman bag. I always use public transportation and as we all know Indonesian Public Transportation is heaven for pickpocket. So to make sure that my stuff is saved from those naughty hands I have to place the bag in front of me…and it’s Goddamned hard to place short woman bag in front of me…trust me it’s hard!!

Second, the short woman bag makes it hard to get something out of the bag. If I’m using the mailwoman bag, the bag is right in front of my stomach, so it is easier to reach for the things I wanted. As for the short woman bag, it is right below my armpit, so it’s one hell of difficulty to take something out.

In conclusion, I am so not cut out to be a woman with lady-like things. And as you can see, I am so out of fashion, I don’t even know what kinda bags I’m talking about…I use my own name for them.

2 thoughts on “Woman Bag

  1. hahahahhaa miss novi tomboy~ LOL *ditimpuk*
    euh.. iya2.. ga tomboy.. just..not lady-like.. ahahahaha~

    kayak yankumi dong, pke workout clothes & sneakers hahaha~ (trus lsg dipanggil ke ruang kepsek :p)

    Novroz’s Answer
    huahaha boleh ga ya kayak gitu?? pake jeans n sneaker…ah coba sekolah indo bisa bebas gitu

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