Happy 2nd Gotcha Day My Dearest Papoe

A mirror post from Underneath The Shell

My smallest turtle came into my life 2 years ago. Happy 2nd Gotcha day Papoe…love you sooo much ((hugs and kisses))


After 2 years, he is still very shy but he is warming up a little…but no matter how shy he is, I still love him wholeheartedly.

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day my dearest Papoe 🙂

I make a special prezi for his gotcha day 🙂

Papoe's Gotcha

Unfortunately I can’t embedded prezi to wordpress, so do see it here>> Papoe in Prezi



  1. Happy anniversary Papoe!!

    You are one lucky lil’ turtle to have someone like Novia for your mommy who will love and cherish you unconditionally forever. 🙂

  2. Hey Nov! Happy Gotcha Day, what a lovely tribute to Papoe. Btw, I revived an old list I made about Irish actors for St Patrick’s Day. Naturally when I got to Cillian, I immediately thought of you 😉

    1. Thank you Ruth 🙂

      Ah!! I don’t even have time to update my blog…not sure if I able to share any Cillian post this month but I will see and read yours 🙂

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