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Happy 2nd BLOGanniversary To Underneath The Shell

Hello Mommy’s friends 🙂 It’s me…Kroten. This is my first post here. I just want to tell you that our blog is having our 2nd BLOGanniversary today 🙂 We are … Continue reading

May 15, 2012 · 21 Comments

Happy 4th Gotcha Day Kroten

Today, 4 years ago, she looked at me and I fell in love with her. She taught me that turtles have different personalities. My dear Kroten taught me to love … Continue reading

March 19, 2012 · 20 Comments

Good Bye Kame…We Will Miss You With All Our Heart

Life can sometimes be unfair…but all living things must eventually died. For years I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my loved ones…but I kept losing one after another in … Continue reading

March 9, 2012 · 71 Comments

Tanya Jawab Sekitar Kura-Kura RES Bagian Ketiga

Karena Bagian kedua sudah mencapai 100 comments, maka post itu saya tutup dan kita mulai Tanya Jawab Kura-Kura RES bagian ketiga 🙂 Tanya Jawab Sekitar Kura2 RES Bagian Pertama Tanya … Continue reading

December 2, 2011 · 1,752 Comments

A Poem for Kame – Happy Gotcha Day

Dear Kame… They told me turtles are creepy They told me turtles have no emotion They told me turtles are lousy pets Dear Kame… If I had listened to them, … Continue reading

October 26, 2011 · 30 Comments

Tanya Jawab Sekitar Kura-Kura RES Bagian Kedua

Karena Bagian kedua sudah mencapai 100 comments, maka post itu saya tutup, silakan bertanya di Tanya Jawab Kura-Kura RES bagian ketiga 🙂 Tanya Jawab Sekitar Kura2 RES Bagian Pertama Karena … Continue reading

August 6, 2011 · 102 Comments

Announcing Our 1st Bloganniversary

Hi… This is my first time writing in mommy’s blog. I am bit nervous here. My name is Kame, I am Novroz’ pet-turtle. The picture on the right is my … Continue reading

May 16, 2011 · 21 Comments

Happy 3rd Birthday My Sweet Kroten-Chan

Today is my sweet Kroten’s birthday…well, it is not actually her birthday, it’s more like her arrival day…but i consider it as the day she was being ‘born’ inside my … Continue reading

March 19, 2011 · 20 Comments

Tanya- Jawab Sekitar Kura-Kura RES Bagian Pertama

Karena banyaknya pertanyaan di salah satu Post tentang perawatanKura2 yang saya tulis, jadi saya memutuskan untuk membuat post ini yang bertujuan sebagai jembatan tempat bertanya jawab sekitar kura2 Red Ear … Continue reading

March 15, 2011 · 128 Comments

The Nebula Monster

Read Kroten’s introduction to this story in Kame & Kroten’s Blog When the scientist found the dying star that looked like a turtle, they were so happy. They named it … Continue reading

March 11, 2011 · 19 Comments

Cara Melatih Kura-kura

DILARANG MENGOPI TULISAN INI TANPA SEIJIN PENULIS!!! Tolong ya DIHARGAI karena ini semua ditulis atas dasar cinta saya kepada kura-kura saya jadi jangan seenaknya copy-paste! English version is here How … Continue reading

February 10, 2011 · 388 Comments

Turtle Puzzle

I’ve already written about my Kame’s shedding before (in Indonesian, in English). I collected all her scutes because I want to put them all together again. This might be a … Continue reading

November 4, 2010 · 11 Comments

Karapas Baru

Read this post in English>> here Alhamdulillah…akhirnya karapas Kame sudah 100% baru 🙂 Semua scutenya sudah mengelupas…wuih lumayan lama juga loh, di mulai dari bulan februari dan diakhirin pada bulan … Continue reading

October 28, 2010 · 22 Comments

Kroten’s Debut in Hollywood: The Upcoming Face/Off 2

Inspired by Roisin of Sundryandco who had let her dog appears in two Hollywood blockbuster movies, Inception and Matrix, I decided to let Kroten has her share of fame 😉 … Continue reading

October 20, 2010 · 22 Comments


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