Cage has a very interesting cover, and I have to admit that the reason I picked the book up because if the cover 🙂 The book is not amazing but it’s not bad either. I like how it evolved in every page. It starts in A and finish in Z…well at least that’s how I… Read More Cage


Hell by Yasutaka Tsutsui was another book that I picked simply based on the cover…and like I said before, the chances of it turning into a good book are fifty-fifty. Tsutsui was trying to write about Hell using his own imagination. It wasn’t a place fill with fire and torture like most people had been… Read More Hell


What makes me pick this book out of so many interesting books in the library is the summary written on the back cover Middle-aged, jaded and divorced, TV scriptwriter Harada returns one night to Asakusa, the old dilapidated downtown district of Tokyo where he grew up. There, at the theater, he meets a likable man… Read More Strangers


I visited JF-Library (Japan Foundation) about 2 weeks ago and I finally found the corner where they put all mystery, horror and suspense books. I was overwhelmed by this discovery. From the title and the summary on the cover…they all sound like great books. I couldn’t decide which one I am going to borrow. Out… Read More Crossfire