Our First Family Trip – Cibeureum Waterfall

Hopefully I won’t go hiatus after today because I still have so many things I want to share…BUT today is the last Thursday on my holidays.

Today I want to share 13 things related to my first BIG family trip. The trip was on August 27, 2017. I have to admit that I cheat a bit for this post, at first I want to share 13 pictures of our trip but I couldn’t just JUST 13 so I changed it to this kind of post 😉

Note: click on the picture to see it better.

#1 Foster Parent

I live in the school I teach but I am not only living in it but also become foster parent of 4 orphan in the school’s orphanage. There are not really Orphans, they still have mothers in their village but they don’t have fathers anymore. The school’s owner took them in and put them to school. The owner then choose one foster parent from either teachers or school staff. I have been their foster parent since 2016. I am helped by one foster brother.

#2 First Trip

I have had my small family trip (my husband, Anka and I) and now it’s my big family’s first trip.

#3 Puncak

This is our first one day hiking trip because I have to wait till Anka is strong enough to do this. We leaft early in the morning to go to Cibeureum Waterfall on the foot of Mount Gede.

Our first rest was on the place called Puncak. It was very cold but the view stunning.

#4 Ready to Hike

At 9am, we were ready to do our 1-2 hour hike. It depended on how fast the hikers could walk. I carried Anka till we reached Registration Post. Then my husband carried Anka.

#5 Happy Little Boy

We are so blessed to have a son who enjoys seeing greenery and traveling. He couldn’t stop smiling and talking with his baby talk. He only became quiet when he became sleepy.

#6 Small Family and Big family

So happy to have such extended family. They are all Anka’s big brothers and sisters. In the picture, we have one extra member, the daughter of our school’s driver.

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#7 Sleepy Little Boy

Not long after we took the pictures above, Anka became very sleepy so I had to breastfeed him while hiking. Thank God for breast milk so I didn’t have to prepare a bottle for Anka 😉

When we reached the waterfall, Aka was still sleeping. He slept more than half an hour in the mosque near the waterfall.

#8 Dating

We used the time to date 😉 we couldn’t left Anka all alone in the mosque so we chatted like when we were still dating. We went to the same waterfall once before we got married.

#9 Cibeureum Waterfall

Cibeureum means red water because sometimes the water was a bit reddish with soil. Just like tourist, we took lots of selfies 😉 Most of the pictures are with Anka 😉

Note: Ibu=Mom; Ayah=Dad, Kak= Big bro/sis

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This one is my favorite. happy big family 🙂

#10 Happy Little Boy Part 2

This is my favorite picture of the three of us. We are all smiling 🙂

Click on the picture to see Anka’s adorable smile 😉

#11 Why is he so happy?

Anka’s happiness made Kak Rahmat felt envy 😉

Not really…hehehe, this is one of those perfect timing picture. Anka was smiling and Kak Rahmat was looking at him as if saying, “why is he so happy??

#12 Rainbow

I got lucky when I took selfie near the waterfall. Please ignore the people behind me 😉

#13 Looking Forward For Another Hiking Trip

The kids told me they enjoyed the trip and would love to have another one. Well…they got their wish as we (my husband and I) took them to Mount Papandayan on October 2017. I will share about it next Thursday (hopefully)

Hope you enjoy our little adventure 😉

Happy Thursday Thirteen 🙂

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