Random 13

I am now in my end of year’s school holiday….yaaaiiii. And that is why I can write something 😉

Although it is a bit late but today is still Thursday, here are 13 random things about me (since my last post was on July 5)

#1 Working mother

I have never thought that being a working mother will take all my time away from blogging. It makes me wonder how a writer mothers manage their time.

#2 My son

My son is now 14 months old and beginning to show signs of rebellion. Testing Ibu (Mommy in Indonesian language) whether crying will get what he wants

#3 Isn’t it too soon?

Isn’t it too soon for a baby to start testing his mother with cry??

#4 a trip

I really need a trip after the last two super tiring months in my school….but no trip has happened yet since both my husband and son have high fever #sigh

#5 Like mother like son

I found an old photograph of me, my mom and my brother…I was my son in skirt.

#6 Movies

Thank God I still have time to watch movies 🙂
I might share 13 movies review next week.

#7 Books

I miss reading books…or book. I was always already too tired to read. First page and then I fell asleep.

#8 Hiking

We had our first baby hiking last October and I make sure I have time to write about it before holiday ends

#9 Blogger Friends

I often wonder how is everyone doing? Hope they maintain bloggin better than me

#10 My son’s blog

I was so busy with school’s concert and report card that I also abandoned my son’s journal blog. I will update everything soon.

#11 Anniversary

We had our 2nd anniversary yesterday but we did nothing special as both men of my life had fever.

#12 The turtles

Yes…they are fine but I haven’t had much time updating their blog….but they are still part of the family

Kuro, Papoe, Kroten

#13 Time management

I really really have to start managing my time better. I was so left behind with report card. I am not going to blame my son for this. I blame myself for not preparing earlier as I am not a single woman anymore who can sleep as late I wanted to.

That’s all for now 🙂

I miss all of you my fellow blogger and my fellow Thursday13-ners.



  1. Don’t worry about the blog. You’re a busy mother and wife with two small children. My GOODNESS no one will hate you for not posting every day or even every week…

    And I love the turtles…

    1. Hi Judy,
      I only have one son…that one is an old picture of my mom and me and how my son looks so much like me.

      I know but I really love blogging, I guess it has to wait till my son old enough to play by himself

  2. There’s a reason they call it the “terrible twos”. Supposedly the “NO!” phase only lasts a couple of years, but I swear my son never grew out of it.

    As to writing with kids, I did some with them crawling around my feet. My husband and mother took the kids off my hands now and then. Plus it gets easier when they start school. And harder when you have another kid.

    Mine weren’t reasonable with their demands until nearly adults. When my youngest graduated from high school I was happier than she was. For me, it meant the return of freedom.

    As to fevers, we had one after another until I finally taught them to wash their hands. Now that the kids are on their own I hardly ever get sick.

    1. Oh.. You have that term. I never heard of that term before. But it does sound like what my friend has told me, the age of two is the toughest but if you get through that it’ll be an easy age 3.

      Ah yes, I have thought that schooling will give my tike back but it’s still not coming around soon.

      Thank you for sharing all precious experience with your kids 😊 I will keep them all in mind

  3. Welcome back. I enjoyed reading about your life. Just think of your sons testing as part of his development, learning and learning to assert his personage apart from being as one with you. Loving firmness usually works, along with making good eye contact.

    1. Thank you Colleen.
      Thank you for the advice, we are learning together. He is learning to use his emotion and I am learning to be patient and educative.

  4. It’s that way for all working mothers of young children. Cut yourself some slack. Do the really important things and let the little things go!

    1. I know and I will 😁
      I only do blogging when I have the time as my family needs me more. More blogging time will come when he goes to school….and I know I am going to miss all the moments that happen now

  5. From one Mom to another: motherhood is top priority. always.
    The middle turtle: can you call that albino turtle?
    They’re all cute. I like your throwback photo.

    1. I agree… As soon he will have his own personal space.

      He is a morph, not yet albino. His species is light color but Papoe becomes so pale as he grows.

      Thank you Hazel 🙂

  6. My dear, your little son is coming up on the time called the “Terrible Twos”. This passes fairly quickly, and soon he will be a lovely little three year old toddler. Love you T13! Have fun being run off your feet! Hugs!

    1. Hi Zippi…a friend told me about that critical age. This is the time for me to shape him into a lovely three year old, she told me once.

      Thank you Zippi. I enjoy every moment of it 🙂

  7. I have missed you! So glad to see you back in time to say farewell to 2017 and to wish you many blessings in 2018. Good luck – your life is busy, we are still here.

    1. I miss you to Dew. I miss reading everyone’s blog.
      Thank God I am a teacher so I can always have time to say farewell to the old year and welcome the new year 🙂

  8. hi novroz! How can you manage to watch 13 movies, I’m so envy. It’s lucky for me to watch one without pausing in 30 minutes! Been fine and busy mothering. it’s so great and awesome that you can took your baby son out to hike.

    1. Hi Andin,
      New blog ya 🙂

      I always watch after Anka fell asleep, and he usually sleeps before 8. When he woke up all he needs was my milk, so I can continue watching while breastfeeding.

      Thank you…we want him to get used to nature from very early age.

  9. Eeeeeehhhh!!! Nice to read your posts again! That picture is wonderful! You do look a lot like Anka in it, but the thing I like the most is how much your young Mom looks soooo much like you do today!! At least she does to me…. you both share the same smile!

  10. Nice to hear from you again, Novia! I hope both your men have recovered by now. I would think as you get more used to parenting and as your son grows older, you’ll find you have more time.

    1. Nice to blog again Peter 🙂
      I miss you all.
      Yeah I agree…sooner or later I will be able to manage my time better. Thank you for your concern, they are both doing well 🙂

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