Sisterhood of the Bloggers

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Blogging is fun because I got to know a lot of nice peoples from faraway lands that I might never step foot on those lands. I got to know them through what they wrote and how we interact through comments.

I am glad I met Susan @ At The Library, a fellow Cillian Murphy fans. She has unique blog…kinda random like me 😉 She is a nice person and I learned many things from her. Anyway, Thank you for the nomination and all the interesting questions…and extra thank you for adding 3/4 more questions so it can fit my Thursday Thirteen 😉

You can read her post and her interesting answers>> here. Here are my questions from here and my answers :

1. Have you ever been to the mountains?

Oh yes!!! several times. This reminds me that I haven’t written my trip to Mount Guntur 😉

I use this for my header of my facebook account
2. What color nail polish are you wearing right now, if any?

I don’t wear one and rarely wear nail polish as it will cover my nail from taking wudhu (cleaning activity before praying), so I can only wear it when I have my period.

3. What time is it and what is the temperature?

Thursday morning and it’s 26 degree Celsius according to my air conditioner’s remote 😉

4. What’s your favorite Marvel movie?

Sorry…I have no affection toward superheroes movies. Is Batman DC or Marvel?? That’s my favorite because Cillian Murphy and Bale are there 😉

5. Tent or Cabin?

Both are fine with me

6. Least favorite holiday?

Holidays that happen to be in either Tuesday or Thursday because there will be one day or working in between holidays.

7. Thing, lesson or advice you wish you knew when you first started traveling?

I don’t thing I have any.

8. Hobby you want to take up?

Cycling. I haven’t been on a bicycle for ages

9. Can you see stars at night where you live?


10. List your 5 favorite beauty products at the moment (can include anything from toothpaste to makeup to perfume)?

Decumbal, Oriental Vanilla (Yves Laroche Perfume), Paradontax, Dove Body wash, Olay

Susan has kindly added 4 extra questions, I take out the one about top 2 Cillian Murphy’s movies because I have written about it before. I chose the other three questions

11. If you could hike anywhere in the world, what would be your dream hiking destination?

Mount Jawa Wijaya in Papua. It’s the highest mountain in Indonesia, 4,884 m.dpl.

Jaya Wijaya

12. What’s something you wish people understood about your country or your culture or your religion?

I wish people would stop quoting part of At Tawbah Verse 5 from the Holy Qur’an as the real Islamic way:

then kill the polytheists (non-believer) wherever you find them

By doing so, they merely quoting a line talking about situation in a war. It’s just like quoting Indonesian history book in the part of “Indonesian must kill all Dutch people” or American history book “American Army must kill Vietnamese” or any other history book regarding war.

Do read the whole passage before claiming false accusation. The Holy Qur’an is a book full with history, science, Heaven and Hell, Charity, Way to live life peacefully and caring and many more.

Expanding Universe
13. If you could safely go into the world of any book or movie (including animation and graphic novels) which would you pick and why?

One Piece, a manga (Japanese graphic novel) that I have loved for more than 10 years.


There are actually many books/movies I can choose for, such as The Lord of The Rings, The Matrix, etc…but somehow the one I REALLY want to go into is the world of One Piece. A world created by Eiichiro Oda where Pirate ships are sailing freely in the ocean. Some of the pirates have special power from eating the devil’s fruit.

Onepiece is the complete guidance on the power of determination and perseverance, the will to survive and relive dreams, the strongest bound amongst friends, and the joy of adventures. So much positive vibes can easily find in this manga…it is more than just a fun laughing kick-ass manga…it’s an inspiration to live life to the fullest. Eichiiro Oda somehow manage to combine adventures, fights, friendships, laughter and dreams into an incredible journey. A journey to reach their dreams and create new family with stronger bound than real family.

I really want to be one of Mugiwara Pirate Crews. Branded as one of the most wanted pirates but casually helping people along the way to become The Pirate King.

I love this manga.


Once again, thank you for nominating me Susan 🙂 …however I will not nominate anyone because that means I have to create 10 questions, I am bit busy now because school has started again and creating creative questions takes time 😉

Happy Thursday 13, do visit the others at New Thursday 13.


  1. #12 is great and I find it so interesting that someone’s religion would cause them not to wear nailpolish.

  2. I hear you on mid-week holidays. It’s so hard to go back to work for one or two days, then have another day or two off. My T13

  3. Batman is DC & that can count as your answer=) I should’ve known you’d answer with a Cillian-related movie. Paradontax–If I answered that question I would’ve put toothpaste too!
    That mountain Mount Jawa Wijaya looks insanely beautiful & I hope you get to climb it. I just read a story where a man detailed his climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro and it made me want to go there.
    All interesting answers, thank you for sharing them.
    You’re so nice and it’s a pleasure to get to know you a little here and there through our blogs<3

    1. Yeah…because I don’t like superhero movies…so I only watch it if the actors I like are in the movies 😉

      I forgot to mention the type…and you know it’s a toothpaste…wow, I didn’t know the brand is that famous.

      Amin 🙂 but it’s going to be a tough climb as I have never experience snow in my life.

      Thank you for nominating and the questions…they are all fun questions 🙂 and I am glad to have met you in blogosphere ((hug))

  4. Great read here Nov! Ahah, I’m more of a DC girl too, and of course you pick Batman ’cause Cillian is there, he..he.. I just went biking/cycling this past weekend for 20 miles, my legs are still sore. Believe it or not, I never biked as a kid so I just learned biking for the first time when I was 29!

    1. Thank you Ruth…but I am not a DC or Marvel girl…it’s just because Cillian is in it 😉

      Really? I thought all kids ride a bike. I am glad to know you seem to enjoy it. I would love to bike that far but I need to buy a bike first 😉
      I think riding bicycle is really fun

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