13 Best Episodes of The X Files Season 1

Back in 2012, I wrote my Top 5 TV series (excluding the Japanese ones, only the English speaking ones)…the list needed an update so bad BUT even so my number in that list will still be my number one if I updated the list…that is:

The X Files

I first saw it in 1997 and it is still the best series I have seen in my life!!

No matter how much series I have seen after that, no matter how many times I have rewatched The X Files, it is still as amazing as the first day I saw it. The crazy ideas in The X Files are timeless.

I have written what I love about The X Files back in 2008: Here. Simply said…I freakin love this series!!

Since The X Files Revival is going to be aired next year (yeaaaaaa \(^_^)/ ) … it’s truly is a long awaited series for me. In honor of the revival, I am currently rewatching all the episodes of X Files, BUT it’ll be only till season 7 where Mulder is still around, when Mulder is not around anymore The X Files lost its magic.

These are the other episodes that didn’t make it into my 13 best episodes of season 1:

Episode 0: Pilot; Episode 1: Deep Throat; Episode 3: Conduit; Episode 8: Space; Episode 9: Fallen Angel; Episode 10: Eve; Episode 15: Young at Heart; Episode 16: E.B.E.; Episode 23: The Erlenmeyer Flask

Honorable mention (I really like these two but I have to cut it down to 13 so these two episodes didn’t make it into the list)

Episode 12: Beyond the Sea; Episode 17: Miracle Man

Here are my favorite episodes which I often watch again and again:

  • Episode 2: Squeeze

I like the idea of someone who was able to squeeze his body to fit even the smallest hole on earth. Tooms was an unusual human being who could squeeze his body and hibernated for 30 years.

  • Episode 4: The Jersey Devil

This might not be an original idea but I like it anyway because the Jersey Devil was not really a devil. Mulder and Scully were investigating a murder in the woods of New Jersey, the body was eaten by something.

  • Episode 5: Shadows

I always love ghost stories…that’s why I like this one. Mulder and Scully were called to investigate two bodies who were still maintaining body heat despite the fact that they had been dead for hours.

  • Episode 6: Ghost in the Machine

This is so common nowadays but not that much back then, an AI that fights back the creator because it didn’t want to be shut down.

  • Episode 7: Ice

I love this one, this would make my top 5 best episode list of season 1. Mulder and Scully had to go to the arctic to investigate what had happened to the scientist there, what they found there was a new life form that could change people.

  • Episode 11: Fire

Fire was a common fire starter story, but even so I still like it because the story was still good.

  • Episode 13: Gender Bender

This was one of the most creative ideas for a murder. The victim died because of having a great sex and the perpetrator changed gender afterward.

  • Episode 14: Lazarus

A very simple idea of changing soul but it was not simple anymore when it happened to Scully’s best friend. Two men died, one came back…which one?

  • Episode 18: Shapes

I like this one quite a lot because it explored the native American’s werewolf…it was not the common werewolf we know for years. It was not a werewolf but it has the same basic idea but with a much crueler reality to the infected one.

  • Episode 19: Darkness Falls

This is also one of my all time favorites. Small bugs from the past got loose in the wood and started sucking all the fluid from human…but they only appeared when darkness falls.

  • Episode 20: Tooms

This is the sequel of Episode 2: Squeeze. Mulder’s profile on Tooms was simply unacceptable and therefore he was released to the society but Mulder wasn’t about to let Tooms hibernate again no matter what.

  • Episode 21: Born Again

When I first watch this episode…it scared me a lot. X Files was aired at 10 pm back then and the image Mulder was trying to clear of had this spooky vibes. A very gloomy girl was always present in the bizarre death of some policemen.

  •  Episode 22: Roland

Roland basically has the same idea as Born again but wrapped in a different packages. An Autistic man who worked as a janitor suddenly able to do rocket science calculation and started killing other scientist.

Those are my favorites in season 1. Most of those that aren’t in my list are the alien conspiracy thingy, no matter how much I love The X Files, I still don’t like alien-government conspiracy, that kind of stories always bored me…fortunately there are more out of the box stories in the x files rather than the boring alien-government conspiracy.

I will continue my list for season 2 after I have to watch them all 🙂

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser for the revival

And a cute photo of Mulder and Scully


 Happy Thursday Thirteen everyone 🙂 and do visit other links> here.


  1. This post makes me want to rewatch the X-files, or latest the best episodes before the revival comes out next year. 🙂 The ones I can remember are so memorable. 🙂 . Squeeze is awesome!

    1. I think you should do it 😉
      For me, rewatching the whole series really reminds me why I still love this series. Squeeze is one of the most memorable ones, for me

  2. I watched it for awhile but then thought they were never going to tie it up and lost interest. My favorite show, “Awake,” got cancelled.

  3. Another thing we have in common, I love The X-Files! I misread what you wrote & thought it said the revival was airing next week!! I was like “Oh my god they’re getting it sooner over there!” but nope, it says next year. Whoops!
    I have the X-Files lego toy of the monster from The Host…gross but cool.
    I think my all-time favorite episode is Bad Blood just because it’s so funny.

    1. Yaaaiiii 🙂

      Hahaha I wish it’s next week…at least I will have something to wait up for….but next year is still okay at least there will be another X Files 😉

      I like the Host…it’s definitely going to be in my season 2’s top 13. And you’re right, it’s gross but cool.

      Bad blood is that one with vampire with green eyes…right?

      1. Yep! Bad Blood is the one with the vampire with the glowing green eyes. Luke Wilson played the town Sheriff and the episode showed Mulder’s point of view and then Scully’s in parts, it was amusing.

    1. Thank you for the nomination and I think I want to do it for Thursday 13 and if it’s not too much of a problem can you please add 3 more questions just for me 😉 (so it will be 13)

  4. I lost interest around the fourth season. But your list reminds me that they did start off with a lot of good ideas. Still, for over-all quality, I like Babylon 5 better.

    1. I agree…the later seasons are weaker the the first seasons…but most series are like that.

      I have seen Babylon 5 but I wasn’t that interested with space and alien…except for Doctor Who.

  5. I liked watching the X-Files as well. I watched it when it first aired (and I was too young) and then for years after I would watch re-runs every so often. Some great choices like Darkness Falls and Squeeze/Tooms.

    1. You were too young?? wow didn’t know you are younger than me 😉

      I guess those two are some people’s favorites…those are great episodes

  6. I have never watched the X-files but always wanted to. At the time it started here in the U.S., I could not get the channel. Might have to see if I can find somewhere to stream them!

  7. I really liked the X-Files when it was on. Have you ever seen the original Twilight Zone series? Or the original Outer Limits? I bet you would like those as well.

  8. hello novroz its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez skweeze is wun of the skarriest episodes of enny televizhun seereez he has ever seen ever!!! so i am shoor it is way too skarry for me to watch!!! ok bye

    1. I agree with your Dad, Squeeze is very scary. Can’t imagine if such person really exist.

      maybe you should watch it together with your dad, so it won’t be too scary 😉

  9. I don’t follow X-Files but this is a great, comprehensive post Nov! I’m actually watching a show w/ Gillian now called The Fall. Seems like she really likes very dark, creepy series 😀

    1. Thank you Ruth.
      Oh!! I am planning to watch that too…but haven’t got the time yet…but I will one day. I read the review and it said the series was really good

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