Happy 39th Birthday, Dearest Cillian Murphy


I can’t believe time goes so fast. I hardly realize that this month is even May 😦

I haven’t prepared anything special for my most favorite actor’s birthday. I  currently on school’s trip and write this from my phone. I have finished watching Peaky Blinders but haven’t had time to review it yet.


Sorry for not being able to keep up with monthly Murphy

Sorry for forgetting to prepare a special post

… But even so, YOU are still my most favorite actor in the world, past and present and most likely future.

Happy 39th Birthday to one of the most talented actors in the world. Keep on


  1. Ha, ha! I don’t know of many actors and have no idea who this guy is. I’ve got to admit, though, he is easy on the eyes! He’s obviously aging well.

    1. No surprise there 😉
      Not a lot of people know him even though his acting skill a world class…better than most a star actors. He is so low profile though so talented…and it doesn’t hurt that he looks amazing 😉

  2. I am late to add my thoughts
    on this birthday celebration of
    your most favourite actor, he
    is lucky to have such dedicated
    followers as are you my sweet
    and dear friend Miss Novia 🙂

    Have a really nice Sunday and week ahead 🙂

    Andro xxx

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