13 Favorite Cover Songs From Talent Show Singers

It’s been a while since I wrote a music theme blog post. Since today is Thursday (time for Thursday 13) and The Voice UK had just finished, it’s the perfect time to write about Music 🙂

A lot of people say that singers from talent show aren’t that good or lousy or lame, for me as long as they sing great I’ll like it.

I enjoy watching The X Factors, American Idol and The Voice UK for different reasons…mostly the judges or the coaches, but in the end it depends on the contestants. I watched The X Factors and American Idol because of Simon Cowell and I watched The Voice UK because of Ricky Wilson (The vocalist of Kaiser Chief) … because of those two, I found amazing version of songs I have already liked or even one I haven’t even heard yet.

It’s not only from Talent shows, I also includes ones I found in youtube.

These are based on the years I first heard them. (To hear the original, click on the title)

1. David Cook (American Idol 2008) – Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby

Love this rock version more than the original

2.David Cook (American Idol 2008) Dolly Parton’s Little Sparrow

Love this version more than the original

3. Drew Ryniewicz (The X Factor 2011) – Roxete’s It Must Have Been Love

Equally love both version (original and cover)

4. Josh Krajcik (The X Factor 2011) – Christina Perri’s Jar of Heart

I have never heard the song before till Josh sings it….I LOVE LOVE his version.

5. Phillip Phillips (American Idol 2012) – Damien Rice’s Volcano

I have never heard of this song before till Phillip sang it, when I listened to the original I like both equally

6. Alex & Sierra (The X Factor 2013) – Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble

Love this version way more than the original. I seriously love this swing version.

7. Alex & Sierra (The X Factor 2013) – One Direction’s Best Song Ever

Not a fan of boyband, Alex and Sierra made me like their version a lot.

8. James Smith (Britain’s Got Talent 2014) – Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy

Love this version more than the original. The 16 year old James Smith is an amazing singer.

10. Emmanuel Nmawadi (The Voice UK 2015) – Gotye’s Somebody I Used To Know

Equally love both version (original and cover)

11. Stevie McCrorie (The Voice UK 2015) – Kodaline’s All I want

He is my favorite to win and so happy he won it :). Equally love both version (original and cover)

12. Stevie McCrorie (youtube performance) – Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball

Best Wrecking Ball version I have ever heard…and that’s why I was rooting for him throughout The Voice UK 2015.

13. Lucy O’Byrne (The Voice UK 2015) – Radiohead’s No Surprises

I am a tough crowd when it comes to ANY Radiohead’s songs and No Surprises is one of my favorite songs…but I wholeheartedly approve Lucy’s opera version of No surprises

Hope you like them all just like me and happy Thursday 🙂


  1. I tend not to like covers of popular songs as they usually ruin the song entirely for me. Case in point, the recent remake of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven.” Hate it! My T13

    1. I don’t mind song cover because it’s not like remaking a movie. Songs are only 3 to 5 minutes so when it’s worst than the original I never listen to it anymore but if it’s better I will enjoy it all the time. When it comes to movie, now that’s a problem because I don’t want to spend 2 hours to see a movie ruining a movie that’s already great.

      To be honest, these people in talent show made better cover than the singers who are already famous.

  2. Nice list. Some good sounds. I don’t watch any of those shows so I was not familiar with any of these, really. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. Macho? hahaha yeah we can say that…he makes it into slow rock which is always better for me 😉

      Thank you Andina, you can try joining T13 once in a while, it’s a fun weekly blogathon.

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