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学校のカイダン (Gakkou no Kaidan – School’s Staircase) : Kamiki at His Best

“There’s no stair that can’t be climbed!”


I have liked Kamiki (I kinda like calling him Kamiki rather than Ryunosuke) since he became Seta Soujiro in Rurouni Kenshin – Kyoto Inferno (tho I actually have seen him since he was 7 years old) but Watching Gakkou no Kaidan made a fan out of me. His acting in this TV Drama is BRILLIANT!

I watched this series at the same when it aired in Japan (the magic of internet), it was from January 10 to March 14. The streaming site showed it a week later because it had to wait for someone to translate each episode. I admire the person who had subbed it because Kamiki speaks soooo fast.


Tsubame Haruna (Hirose Suzu) is studying in a school for rich kids. She, along with some other students, entered the school under a special admission. The rich kids, especially the one called Platinum 8 rule the school like royalty. They occupy the leisure room and the best spot in cafeteria. No one dares to stand up against them.

On the school’s council election day, the Platinum 8 fix the voting so that Tsubame win the election. She doesn’t want to be the school’s president (Seito Kaichou) but she can’t do anything to refuse it. Platinum 8 makes the weak become the president because they always turn every president into nothing but a person to do all the school chores.

Tsubame’s miserable life suddenly chnage when she meets Tsuzukui Kei, a brilliant speech writer. He comes out of the blue and tends to mock on everything that Tsubame had done or said. Tsuzukui is a very mysterious man with hidden intention. With Tsuzukui’s help, Tsubame tries to change the school little by little into a warm school for every student.

To be honest, the story is very simple and in some way isn’t that interesting. There are so many flaws to the story. I have watched a lot of high school drama and most of them deliver a feeling of a whole class…Gakkou no Kaidan doesn’t have that kind of feeling. It focuses more on the two main characters and the rest of the classmates are nothing but shadow or accessories. Even when Tsubame is trying to change them little by little to be a better person, I still can’t see the emotional attach on them. I don’t blame the actors because I know the fault is on the script. Apart from the characters, there are also situation that doesn’t make normal sense at all. They make it just for the sense of dramatization.


The best of this drama keeps me wanting to see more of it.

I LOVE seeing Kamiki’s act as Tsuzukui Kei. He delivers the character flawlessly. Here’s a quote I take from Psycho Drama with the right title: Casting agents should be careful whom to cast opposite Ryunosuke Kamiki: Gakko no Kaidan serves as another acting vehicle!

As Kei Shizukui, Kamiki showed a variety of emotions – malevolent and malicious, mischievous and mysterious, revealing and secretive, powerful and helpless. I think he will definitely be enjoying playing this character.

The quote says it all!! Kamiki’s acting is brilliant! He can speak so fast without pausing (reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock). What I like the most is how easy it is for him to change emotions and face muscle. One second he acts like an annoying kid and then the next second he turns mysterious. It’s like seeing so many characters and emotion in one person. As the drama progress, we get to see more simple facial expression…simple but somehow it delivers all the feeling of annoyed, sad, tender, caring, anger, love, happy, and many more. There are many scenes where Tsubame’s word can calm the angry Tsuzukui and Kamiki does the change of his face expression so transparently without much gesture, simply relying on his face muscle. Knowing how cheerful Kamiki is in real life (I have seen quote a lot of his interviews), to be playing Tsuzukui who is totally different to the real Kamiki makes me admire this young actor.

Kamiki's Kei

The second thing that I like about this drama is the chemistry between Tsubame and Tsuzukui. Hirose and Kamiki are a great pair. It’s like they have known each other for so long. They make us believe that they really are two people who likes each other. Rather than paying attention to what will happen to the school and the students, I am more concern to know how they relationship goes…whether they admit they like each other or just simply ignore the feeling or nothing but friends.

One thing for sure, I really ship them. I kinda hope they are dating in real life 😉 I am not much of a romance lover, BUT I do like this kind of romance (the main idea of the movie/series is not in the romance, romance is just the side dish)

Tsubame (Hirose Suzu) and Tsuzukui (Kamiki Ryunosuke)

Tsubame (Hirose Suzu) and Tsuzukui (Kamiki Ryunosuke)

CADgYcpVAAAZ1iN.jpg large

Copyright: gk_kaidan

They are 6 years apart (Hirose is still 16 years while Kamiki is already 22 years) but since Kamiki has baby face, they look like they are on the same age 😉

Here’s the trailer :

Series Details:

Title: 学校のカイダン – Gakkou no Kaidan (School’s Staircase)
Starring: Hirose Suzu, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Ishibashi Anna, Sugisaki Hana, Suga Kenta, Mamiya Shotaro, Shirasu Jin, Shimizu Kurumi, Yoshikura Aoi, Iitoyo Marie, Kaneko Nobuaki, Nonami Maho, Kanayama Kazuhiko, Izumiya Shigeru, Namase Katsuhisa, Asano Atsuko.
Episodes: 10
Broadcast Network: NTV
Broadcast Period: January 10 to March 14
Rating: I’d give 3 stars for the story but 5 stars for Kamiki’s act … so, it becomes 4 stars


Copyright: Suzu_mg

Can’t wait to see him in Kamisama no Iutoori where he becomes a sadistic high school boy. Still waiting for the DVD which will be released in May.

Doesn't he looks like two different people?

Doesn’t he look like two different people?


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6 comments on “学校のカイダン (Gakkou no Kaidan – School’s Staircase) : Kamiki at His Best

  1. Genki Jason
    March 27, 2015

    This sounds interesting plus I need to watch more things with Kamiki in. I must admit that when I first saw that title I thought it would be about a haunted school!

    • Novroz
      March 29, 2015

      Me too 🙂 I am watching them all now. Looking forward to see him in Henshin where he plays a double personality

      At first, I thought so too 😉

  2. Alice Audrey
    April 10, 2015

    I suspect the best parts of this might be lost in translation as I struggle to read the subtitles. Assuming someone does it in English.

    • Novroz
      April 13, 2015

      Someone did translate it in English and yes we have to be read it fast. Whether we can read it or not, it was fun watching Kamiki’s expression. Too bad the video is already deleted by youtube 😦

  3. aishwaryaselvan
    February 19, 2016

    Great post! While watching the initial episodes I thought to myself, I need Tsuzukui Kei as my life coach. Kamiki was at his absolute best in the drama. Couldn’t adore him more!

    • Novroz
      February 22, 2016

      Glad you like it too 🙂
      Yes, the series is great because of Kamiki

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