Over The L’Arc~en~Ciel – A Concert Documentary Movie

Over the laruku

The movie has finally arrived in Indonesia 🙂

I had shared about this on Wonderful Laruku News.

The first schedule was in January 23-25 but it was postponed to February 13-15. I am very happy with the delay because I have school activity on the first schedule (tho it doesn’t really matter because for Laruku I’ll find an excuse to leave the event 😉 )

I have just finished watching it and as always when it comes to L’Arc~en~Ciel, I have to write it as soon as I arrive at home. I love the movie and can’t wait to buy the original DVD (somehow the pirate ones have been sold somewhere…but for laruku, I want it to be original no matter how expensive it is). Thank you Moxienotion and Blitzmegaplex from bringing and sharing the movie in Indonesia ((hug))

OTL in Blitz

Over The L’Arc~en~Ciel is a documentary movie about their 2012 world tour, it was a world tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The world tour covered these cities: HONG KONG, BANGKOK, SHANGHAI, TAIPEI, NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS, SINGAPORE, JAKARTA, SEOUL, YOKOHAMA, OSAKA, TOKYO, and HONOLULU. It was from March 3 to June 1, 2012.

When they came to Indonesia, it was my first experience of “dream does come true” moment. I still can’t believe I finally saw my favorite band after 11 years of waiting. Watching the movie just now brings back all the beautiful memory I had that day on May 2, 2012. May 2 will always be one of my special dates. It was the best LIVE concert I have ever seen and it will remain the best till they come again one day 🙂

I truly enjoy the movie. I get to see them off stage and their preparation before concert. They talked about how they rarely talk seriously with each other, they talk through music. I remembered reading an interview few years ago, they mentioned that they are like an old marriage couple, they don’t need to talk much because they have known each other too long. They have learned to compromise each other.

I don't know to whom should I give credit to, I found it here
I don’t know to whom should I give credit to, I found it here

Yukihiro, my favorite member, mentioned that being a member of Laruku is one of his best moment in the past 20 years. Tetchan mentioned that he never imagined that Laruku will be this big when he started the band, he never imagined that they can perform in Madison Square Garden. Hyde mentioned that performing in Madison Square Garden is like a battle because they are carrying Japan’s good name. To be honest, I can see that their performance in New York was the least attractive of all…it was because of the audience. Their concerts in other cities were full of diehard fans therefore they were so lively; but in MSG there were more curious people than fans and that made the enthusiasm less than the ones fill with fans.

Through the movie, we can see more of the members. We, diehard fans, already know how quiet Yuki is, how moody Tetchan is, how pervert Kenchan is and how easy going Hyde is…but seeing it through the movie confirms everything we have known about them. There is one scene when Tetchan was angry at the crew, he didn’t shout at them but his words were really sharp.

The movie is made in order of each city they had visited. All the concerts in Asia were so lively (like I said before, they were full with fans). The band members felt nervous when it came to western countries. Even though I don’t like their performance in MSG but I admire the L’Arc~en~Ciel USA Street Team had done, they tried any means and ways to promote the concert, to make people notice the concert of the greatest band in Japan. In London, I admire this old lady who watched the concert because she fell in love with Laruku after seeing Moon Child.

When it comes to Jakarta’s part…it is a bit embarrassing because while the other cities were seen at their best, the movie showed the bad part of Jakarta, such as people on the top of a moving train (such scene is no longer exist now since the train company changed into commuter line). But even so, when they showed the concert I become all teary again. For Jakarta’s part, the song was Anata. All the past memory come rushing in, I remember the drizzle and the harmony of all the fans singing together, of Hyde and Tetchan reading my banner, of the smile on Hyde’s face when he read the words in my banner, of the tears that couldn’t stop flowing from my eyes, of how beautiful the song is…basically there are so many feelings.

Someone uploaded the Jakarta’s part on youtube. I am in the scene if you can spot it 😉

Their final concert was in Honolulu. That part was heartbreaking because before the concert one of their staff members was killed in an accident. They were all so sad before the concert started, Tetchan even said he is watching over us on this concert. And their final song, Bye Bye was dedicated to him. Hyde couldn’t finished his MC and he was crying throughout the song. He even stopped singing at one point and wiped his tears. He couldn’t even finished the song properly. Seeing him cried makes me want to cry too. It was a sad performance.

Someone uploaded this in 2012.

Throughout the movie, I can’t help not to sing 😉 I am tone deaf but how can I hold myself when Laruku’s songs are being played? It’s an impossible thing 😉

Almost everyone in the cinema (and it is full booked) stays till the screen turns black. The last song was Mirai Sekai which I have been using as my wake up alarm for years. I love that song so much because it has good melody and beautiful lyric.

Can’t wait for the DVD to be released here:

The blu-ray cover
The blu-ray cover

Seriously, no matter how many new bands and singers I found during Laruku’s hiatus, none can replace Laruku.

Once the documentary is over, all I can say is : “やっぱり 私 は ラルク が 一番 大好き” – Yappari, watashi wa Raruku ga ichiban daisuki (For me, Laruku is still my most favorite).

You may think differently…but for me, L’Arc~en~Ciel is still the best band on earth, past present and future. I love them to bits.

I am going to use this post as my celebration of my 14th anniversary; my 14 years of love. YES!! I have loved this band for the past 14 years and will continue loving them for many years ahead.

Happy 14 Years of Love from Mt. Rinjani
Happy 14 Years of Love from Mt. Rinjani




    • I have been waiting for such documentary 🙂
      It would be great if the documentary is from their first moment as a band, but a concert documentary is also fine.

      Thank you Ruth 🙂

  1. I love that last picture. The banner really pops.

    Is it really so bad to ride on top of the train? Dangerous, maybe, but embarrassing? It probably pleased the band to know people were willing to go so far for them

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