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寄生獣 – Kiseiju (Parasyte) by Iwaaki Hitoshi


My first read in 2015 🙂

I have finished this 10 volume manga last month and have read another thin book but I had no time to write the review. I am quite happy with current pace of reading (tho still not as fast as I used to be but at least it seems better than last year). I currently reading a book of a fellow blogger 😉

Parasyte by Iwaaki Hitoshi is not a new manga, it was published in a magazine from 1988 to 1995. However, the anime version of this manga is currently airing in Japan. Its live action version has recently been released. The live action is a two part movies. The first part was aired in Indonesia last month but I couldn’t watch it due to my tight activity (planning to watch the second). Knowing that such live action movie exists made me curious about the manga.

I have never heard of Parasyte till I knew there’s a live action version. For a manga to be turned into both anime and movie means that the manga most likely to be something good. I saw the trailer and it intrigued me soooo much. You can see the trailer below.

I googled it and found out the outline of the story. The story is totally my kind of story!!

Izumi Shinichi is a normal high school student till one night when he dreams that a snake has entered his arm. No one on the planet knows that that night, a kind of parasyte has invaded earth. The worm-like parasyte takes over human’s brain by entering through ears or nose. Once the parasyte grows inside the brain, the human host is no longer human but the parasyte needs the body to stay alive just like normal human. If the heart stops or the human losses a lot of blood, the human will die and so does the parasyte.

A parasyte tries to get into Shinichi but ends up entering his right arm. The parasyte can’t go near his brain and grows in Shinichi’s right arm. Since that night, Shinici’s right arm has a mind of its own. The two of them try to coexist. The parasyte in Shinichi’s arm is called Migi (meaning right in Japanese).



Unfortunately, Shinichi soon learns that these parasytes kill human for food. They do not eat normal human food, they eat another human. These parasytes also kill another parasytes because they feel threaten by their own kind. Migi doesn’t human because it doesn’t control Shinichi’s brain, it only takes nutrition from Shinichi.

The story evolves to a great extent. There are some twists in the story and I really enjoy it. Even the ending is perfect for me, it shows that we human are not better than parasyte.

Parasyte is not a manga for kids because it’s incredibly cruel, the level of gore in this manga can even make grown up stops reading it. There are a lot of human turns into cut off body parts. There is even a part where an alley is full of human body parts with the blood scattered on the floor and wall.

a husband invested with parasyte trying to eat his wife

a husband invested with parasyte trying to eat his wife

HOWEVER, apart from the gory images, the story itself is really good. I think it is well written and I like how the story evolves slowly from simple to complicated. AND just like most Japanese manga, there’s a moral message shared through the story. One of my fellow manga/anime lovers also has the same opinion as me…Parasyte is trying to tell us that human are the worst creature on earth. We destroy the nature purposely and while the parasyte kills human for food which is basic need some human kill simply for fun. This manga is trying to say that we should respect nature more.

I am now waiting for the anime to finish before I begin watching it. The anime only has 25 episode. I am also waiting for the second movie to be played here. I regret missing the first movie but since I have read the manga I can watch the second movie without feeling lost in the story.

Here’s a glimpse of the anime:

Book Detail:

Title: 寄生獣 (Kiseijū – lit. Parasitic Beasts) – Parasyte
Author: 岩明 均 (Iwaaki Hitoshi)
Language: English (original language: Japanese)
Volume: 10 volume
Rating: 5 books


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16 comments on “寄生獣 – Kiseiju (Parasyte) by Iwaaki Hitoshi

  1. Fariz
    February 11, 2015

    Aaah I LOVE this manga! I also found out about it recently, well I guess in early last year and finished it in under a week 😀 too bad that I cant watch the live action movie in the theater since there’s no bli*zmegaplex in Surabaya 😦

    • Novroz
      February 15, 2015

      Same here 🙂 I also finish it under a week, it could be faster if I have the manga on hand not through internet (you know what I mean 😉 )

      Hahaha kenapa Blitznya pake di sensor? for me, blitz is the best cinema in town now because they play movies other than one from Hollywood. I hope they build one in Surabaya soon.

  2. Genki Jason
    February 12, 2015

    Good overview! Ooooohhh, I love the anime but haven’t read the manga! Great soundtrack and animation. I’m going to read the manga at some point and I’m interested in seeing how the movie adapts things since it’s a two-parter.

    • Novroz
      February 15, 2015

      Thank you Jason 🙂

      The anime is still in 18 episode, so I am waiting for it to finish and then watch them all. Hopefully I can wacth it before the second movie is released here. I think it has to be a two-parter or it won’t cover the whole story and even so I think there’ll be a lot of missing scene

  3. Tim The Film Guy
    February 12, 2015

    I love the anime. One of my favorites from 2014 😀

  4. Nekoneko
    February 12, 2015

    Ooooh!! Some of the things in the Trailer remind me of “The Thing”… a horror movie we have here with an alien that can morph and disguise itself as the people and animals it has eaten and absorbed. Creepy stuff… I might just like seeing this one myself. 😉

    • Novroz
      February 15, 2015

      I know about the Thing…but it’s different. I think you’ll like it since you like horror movies 😉

  5. SusanElizabeth
    February 12, 2015

    I’ve never read manga, this story is unique and fascinating and the trailer is amazing–I’m intrigued for sure! (and a little squeamish!)

    • Novroz
      February 15, 2015

      Manga is wonderful, the writers (we call them mangaka) often go beyond normal imagination. It’s amazing how they never seem to have difficulty to create a new world unlike our normal world. That’s why I love manga and still read them even at my age.

  6. Alice Audrey
    February 17, 2015

    I’ll have to bookmark the anime. It’s totally my kind of thing. I’d go for the live action, but it’s too frustrating when I still don’t know Japanese.

    • Novroz
      February 21, 2015

      You can actually find live action with translation online nowadays…but I prefer seeing it in cinema, if possible.

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