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I know from the beginning that if I endure the not so good episodes of Doctor Who, I will eventually see the amazing ones. I still remember how I was so disappointment with series 5, but I kept on watching and it paid off as I really like series 6. And now, after the not so good 4 episodes, episode 5 to 12 totally kept me glued to the screen and wanting to see more and more episodes. I would have watched them all in one day if I didn’t control myself (I am still at my busiest time of the year).

I had written my first 3 episodes here> Doctor Who Series 8 – Episode 1, 2, 3. I had mentioned that those there were the worst Doctor Who opening episodes I have ever seen (I have only seen the new Doctor Who, haven’t seen the old ones yet). I also mentioned that I blamed Moffat for that….and somehow I can’t erased that feeling yet as will see why in my review.


Episode 4 – Listen

The Doctor and Clara try to unravel the mystery of the monster under your bed. The creepy hands that suddenly hold your frighting feet.

Listen started really strong and interesting. It kept me on the edge. The dark and mysterious atmosphere that Moffat used to deliver to us was transparently felt. I finally had faith on him again…but when it reached the ending, I was left astonished…not because it was an awesome ending but because it was too plain and boring. It didn’t even match the journey heading to the ending.

I was once again left with a strong feeling of disappointment. The feeling was so strong it made me stop watching Doctor Who and decided to watch it again once all the episodes have been shown so that I can at least see the next episode without waiting for a week when I once again face a disappointing episode. What I found next was full of pleasant surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

And I just saw it when writing this review, the rest aren’t written by Moffat … Only Time Heist and The Caretaker were co-written by Moffat. Yes, I will not deny that I sound like I discredit the man…but that is just how I feel lately. I used to love Moffat’s work but lately he has been doing too out of the course complex stories. However, I am going to Shout out that SERIES 8 HAS THE BEST ENDING IN MOFFAT ERA!! (why? you will read it soon)

Episode 5 – Time Heist

The Doctor and Clara suddenly find themselves planning to rob a the unbreakable bank. Everything is well planned by the mysterious architect.

I love this episode…I love not knowing what’s really happening because the bank robber has wiped out their memory. It felt so much like watching the old good days of the new Doctor. So much running around and not planning anything ahead. The ending is a wonderful surprise, the idiot Doctor who hates the architect.

Episode 6 – The Caretaker

The Doctor shows up in Clara’s school as the school’s undertaker. He is doing an undercover job to find a deadly robot.

Again, I like this episode. It was a fun episode. The Doctor finally met Clara’s boyfriend and Danny (Clara’s boyfriend) finally knew what Clara had been doing behind him. This episode was more to The Doctor-Clara-Danny relationship rather than the alien robot itself.


Episode 7 – Kill The Moon

The moon is not a rock, the moon is an egg and it is about to hatch and might cause the extinction of life on earth. What should an astronaut, a school teacher and a student do about it? Kill the unborn baby or let it live with the stake of everyone on the planet?

I really like the idea that the moon is not just a rock…it’s a great imagination. And from that, human will begin their travel across the universe. What a beautiful idea. I also like how The Doctor left the human to their own decision to save the earth or the unknown baby. The life of humanity lies on human. Lovely.

Episode 8 – Mummy on The Orient Express

The myth of the Foretold first appeared over 5000 years ago. A mummy that can only be seen by someone who is about to die 66 seconds after that person sees the mummy.

Episode 7 ended with The Doctor and Clara arguing, in this episode Clara was traveling with The Doctor for the last time…well, that was the plan. It was always nice not knowing what to expect…I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love Doctor Who no matter who the actors is.

Episode 9 – Flatline

People are disappearing and drawing of human’s back starts showing up. The 2 dimensions are trying to be 3 dimensions.

Another interesting episode. What I like the most about this episode is how we could finally see Clara taking charge of everything. I can finally see that Clara is a worthy companion.


Episode 10 – In The Forest of the Night

In just one night, the whole world is covered with forest. One girl can hear the voice of the forest. The Doctor has given up as he doesn’t know how to defeat an inflammable forest…until he realizes his mistakes.

I think this was another beautiful episode because it conveyed the importance of tress in our beautiful planet. This episode also showed a nice relationship between Clara-Danny and The Doctor.

Episode 11 – Dark Water & Episode 12 – Death in Heaven

The man that Clara loves the most has passed away (sorry for the spoiler) and like any normal human being, she wants The Doctor to fix that, she wants The Doctor to bring him back by using the TARDIS. In the process they meet the unexpected person and the power of emotion.

Can’t say much about the finale because it can spoiled everything but I can still say how I feel about it. I have never like all the finales in Moffat era till this episode. During Matt Smith’s Doctor, all the finales were always about saving The Doctor, in other word The Doctor centered. As I had mentioned in my review of Doctor Who series 7, Moffat’s finales weren’t as great as Davis’ Finales. Finally, I have one favorite finale from Moffat’s era…and it’s this finale. It was not too Doctor-ish, it was more about saving the world than saving The Doctor. I REALLY LIKE that kind of ending. I found it to superficial if the finale is about The Doctor, yes he is important but I think the existence of The Doctor is to save the universe and that is more appreciable than just lingering solely on The Doctor.

Note: All the posters are designed by Designer Stuart Manning.


About the whole series:

I LOVE CAPALDI!!!! I am officially putting him on my second favorite Doctor…yep, right after Tennant ๐Ÿ™‚ I love his temper and his annoying attitude. I love his ignorance and arrogance. I love his detached feeling toward people and yet still care for the human. I just love him and his mixed emotions.

I also LIKE CLARA. We didn’t get to see her much in series 7 and somehow she is more like an object than a subject. We get to see her personality more in this series.

And finally, I love their chemistry…bickering best friend. They love each so much (not in the same way as Clara’s love toward Danny), they know each other more than anyone. Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman should be together in the next series…but there’s a rumour that she will be leaving ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (and we can see the hint on episode 12)

All I can say now is “I CAN’T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!” …plus there will be Nick Frost in the special ๐Ÿ˜‰

Clara and The Doctor

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