Doctor Who Season 8 – Episode 1, 2, 3

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

First of all…a warm welcome to Peter Capaldi as the 13th Doctor…or you can also say the 1st Doctor.

I haven’t been blogging about Doctor Who, the last was on the 50th Anniversary which I enjoy so much. Then came the Christmas special which became the transition from Matt Smith’s Doctor to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor…Unfortunately I found that episode was disappointing. I dare say it was the worst regeneration (from the new Doctor Who) I have ever seen. From Christopher Eccleston to David Tennant and David Tennant to Matt Smith were great, you can feel all the emotion in it…but From Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi failed in comparison. It was too much and all over the place.

…but even so, I had no plan to abandon Doctor Who because I am curious with how Peter Capaldi will portray the famous Doctor.

I like Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. He creates a new version of Doctor that looks different to the previous ones (I haven’t yet seen the old Doctors yet, only from Eccleston’s era). I am looking forward to see what he will do in the next episodes.

Now…I want to share my thought on the first three episodes:

Episode 1: Deep Breath

DW - Deep Breath

I wasn’t impress at all! It was the worst beginning of Doctor Who. Again, it’s all over the place. I started to feel that Steven Moffat couldn’t write something simple and still interesting. I remember liking BLINK so much because that episode was complicated but still fun and focus. Lately, Moffat seems to lose his focus and trying to do the incredibly but unable to proceed.

To be honest, I don’t remember the story anymore and I have no will to rewatch it. I still remember the first episode of the Ninth Doctor (Eccleston), the Tenth Doctor (Tennant) and the Eleventh Doctor (Smith) even thought I watched those few years ago…and yet I had  forgotten what I just watched 3 weeks ago.

Ah yes…it comes to me, it’s something about robot and somehow related to an episode in Tennant’s era.

Episode 2: Into The Dalek

DW - Into The Dalek

I was hoping something great from this episode. At least it was as all over the place like the previous episode. This one is better but still not the one I vote for best episode out of three.

The Doctor was asked to get into a good Dalek…good because this Dalek wanted to destroy all Dalek.

Episode 3: Robot of Sherwood

DW- Robot of Sherwood

Now…this is one of the reasons why I want to write the first review of Doctor Who Series 8. This episode feels like the old Doctor Who…simple and yet very fun. When I check the writer…I am surprise to know that it’s not Moffat, it’s Mark Gatiss.

Clara wanted to meet Robin Hood but it was impossible because Robin Hood is a fiction. However, the TARDIS somehow brought them to Sherwood. The Doctor was trying to believe it.

It is now my favorite episode of series 8 because of its sheer fun. Sometime the simple one is better, not all complicated stories are better. I was laughing so loud seeing how the Doctor and Robin Hood had the same ego and kept arguing. And to top it all, the explanation whether Robin Hood was real or fake is also simple but satisfying.


Sorry if I sound like I dislike Moffat…I used to like his writing but now he tries so hard to top his previous writing and unfortunately it didn’t always work.

Anyway, I am still eager to see next episode 🙂 regardless of how I feel toward some episodes but I am still a Whovian 🙂

Clara and The Doctor


  1. I’m so behind on Dr. Who. ;( The stuff I’ve been watching has been out of order, maybe I’ll just jump to Season 8? Too bad to hear the first two episodes aren’t the greatest, looking forward to Robin Hood though!

      1. I prefer watching in order too. But what happened is that I borrow the DVDs from the library and they split up the season into two sets. So I watched the first half of season 6 but couldn’t get the second half so I skipped to the first half of season 7 haha.

  2. I’m with you on this. The Christmas episode wasn’t that great and the opening episode wasn’t so hot. The third episode was the best!

    Actually, I think Moffat really needs to stop writing. He sticks too much Who lore and starts so many plot strands that they obscure the stories. Can we stop seeing the Daleks for a season as well!

    The thing that shines brightest is Peter Capaldi. He’s great as the grumpy Doctor, always complaining. He reminds me of Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It.

    1. *high Five* even in Sherlock series 3, Moffat’s writing is my least favorite one. He used to be so good. He used to awe me with his creativity…but he is overdoing it now. It’s like he is trying to top his previous writing but fails doing so.

      I have read about Malcolm but haven’t seen the series yet

  3. Hmmmm? I’ve been waiting to see what you thought about the new Doctor, Novia, being the fangirl that you are. I think you are feeling a bit the same as I that there is a “scattered” feel to the new stories.

    For me, I haven’t really gained a liking for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor yet. I want>/em> to like him… and I think his physical “look” is great. It’s just that I don’t think he’s decided yet if he’s going to make the new personality for the Doctor more dark and serious or just be cranky and odd. I was sooooo disappointed by the Robin Hood story!! Having him not believe in the existence of Robin at first was good… but I felt they pushed the rivalry too far and made the Doctor seem petty and foolish and easily distracted from doing what he needed to do. Even at his silliest, none of the others let the Doctor forget that he was first and foremost a hero who can be counted on when things are tough.

    Right now…. like Clara… I don’t know if he is a good man or not. I soooo hope that is intentional and that eventually they will let his heroic spirit shine through the crusty crankiness again. Please, please, please let that be the plan!!! 🙂

    1. Hahaha I guess we are different when it comes to the Doctor. I am not going to say Capaldi is better than Tennant (my fav Doctor-still)…but I like him instantly, unlike with Smith which took a whole season for me to like him.

      I also like Robin Hood…it’s the best so far, not the best out of all episodes but the best in this series. I can fully understand the competition between the two because they are in some ways alike.

      Whatever the plan is…I wish Moffat will end the series with an arc that has nothing to do with the life of the Doctor as the risk. I am bored with that already. I like the way Russel T Davies always ended the series with a bigger frame than just about the Doctor

      1. Ooooh!! That’s right… I remember how much you immediately didn’t take to Matt Smith, especially given how much you did like David Tennant. You had to take some time to warm up to him.

        With me, it was just the opposite. I liked Matt almost at once…. You are right how different our feelings are about the Doctor can be. 🙂

    1. No, there are some episodes with other writers. It’s always like that, they have their main writer but also have additional writers. Moffat used to be the additional when Russel T Davies was the main writer

  4. This series of Doctor Who has only started to get going from episode 4 onwards. I thought all three of the first episodes were poor and the Robin Hood one was the worst. Capaldi has been great though and Clara is a much better character than she ever was with Smith’s Doctor.

    1. Ah…I guess we have different opinion here 😉

      I think episode 4 had great start but the ending is so lame. I thought, when I first watched that Moffat has gained his ability in writing again but then…bam the ending ruins all expectation.

      However, I do agree with you regarding Clara and Peter Capaldi 🙂

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