Unpleasant Trip to Dieng

I have written about my plan to go to Dieng Culture Festival on July…unfortunately, this is one trip that I don’t to repeat and hoping it won’t happen again on my next trips.


I waited for a week to write about this because I need to calm myself down before writing it. I was afraid I couldn’t control myself when writing it. I have written it earlier in my own language> Wisata Bareng: Dieng Disaster. I guess it’s time to write it in English. I am only going to write the unpleasant part today and will share about the trip and the beauty of my country’s scenery in another post.

This is … so far the worst travel agent I have ever joined. We went through so many unlucky moments, which could be considered as Force Majeure but it’s the way the Person in Charge (PIC) handled things up was the major problem here.

There were two buses, in my bus we had a male PIC. Before leaving (at 8 pm, August 30 – Friday) he told us that we will be taking the South route and spend 17 hours on road. I was quite shocked hearing that because the first plan was not that long…but I went along because he said that the North route was packed. Somewhere around 3 am, a small truck hit a truck in front of us, the truck was pushed backward and hit our bus.

Copyright: Ryan
Copyright: Ryan

Our bus was not allowed to continue even though the machine was fine…but there were some broken parts and continuing will cause problems on the road (I am still not sure what was the real problem). We waited in an empty lot (fortunately there was a small mosque that we can use as shelter) without any clear clarification from the PIC. I had to ask someone why we hadn’t moved on yet, the PIC didn’t even try to gather us all and told us what was happening.

At 9 pm, some participants and I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted an answer. Finally, the PIC gathered everyone to talk about the next plan. Some of the participants wanted an extension trip because they had paid for 2 days trip but with no bus and stranded in a place so far from the final destination would cause them 1 day. The plan was to go home on Sunday, they wanted to go home on Monday. Others didn’t want extension because they had to work on Monday (I was in this group). I even asked him to return our money and let us go home…but He told us about how he had spent the money to pay for the bus and the accommodation. I told him that it’s his company’s problem because at that time we were unhappy costumers.

He didn’t even have the power to ask the Bus company to send new bus within 2 hours. He told us he had paid the bus full fee…how stupid is that?? You never pay a bus full price till you are sure everything are okay up to the last day, therefore you have the power to force the bus company to get things right A.S.A.P.

I really don’t like the way he didn’t show good intention to satisfy the customers!!!

The bus came near 10am. We had spent nearly 7 hours waiting for the new bus to arrive.

Around 12am, the bus had a burst tire (sigh) … I had a feeling that the trip would go useless and unpleasant….and I was right!

We arrived in Dieng pass 11 pm on Saturday…we had spent more than 24 hours from Jakarta to Dieng!! Unbelievable!!

All I could think about at that time was to sleep and wake up at 3 am to go to Mount Sikunir and see the sunrise there. I had missed (almost) the ENTIRE festival, the main reason why I went to Dieng. I missed the Jazz festival above the cloud, the Latern festival and the firework 😦 … so, no matter what I didn’t want to miss the sunrise.

While we were there, once again something happened that made me dislike this travel more. Some of the participants in the same bus as me asked the PIC on the other bus (she’s a woman) about the decision whether to go home on Monday or Sunday, because there were two groups with different demands. She said she didn’t know anything about that and she even said that she was already busy with her own bus, no time to think about other bus. I was seriously feeling like throwing an astray at her!!! What kind of answer is that?? It only showed how UNPROFESSIONAL that travel agent is. At that moment I swore I will NEVER use that travel again, they are now in my blacklist.

In the end, everyone decided to go home on Sunday afternoon, at 2 pm.

On our way home, the bus continued to show problems….and the PIC continued to show incapability in communication skill. The bus suddenly stopped. Without telling us anything (again) we waited till someone (who was not the stupid PIC) told us to get down and started walking. By then I finally found what went wrong. The bus had taken an alternative route and it turned out that the road was being repaired. Half of road had new concrete while the other half was still in progress. The concrete was EXACTLY the size of the bus. The driver had to drive through that narrow concrete. we had to walk for about 200 metres. I didn’t mind the walking but the PIC should at least told us and apologize for another inconvenient.

As if the unfortunate events were not enough (I was already too furious to even say anything…I really had to go to school),  at 7 pm (Monday morning) the bus stopped in the middle of a highway.


and AGAIN…the PIC didn’t say anything!!! We had to figure things out by ourselves. So irresponsible!!!

One of the participants had a meeting at 11am, she (furiously) hitchhiked. I was thinking of doing the same when the bus finally fixed. Near Lebak Bulus terminal, the bus once again broke down….ARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!

When I arrived I immediately left the bus, saying good bye to the other participants and saying absolutely nothing to the most awful PIC ever.

It was an awful trip…I did get some great pictures but I will never use that travel again.


  1. Oh no ..one thing after the other..
    You should have namd the travel agent so other’s dont face the same trouble. .

    Maybe write a letter to the company and tell them what happened they might look into it and so something about it..

  2. I can’t believe how much trouble you had!! So many things going wrong one after another…. it must have made you crazy. But I am glad you weren’t hurt in the accident, at least you had that much luck.

    It sounds like the PIC’s weren’t really well trained to do their responsibilities, things could have been so much better had they tried to make your unexpected experiences enjoyable rather than tedious and wastes of time. I was on a trip for college once on a bus and we got lost, but the tour guide was super about seeing that we all stuck together as we soldiered on. Even though we ended up getting to our destination late, we were lucky to be able to see some other nice places along the way and it felt more like a shared adventure rather than a miserable failure.

    1. Yeah, that’s one thing we all could thank for. The accident didn’t get to us.

      I wish the PIC was like yours, it would give better memory than this awful one 😦

  3. Wow, that’s terrible. I hope you used up all your trip bad luck on that trip!

    Obviously they were very unprofessional, but who would think you would have that many separate bus problems on one trip? I guess you did at least get there, and no one was injured. But I’m sure no one in your group will ever be using that travel agent/company again.

  4. Sorry to hear your trip was a disaster. What makes it worst is the anticipation, money and energy you have wasted. What is the name of the travel agent (just in case)? Sounds like they are running after money, but don’t have what it takes to provide a good service.

  5. Ohh I am just catching up with some WordPress and just reading this post now, how awful! Glad you arrived back safely but what a bad weekend that was for you. Hopefully all your future travels will run smoothly 🙂

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