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Click this image to see more post on Monthly Murphy

I have written my introduction to Cillian’s newest play with Enda Walsh back in June, Cillian Murphy in Another Play by Enda Walsh – Ballyturk.

I have asked a friend of mine who will see the play in London, her name is Myriam de la Tore. She is as dedicated as me when it comes to our dear Cillian Murphy. She will see the play on September/October, but she asked her friend who had seen the play before to write a review for me. Her friend wants it to be anonymous…I will honour that.

Photo © Patrick Redmond 2014 (

Here’s her review. It makes me feel like I am there with her 🙂

The play is outstanding! Once again Enda has created a masterpiece full of energy, comedy, anticipation, sadness, tenderness & shock. Also a great deal of bewilderment! I went to see this performance without reading a single review or comment about the play so I was thrown into it fresh as a daisy! That made me think of lots of questions and ideas of what the play truly meant!

Cillian is clean shaven and at this time had a nicely growing out Peaky Blinders short back & sides. He’s put on a fair amount more muscle if you ask me as you get to see him running around in wet y-fronts! 😀 He’s ricocheting off all the walls and bouncing around as crazy as ever and now shares the madness with a fantastic stage partner, Mikel Murfy. They are absolutely brilliant together! Two peas in a pod! Stephen Rea has a very enigmatic character to play, somewhat sinister but vague in a blatant way. Lots of wonderful poetic monologues & hilarious slapstick. Smelly & messy props more so than Misterman, Enda’s mind is a real monkey house! I love it! “

Here’s what happened afterward.

“Cillian popped his little self around the corner of the theatre, when Katrina spotted him he was surrounded by quite a gaggle of girls and he looked tired to be there. After a minute I heard him say “Thanks I have to go” but more girls accosted him and he had no choice but to work his way through signing and posing for the camera.It was  not the right moment to harass him at this point but it was nice to see him from a far. Seeing him again on stage was more than enough for me.

Enda was just happily mingling around the foyer on both nights chatting away to folk and fans. I ft was easy approaching him and he is very sweet & bubby, totally at ease chatting to anyone. I told him I was glad he didn’t leave it another 15 years before he did a play with Cillian again! I congratulated him and said I would be popping back on the Sunday to see his play a second time. He was very sweet and we got our photo taken.

Mikel was outside the theatre and he was as sweet as Enda chatting away with us about the play and his partner took our photo together. 🙂 Mikel chats to you like he’s known you forever! On the Sunday I hopped back to Enda for an autograph or a “squiggle” as I put it on my program. I wished him a good run in Dublin and said I’ll see him in London! 😀 I caught Mikel again outside and asked for the said squiggle, I said to him that I wasn’t used to collecting autographs and he said he wasn’t used to giving them! Haha, I said he’d better get used to it! I woffled on about someone mentioning that they wanted a pint of beer and he said a gin and tonic would do him. Haha! Lovely man!”’s gallery has shared great pictures of the play (You can see more>> here). I am going to share some of my favorite here

Stephan Rea and Cillian
Stephen Rea and Cillian
Mikel Murfi and Cillian
Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy

All Photos © Patrick Redmond 2014

I wish I can be there but at least I have fellow Cillianiac out there who are willing to share what they have seen with me. Reading what critics said is fun but reading what fellow fans said is amazing.

Thank you Myriam’s friend for your kind review 🙂


I would also like to share about Cillian’s latest activity. He, Stephen Rea and Mikel Murfi joined “It’s About Us!”, a youth programme runs by UNICEF.

Stephen Rea, Cillian Murphy and Mikel Murfi discussed with the students their interests, inspiration’s and challenges relating to their own lives and acting careers. The actors also submitted their votes on their priorities for the world from the shortlist on the UNICEF website  that included equality, climate change and ending poverty.

(read full story>

Borrowed from Presentation College - Currylea, Tuam
Borrowed from Presentation College – Currylea, Tuam

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