Annual One Piece Reread and 13 Quotes

I am back!!!

One Piece

You can play this video while reading my post 🙂

It’s a One Piece Symphony in Paris on April 2014.

I have just finished reareading 74 volumes of One Piece (author: Eiichiro Oda) \(^_^)/ …actually 71 volumes and the rest were through manga scan. I will buy the original manga when it comes out but I can’t wait that long to read what happen next. I think I have been reareading this magnificent manga for the past 10 years (maybe more). But since the manga has become longer, I will only reread it once every two years, not once a year anymore.

I have read many Manga or watched many anime but none of them have touched me the way One Piece has touched me. Attack on Titans, Death Note, Bleach, etc are all great manga/anime with great story but none of them move me. One Piece story manages to move my heart so deeply, it make me laugh, it makes me cry, it lifts my spirit, in short One Piece has a full package of feeling. Basically One Piece is about friendship and strong will.

Some people said that One Piece sucks or really bad or whatever….but for me (even though I am now way over 30), it’s still the best manga ever written.

In honor of my reread (for the tenth time (maybe more), I want to share quotes from One Piece. There are so many great quotes from One Piece, I manage to choose 13 out of many:

Note: These are my rough translation from Indonesian edition.

From Volume 1:

“I have decided to do it, therefore I will fight for it even though I have to die to get it” ~Luffy

From Volume 8:

“Even though he has hundreds of weapon in his suit, he can never defeat a man with strong principal. In a fight between life and death, whoever feels doubt and afraid of dying will lose. At least that boy has no doubt at all. Whether his will to survive or merely his belief that makes him unafraid of dying.” ~Zeff

From Volume 20:

“There’s a time where a man should not run from a battle; it’s when people are laughing at your best-friend’s dream” ~Usopp

From Volume 30:

“The future that I want? yes there is, but it’s like going by myself if I chose to go with you. Where’s the fun of having them all to myself? Yes, there are so many things I want…but if I have to abandon all my friends to go with you…I don’t want anything anymore.” ~Nami

From Volume 32:

“400 years ago, an explorer from blue sea was lying about the city of gold. Even though the whole world was laughing at him, till this day his descendent is still looking for the city of gold under the sea. When the huge gold bell rings, that descendant will know that the city of gold is on the sky, that’s what that boy in strawhat was thinking. Beautiful reason, isn’t it? He has strong will even though that means he has to abandon all opportunity to run away from danger.” ~Robin

From Volume  38:

“Out of the life of all the people in this world, that woman chose the life of the six of you” ~Iceberg

From Volume 40:

“When I was defeated by Aokiji, I started thinking that there are a lot of people much stronger than him. That’s why, I have to become much stronger so that I can protect my friends. Not only that…because I want to be with my friends forever, I have to be stronger than anyone! Otherwise, I will loose them. I tried creating new ways to fight so that I won’t be defeated by anyone! Therefore, no one will ever leave me again.” ~Luffy

From Volume 41:

“Listen carefully Robin, you might be alone now, but one day you will meet your friends. The sea is vast…one day you will meet them!! Friends who will protect you!! NO ONE WAS BORN INTO THIS WORLD TO BE TOTALLY ALONE!!!” ~Sauro

From Volume 57:

“Pirate is evil!!? Marine is justice!!? How long will you keep saying that? Kids who never know peace and kids who never know war have different value.  Only people who stand on the top can claim which one is good or bad!! This time, this place is neutral ground!! Justice will definetly win!! Because the winner is justice! ~Doflamingo

From Volume 57:

“He becomes like this not because of his strength or his fighting skill…it’s because he can turn people around him to be his allies. In this sea, a person with that ability is the strongest.” ~Mihawk

From Volume 60:

“In Arabasta kingdom, I met my brother after 3 years. Just by looking at him, I feel at ease. Do you know why? He was no longer the same Luffy who always followed me. He has got loyal friends. So no matter what happen, he will be alright.” ~Ace

From Volume 64:

“Hero? I don’t want to! I am a pirate! I like being a hero but I don’t want to! If we relate it to meat, pirate feast with a lot of meat but hero is the one who gives away meat to other people! I want to be the one eating meat!” ~Luffy

From Volume 61:

“Looking at Luffy, in my heart I know that he will be the pirate king. But I was wrong, there are too many enemies that can’t be defeted by him. Even Luffy can be defeated. He forces himself too much. Even now he is screaming!! That’s why, HE NEEDS MY STRENGTH!! I want to be strong!!” ~Usopp


Right now…I can’t wait to see the special episode called 3D2Y!!

3d2y Poster

Here’s the official trailer (I think it’s not a good trailer)

Fan’s trailer (I think this is a much better trailer)

I really like this AMV because it really shows what One Piece is all about… friendship… friendship… and loyalty.

My relative was surprised to see that someone my age is still reading Manga…but who cares 😉


  1. Hahaha!! I always like to read when you write about the things you truly enjoy. You make the reader feel just how much passion you have for them. 🙂

    I like anime and manga too, but I don’t always get the chance to read them as much as you. I do read a few webcomics regularly, even if it is something that most people my age don’t really enjoy, but I have so little free time to do much reading book-wise.

    It’s good to see you back and I hope your Holiday visit back home was restful and fun. 🙂

    • Thank you Miyuki 🙂
      Funny thing is…I have a favorite for everything…all I love them passionately.

      I don’t have much reading time too nowadays…but I manage to sneak reading in between my time commuting or before sleeping. Holiday also added my reading time.

      Nice to see you and everyone again 🙂

  2. In North America, comic books are generally considered to be for kids and teens. Though a lot of older people still read them. But I think in Japan, they are much more an all ages form of entertainment.

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