G@me (2003) – A Movie With So Many Twists

You never know what gem you can find in youtube!


I recently watched a full series of Japanese Dorama in youtube (review is coming up as soon as I can write it up) and somehow I found this movie. I love Nakama Yukie, she is not the most talented actress but she is so beautiful. I also like Fujiki Naohito, he has this calm handsome face that can easily melt my heart. A movie with two of the most beautiful Japanese celebrities…that only means 1 thing, I must watch it!!

Fortunately…not only it’s a nice treat to my eyes, it also has great story. When I looked it up in wikipedia I found out that G@me is based on a novel by Keigo Higashino. My first respond was no wonder it was good. Higashino-sensei has left great impression on me since I read Naoko and seen Perfect Number (the Korean version, I still need to watch the Japanese version one day), he has a way to create unexpected twists.

The outline of the story is actually very simple. Sakuma Shunsuke (Fujiki Naohito)is a very smart man. He works as an advertising executive. When his latest advertising project is dropped with no clear reason by Katsuragi Katsutoshi  (Ishibashi Ryo), he ends up plotting a crime with Katsuragi’s spoiled and distress daughter, Katsuragi Juri (Nakama Yukie). Sakuma plots a fake kidnapping. Juri who hates the house she lives in and wants to run away agrees to help Sakuma. But…the whole story isn’t that simple!!!

As you can see in the trailer, you can pretty much guess that the two ends up in romantic scene…but, do really fell in love? or is it also a fake?

The kidnapping trick is interesting and fun to watch but if you are expecting something as simple as Excess Baggage (Benico DelToro and Alicia Silverstone) then you better prepare yourself! G@me is a smart movie and you never know what will happen next. It’s a great mind game just like Perfect Number. Like I have written in my post tile, there are so many unpredictable twist in it. It’s just like when you are playing game, before the words Game Over shows up, the game is still rolling. Both of them are trying to outwit the other.

Apart from the smart plot, I also love the chemistry between Fujiki and Nakama. We can easily see the changes that happen between them. The romance, the tense, the anger, the love, every emotion makes them so perfect together (I even half wish that they are dating in real life). This is the first time I saw them together in a movie and I really like it, I would love to seen another movie with the two of them together.


I know I can’t make an impressive review for this movie…but I can honestly say that you won’t regret spending 1 hour 51 minutes and 31 seconds of your life to watch this movie. Although I have to warn you that the rating in imdb is only 6.7…but I never really care with that rating because my taste is often so different to most people 😉

You can enjoy the movie here:

Movie Details:

Director: Satoshi Isaka
Starring: Fujiki Naohito, Nakama Yukie, Ishibashi Ryo
Writers: Higashino Keigo (novel), Ozaki Masaya (screenplay)
Rating: 4 stars


 g@me 02


  1. I finally arrived here. Yeah for me. I haven’t watch the movie. My style is to watch the ending first. i like the song playing during the credit. I’m still trying to find it.

    1. Watching the ending first? wow…you get spoiled by that. But everyone has her/his own way of watching 😉

      Still trying to find it? I already gave the youtube link for the movie.

      1. The soundtrack, but I got it now. Someone was kind enough to share it. I will watch the movie. Work, family and my passion in writing comes first I guess. 😉

  2. Unluckily I don’t have an hour to spare right now, but I’ll certainly come back and take advantage of the youtube link because like you, my tastes don’t always match imdb.

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