Against the Crowd Blogathon


Lately, I have been enjoying Japanese Dorama, I always love Japanese dorama but these the past few years I fell in love with British TVseries…but my old love came back few months back. I was just about to write 2 more Japanese dorama review despite the fact that I had just written my last dorama review (Tiger and Dragon) few days ago. I know my dorama review almost has no reader as I know not many bloggers I met here knows about it…but I still love writing about it. However, I feel like I need to give space (different kind of post) in between my dorama review. Fortunately I found one blogathon that piqued my interest 😉

I was blogwalking around movie related blogs (but didn’t feel like leaving any comment) and then I stopped at Mettel Ray, he posted a blogathon called Against The Crowd Blogathon which was proposed by Dell on Movies.

Here are three simple rules you should follow upon deciding to participate in this lovely blogathon:

1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of at least 80% on Tell us why you hate it.

2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of less than 30% on Tell us why you love it.

3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.

I am well aware that I often have different opinion on movies…so I know this is one blogathon I am good at 😉

There are so many movies that everyone loves but I hate it and I love it but everyone else hates it…I am going to chose the ones I saw recently.

Frozen (89%)


As I had written in my review (here) I think it’s a highly overrated movie. I don’t find anything fresh about it except for the great visual when Elsa created the ice palace. Other than that, it’s just like all Disney’s princess movie. I am not going to say it’s a bad movie, it’s just not my type of movie. If I wasn’t curious with it’s high praise, I wouldn’t even bother to watch it. However, I also watched Brave out of curiosity of its popularity and I ended up loving that movie as I think that Brave is something FRESH from Disney. Frozen, on the other hand, is just like most Disney’s movies.

Everyone keeps saying that it’s about sisters’ bond but all I see throughout the movie is Anna trying to find love, even at the end she wasn’t planning to save her sister, she was just after the man to kiss her and ended up saving her sister. For a movie who claims to be about sisters, it lacks a lot of that chemistry. When you see Brave, you can feel the strong bond between mother and daughter can be seen clearly.

To be honest, I am the only one I know (in real life, not internet life) that dislike Frozen…but I don’t care, I still think it’s overrated.

Open Grave (17%)


I don’t understand why critics gave such low rating to this movie. It’s not THAT bad. Let me just copied what I had written in my review:

There’s no memorable dialogue in Open Grave and the rating is also not so good in both imdb and rotten tomatoes BUT I like the way it flows, the thrill, the not knowing what’s going on and the ending. I like a movie where I have to guess along the way, I am a sucker for unpredictable movie…AND I am also a sucker for realistic ending (read: NOT a forced happy ending).

The script is not perfect, that much I admit but I still enjoy the whole story because it keeps me wondering what the hell is going on there…why does Sharlto end up in an open grave? Why does everyone forget who he/she is? Who are those zombie-like people? Is Sharlto really the bad guy or not? etc.

I am not going to say that this is the best movie ever, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be that low.


Interesting blogathon, right? 😉

Do join in or at least share your version with me 🙂


  1. I’ll be watching Frozen soon and I was looking forward to it, but now I don’t know. Don’t remember hearing too much about Open Grave. Sounds interesting. Glad you hoped in.

  2. Hi! Frozen was really “a clische” movie. I didn’t know it was so famous. But not only animations, almost all American movies, series have that clishe styles. In the other hand Japanese films, doramas don’t have that, most of them have unique approach. I think that’s the reason why lot of people, like you, like me, choose them instead of others. I didn’t seen the other movie, it seems interesting, at least has a differenet story but unfortunately I don’t prefer horror movies. Is there any other movie with an unpredictable end?

    1. Hear hear! Not only Japan but a lot of Non-Hollywood movies tend to have better unexpected story.

      Open Grave is not horror…well at least for me it’s more thriller than horror.

  3. Ahah, somehow I knew you’d pick a horror flick as the one you love 🙂 Awww, bummer about Frozen but you said you never liked Disney stuff so I guess that make sense.

    1. I do like Brave which is why I compare Frozen with it, Brave totally show the chemistry between mother and daughter and no handsome man around to help her…in other word not a cliche … like Frozen 😉
      I just don’t like cliche movies.

  4. I guess if I am swimming against the tide, it isn’t in my choice of which movies I like and which I don’t so much as that I’m generally in my own headsapce instead. I have intentionally unhooked myself from most of the people around me, and live an insular life with country leanings in the middle of a city.

    1. I live in the city but I am always swimming against the tide. Most people around me don’t know anything about my favorite things/person because they are all underrated. But I like it that way

  5. I haven’t seen either of these films but I’m tempted by Frozen just because of the hype. I hadn’t even heard of Open Grave but may give that a go too… You have me intrigued.

    1. I also watched it because of the hype 😉

      Mind you that Open Grave isn’t anyone cup of tea, it has good story but not a good execution but I still think it deserves more than 17%

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