Aqeela and Me – Chapter 10 – The Hole Keeper

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Before I continue my serial, I have to share a bit of this sad news. Alice Audrey who came up with the Serialist blog hop decided to close the serialist 😦

Although I didn’t read much the serials by other serialists (I have two blogs and a busy job, it’s hard to keep up with everybody -sorry) but I (once in a while) still managed to find time to read them, especially Robin’s Hawaiian story…but it’s still sad to see that blog hop go away. The people there are the one who always read my serialist.

I will continue writing my serial no matter how far the distance between each chapter but I have to finish what I have started and it’s a good practice.


Previous Chapter: The Sniffing


All I wanted to do was to jump from the tree and ran away. Whatever or whoever came to that pack of loud hairy centipedes creep the hell out of me. I wanted to stay as far always as possible. I was ready to jump when Aqeela held me tight and motioned me to stay still. She didn’t say anything but from the way she gave me the eye, she urged me to stay….no, she begged me to stay. Those eyes gave me strength to stay on tree even though every bit of my brain was screaming run…run away.

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As the figure got nearer, I could finally see clearly. The figure was a man (or maybe a woman) in a very dark brown hooded cloak; like the one monks used to wear. He reminded me of the Ringwraiths in The Lord Of the Rings but the cloak was brown instead of black and it wasn’t as ragged as the Ringwraiths’. He was a bit bent like he had been looking down for ages.

He touched one of the hairy centipedes and instantly they all stopped making sound. They all backed away to give him space to move inside the circle. He squatted and inspected what the hairy centipedes had found. He was squatting so long with both his hands touching the ground. He moved his hands here and there. Abruptly, he started sniffing the ground. He sniffed in ever direction.

He stood up. He took something that looked like a stick from his cloak. While chanting; it sounded different to Leeka’s chant; he lifted the stick as high as he could. The stick started to glow, it turned bright red. The longer he held it up the redder it became. Suddenly, he stabbed it into the ground. As it hit the ground, the red glow spread everywhere. I had to close my eyes because it was so bright.

When I opened my eyes, everyone had disappeared. The cloaked man and the hairy centipedes were no longer on that spot. The stick was still there, it was shrouded by red glowing cocoon.

“Let’s go!” Aqeela was tugging me to jump down.

“What had just happened?”

“I will tell you once I think we are far enough from this place.”

I believed we had walked for almost a kilometre when Aqeela finally began to talk again.

“You had just seen a Hole-Keeper. He had found another Hole. Our time is getting closer, we really have to move faster.”

“What’s a hole keeper?”

My sister is a Gate-Keeper, she brings human into our world; a Hole-Keeper is like my sister but he brings in the horrible beings from Hawab . Like we had told you before, our world is in between your world and Hawab world. The hole-Keepers had to find enough holes that will connect to each other. Once they had found them all, a huge gate from down under will open and we will have our worst nightmare. You had the urge to run when you saw him, right?

I nodded.

“It’s because they are also looking for you. Fortunately, they can’t see you, only the Dream-Seeker can see you. See you dream to be exact. I think he knows you’re already in our world but he hasn’t located you yet. The Hole-Keeper and The Dream-Seeker are not from Gerin Juha, they are beings from Hawab. They are small creatures who will guide the much bigger ones to enter Gerin Juha.”

“Sounds like your world is in big trouble.”

Aqeela looked at me firmly, “That’s why you’re here!”


Since I am not a native, feel free to correct my grammar:) I need all the correction I can get. And I am also open to all the critic you can give me. This is my learning process.


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