Spiral by Suzuki Koji

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Dr. Ando who has yet to recover from his son’s death at sea, conducts an autopsy on an old friend who has died under unusual circumstances. The corpse, that of cynical philosophy professor Ryuji Takayama, has something to tell him. And Ryuji isn’t the only one who chooses to make a reappearance in this story.

You don’t know what the RING is yet. The terms of the curse of the videotape undergo a jaw-dropping reconfiguration in this novel, the horror master’s stunning reinvention of his own bestselling tale. “Spiral “is written as a stand-alone work; for Ring fans, its’ a sequel that redefines the word

Spiral is the second book in Ring Trilogy…they are stand alone trilogy, meaning that you can read it separately without feeling left out in the story. The connection is only Sadako and her curse. Some people are also mentioned but the book explains who they are.

I LOVE Ring so much and once I finished reading it, I straight away read this. I have finished reading Spiral about a month ago but I was so darn busy I didn’t have time to write a review.

I will try to share my thought without giving spoiler to the first book, Ring

Ring was more to mystery while Spiral is more to sci-fi. It’s amazing how Suzuki Koji could do such differentiation with the same theme…Sadako’s curse. There were parts that I think very creepy, it was when Dr. Ando visits Mai’s apartment. The way Susuki-sensei described the eeriness of the small apartment where Mai lived was amazingly detail and it made me feel like I was there and I felt the same chill that Dr. Ando felt. It was without a doubt the best part of the book.

After that part…the book felt too much for me. I liked all the explanation and the imagination of how a DNA can behave in an extraordinary way when you have supernatural power. I really enjoyed all the science talk in this book ( I always enjoy smart science fiction book, like the ones by Micheal Crichton) .

“But, you know, when you really think about it, modern science hasn’t managed to come up with answers to any of the most basic questions. How did life first appear on earth? How does evolution work? Is it a series of random events, or does it have a set teleological direction? There are all kinds of theories, but we haven’t been able to prove one of them.

BUT…there’s a limit to such imagination…at least for me. I wish I can explain it without spoiling it but I CAN’T! Let’s just say Suzuki-sensei took the imagination of science too far and too supernatural to be believed. I believed the cursed video that can kill people more than how the way this book turned out. I was a bit disappointed with how it led up to such non-sense ending. I was so excited when I first read it but then the excitement slowed down.

I did some skimming when reading this because at certain page (I forgot which page), Suzuki-sensei re-explain the whole image in the video that caused people to die within seven day. I think that part is good for people who haven’t read Ring and read Spiral straight away…but for those who had read Ring, better skip that part.

Even though I don’t like how the story led to such utter non-sense but I am still curious of how Suzuki-sensei ends the fantastic tale of Sadako’s curse…so I will continue to the last book, LOOP soon after I have the mood to continue the trilogy.

Japanese Literature Challenge has started again…for the eight time. I have missed the challenge (or only did one book) in a year or two. I am planning to relight my love for Japanese novel again this year. So…this is my first review for 日本文学チャレンジ 8 (review site is here)

Woman Waiting For The Moon to Rise

Book details

Title: Spiral
Author: Suzuki Koji
Pages: 283
Language: Japanese (original); English (translated by Glynne Walley)
Book 1: RING
Rating: 2,5 books

8 thoughts on “Spiral by Suzuki Koji

  1. If you don’t like this one then you might hate Loop because it’s even more sci-fi and the story gets even more incredible.

    I agree with you about the spookiest part of the book – it was definitely the visit to Mai’s house. That whole sequence made me shiver!

    1. The description of the atmosphere of the that apartment was great. I wish I can write like that. Not many author (Tolkien, King and Takashi Atoda are among that few authors) can create such vivid feeling like that.

      Hear hear! Some people might be able to accept it but not me.

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