UR, a Novella by Stephen King

My friend once told me that she saw a picture of Stephen King holding a pink Kindle. I thought it was sooo extreme, I mean he’s the king of horror and thriller and yet instead of black he has PINK kindle…who would have thought?

Here’s the pic: (he looks so happy with that girly kindle 😉 )
Pink King Kindle

Of course, I look it up….and it turned out there’s a book about kindle. I am not sure which one was first, King had pink kindle then wrote the story or he wrote the story and then got a pink kindle. I wish I had the time to search for it but I didn’t have the luxury of time at the moment. All I know is that UR is exclusively written for Amazon Kindle (I don’t have a kindle as amazon refused to sell it in Indonesia; but for the love I have toward King’s works, I get around)

Anyway, let’s here what the master said about UR before I wrote my thought on this Novella.

“In 2008, not too long after writing a column about the Kindle reading device for EW, my agent, Ralph Vicinanza, suggested I write something for Amazon. They were going to introduce a new version of the Kindle, he said, and asked if I might like to write an original story to be published exclusively in that format. I said I’d consider it, and did just that on several of my daily three-mile walks when I do my best thinking.

I decided I would like to write a story for the Kindle, but only if I could do one about the Kindle. Gadgets fascinate me, particularly if I can think of a way they might get weird. I had previously written about homicidal cars, sinister computers, and brain-destroying mobile phones; at the time the Amazon request came in, I’d been playing with an idea about a guy who starts getting e-mails from the dead. The story I wrote, ”Ur,” was about an e-reader that can access books and newspapers from alternate worlds. I realized I might get trashed in some of the literary blogs, where I would be accused of shilling for Jeff Bezos & Co., but that didn’t bother me much; in my career, I have been trashed by experts, and I’m still standing.”

entertainment weekly

I always enjoy reading his book background.

URAs Mr King has stated it above, UR is about a kindle which can tell the future. Wesley Smith received a pink kindle even though he didn’t order that colour. He thought the colour was usual, even though Kindles are all white at that time, so he didn’t think much of it. Then, he found features that were different than most kindles. It was called UR FUNCTIONS. That unusual feature brought him to written words from another universes – alternate universes. He found novels by famous writers which never been published before. He was amazed by it. But, unwritten novels were not the only one UR FUNCTIONS shared to the readers, it also had newspapers from the future.

UR is a very short Novella. It was only 53 pages..but it’s not King if he couldn’t capture the readers’ attention in such short book. At the beginning, it was quite slow but the pace became faster and thrilling. I love the main idea of this book…I often wonder how King could always come up with new ideas (for me, he is a genius!).

I couldn’t say that UR is one of his best shorts/novellas but it is as fun and interesting as most of his shorts/novellas.

Title: UR
Author: Stephen King
Language: English
Pages: 68
Rating: 3,5 books


  1. He does looked extremely happy with his kindle. I hadn’t heard of this story or the background. Thanks so much. I always learn a lot from you.

      1. I like a lot of books that connect to other books. Most of them do it through a sub plot that carries from one to another. Some do it through common characters only.

  2. I didn’t know anything about this. Love King! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’m going to have to borrow someone’s Kindle now…! 🙂

    1. you don’t have a kindle too? Maybe we can both find the pink one 😉
      I hope you can read it soon and share your opinion with me

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