Happy 4th Anniversary UNDERNEATH THE SHELL

Yup! today is my Turtle’s blog anniversary 🙂

I never celebrate my own blog’s anniversary but I try NOT to forget my babies’ blog’s anniversary…in fact, for me their blog is more important than mine.

So….happy 4th anniversary to Underneath The Shell.


Do take a look at their blog because Kroten was sharing the ups and downs of Underneath The Shell 😉

If you are curious about it…just click on the picture!

I love them sooooo darn much.


I actually have so many things to review but being busy kinda make me difficult to write anything. I have two books I want to review (one book which i couldn’t finish for weeks because I have no time) and several TV Series. Fortunately, next week I will be free of my endless work. I am going to finish my comments for the students tonight and that sure will give me more free time ahead. I still have plenty of student’s works to grade but next week the students will come to school a bit late; at 10.30 because grade 6 are going to have the national exam. No students at school means no class to teach means more time to grade their works 😉

To all grade 6 in Indonesia…Good luck tomorrow and I hope everyone will pass the exam. Amin.

I am going to go back to work now. (^_^)/


  1. Congrats on four years of blogging under the shell.

    I tend to keep my blogiversary in mind, but I think I only celebrated it once.

    Happy exam giving. 😉

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