Aqeela and Me – Chapter 9 : The Sniffing

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Up on the tree, I saw something slithering down there. It was the most unusual being I had ever seen. At first, I thought it was a snake as it slithered like a snake but I noticed that it had legs, lots of legs, it was more like a centipede than snake. But, unlike centipede this thing below me was hairy. I couldn’t see its head clearly but I could hear it  sniffing all the time like a German Shepperd trying to sniff something at the airport. Its behaviour made me incredibly worried because it could easily sniffed our scene. I looked at Aqeela, she had her bow and arrow ready and fixed her gaze on the hairy centipede. I was amazed on how fast she could react toward any situation. I wanted to ask her whether we are safe on the tree or not but she never took her eyes off of the thing.

The thing was sniffing the ground in all the direction. Unconsciously, I held my breath, I was afraid it might hear my breathing sound. I noticed that it didn’t focus on where we used to sit, it kept sniffing as if looking for something but it didn’t linger long on our previous spot. I began to have hope that it wasn’t actually looking for us. The hairy centipede slithered pass our tree. I started to breath again, but not for long because heard another sniffing sounds not far from our tree. Then, I saw about ten of them all around the trees. They spread like a pack of hunting dogs.

I looked at Aqeela again and this time she was also looking at me. Her eyes gave me the signal to stay still. I was so tense. There was a foul air surrounding these creatures, I couldn’t feel it when there was only one but a pack of them made the air felt thicker. They weren’t scary looking beings but there was something about them that scared me. I had a strong feeling which made me wish that they couldn’t find whatever they were looking for.

One of the hairy centipedes suddenly stopped. It was about ten to fifteen meters away from our tree. It sniffed vigorously on the same spot for few seconds. I tried to remember whether we walked pass that spot or not and if we did I hoped I hadn’t dropped anything there. I clutched my sandals tighter than before. I could feel my nails pierced deeper into my sandals. The sound of its sniff grew louder and faster. Then, it abruptly stopped sniffing and lifted its head. Just like centipede, there was no clear head but I could see hundreds of holes underneath it. It seemed like this thing had hundreds of nostrils.

I couldn’t see its mouth but suddenly the thing blasted a sound so loud. The sound echoed trough the forest. The other hairy centipedes stopped sniffing and slithered to get closer to that centipede. All of them gathered at that one spot.

The loud sound was clearly a call for something or someone. I saw a figure running toward the pack of the hairy centipedes and at the same time I felt a strong urge to jump off the tree and run.


Since I am not a native, feel free to correct my grammar:) I need all the correction I can get. And I am also open to all the critic you can give me. This is my learning process.

9 thoughts on “Aqeela and Me – Chapter 9 : The Sniffing

  1. Your grammar is definitely rougher this week than usual. You keep changing between past and present tense, for one thing. But I still enjoyed the description right to the cliff hanger.

  2. Clearly Aqeela was uncertain too otherwise she would have acted rather than kept still. It is strange that when creatures take on additional characteristics the mind starts to worry. Roll on next week!

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