Aqeela and Me – Chapter 8 : Their First Argument

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We had been walking for hours without any break, Aqeela was leading me on to somewhere in great hurry. I kept telling her that I needed a break but she kept ignoring my wish because we were still in dangerous territory. She was constantly looking to her right and left with her right hand clasping upon the hilt of her sword. Just by looking at the way she moved I know we were in constant danger but I am not a warrior like her, I really need a break.

“Aqeela, I can’t walk anymore! My feet ache and every single bone in my legs is screaming for a rest. Can we just sit for a few minute?”

I begged her for the past one or two hours. She kept hushing me till at one point my request really irked her. “Shut up!! How many times should I tell you that we CAN’T stay here! This isn’t a safe place!!”

She was leaning so close to me with her green eyes full of fury looking straight at me.

“It’s just for a few minute! Five minutes the most!! I AM NOT LIKE YOU!! I am not a warrior who had been trained to do this, I can’t walk for hours without rest…I AM NOT YOU!!” I was beginning to shout at her.

She instantly clapped my mouth with her hand. I could clearly see on her face that it would delight her to just cut my head off with her sword and be rid of me. “Stop shouting, you idiot!”

I looked straight at her, I had no desire to let her win this battle even though my life was the stake. “I won’t move even though you or whatever our there kill me!! I will have my rest, I’ll risk my life for that!!”

I sat on a fallen tree ignoring her clear fury. She was uttering words I couldn’t understand, I guessed what she said had no translation in English so the dust Keela had put on me couldn’t help translating that. After a while, she came to me, “Fine!! We stayed for sakedap and then no more rest!”

I was smiling inside, I tried so hard not to transfer the smile to my lips. I realized she was using a word I had never heard before, I could deduct that she was referring to a time measurement in her world but how long was that in my time. “What’s sakedap?”

“It’s when Irsa moves slight closer to Irka.” She was pointing at the two sun-like things on the sky. I said sun-like because they weren’t like the sun, they were much much much dimmer than the sun. I had a feeling that if this world only had one, this world will be as bright as my world during full moon. The two sun-like made it brighter than full moon in the world I used to know. When she said Irsa, she was pointing at a slightly yellow sun-like and Irka at the slightly blue sun-like.

“You look at those two to tell time?”


“Don’t you have a watch or something?”


“Yeah, like this,” I was raising my hand at her to show my watch but there was nothing on my hand. It finally hit me again how I left my world in a rush and hadn’t done any preparation. I was still in my pajama and wore a pair of sandals. Because of all the rush, I didn’t notice how wrong my costume was. No wonder my feet were killing me, I should have wore a pair of shoes.

Aqeela was looking at my empty arm trying to figure out what’s a watch, her words broke my thought. “You tell time by looking at your arm? How?”

“No. I forgot my watch.” I touched my arm and tried to remember the last time I didn’t wear it. My dad gave it to me long before he died. I guessed it was a good thing that I forgot the watch because I might lose it in this world but it still saddened me as the watch had been part of my life for so long.

“What does this watch look like? Does it reflect things on the sky? We always tell time by looking at things on the sky.” Aqeela turned out to be one curious warrior.

I explained her how a watch works, she was listening like a good student. However, I soon learned that while she was listening to me she was also listening to everything that moved around us.

She suddenly raised her hand as a sign for me to stop talking, she tilted her head a bit to listen clearly to a sound I barely heard.

She whispered at me, “Can you climb a tree?”

I nodded. We climbed the nearest tree as high as we could. Just as we seated on the highest branch, something was moving about underneath us, right on the spot where we sat before.


Since I am not a native, feel free to correct my grammar:) I need all the correction I can get. And I am also open to all the critic you can give me. This is my learning process.

Ps: I am not sure how to give title to this chapter. Feel free to share a better title than what I have 😉

19 thoughts on “Aqeela and Me – Chapter 8 : Their First Argument

  1. I didn’t even notice the title until you pointed it out. It’s a lot like most of my titles.

    I think you’re looking for the word “their” in the title.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of monster is sniffing where they were and how well the tree holds up, and whether or not other monsters appear, and just how bad this will get.

    In other words, you still have me hooked. 🙂

    1. Ah…typo!! thank you 🙂 But I am still not satisfied with that title…I want something more catchy but I can’t think of any.

      To be honest, I am looking forward to that too 😉

  2. How uncomfortable we are out of own environment. Aqeela being inquisitive has shown a weakness she can make use of. They can learn from each other. Great reading. I am sure Aqeela will keep them both safe.

  3. well as i know it, ‘sakedap’ means awhile, in turns it made me wonder, just how fast those two celestial bodies collide onto each other? do they even collide? Sorry, I almost forget this was a fantasy setting, I still couldn’t switch my default sci-fi mental gearing fast enough.

    And if you invested a great interest in Fantasy, I recommend this serial (web serial)

    Rasa, is a brave approach in developing fantasy setting, might not appeal to some people who expected romance all the time, but the story was so mundanely humane, heart warming survival story, you’ll somehow forgot it was built on fantasy setting.

    1. No, the don’t collide. In this world, those two sun-like things are actually satellite (like moons) and they go around the planets.

      I would love to read more stories (thank you for the recommendation) but I am currently soooo busy, I don’t even have time to write the next chapter of this story.

      I have never read Romance my whole and not interested to start reading one. I am sure I would love it, but not now.

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