Science Fair 2014

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If you think that I rarely visit your blog anymore or that my blog was lagging in new post…make that my blog and my turtle’s blog…it was simply because I was so darn busy.

Being one of three science teachers in my school, one of them is currently pregnant so we can’t burden her with this hard work…so the two non-pregnant teachers have to organize this year’s science fair. I was fortunate to have a brilliant partner, she was both smart and considerate, we worked together so well. We knew our job well. She handles the administration such as the run down and the criteria for the winner while I handles most the art works such as making posters and videos. We backed up each other perfectly.

This year’s Science Fair was different to previous science fairs…at least that’s what they told me because I am still a new teacher here. The principle wanted to have a more meaningful science fair, not only students doing simple science and don’t know the theory behind their project.

So, we came up with the basic scientific method, all students must do their project based on the scientific method’s steps which are asking question followed by doing research and constructing hypothesis. From there they have to test their hypothesis by doing the experiment. They have to analyze the data and come up with the conclusion. many students said that this year is the first time they did a serious science project.

For small kids, such scientific method is a bit difficult…well TOO difficult, so we let them do the simple science according to their cognitive ability. We also provide different intelligence by allowing students to share their science through performances. The little ones (pre-K and Kindergarten students) were the cutest performances of all. They were sooo adorable. They sang about the life cycle of animals, the weather, liquid and gas and many things.

For the upper primary to secondary, things became a bit more serious because there’s something we created an award (which hopefully will become a yearly award) called Innovation Award. Judges had to decided which experiment had the best innovating idea.

We spent a lot of time and energy to host this year’s science fair… but I enjoyed the whole process ๐Ÿ™‚ (even though the tiresome work led to me being sick and unable to go to work for a day)

My partner and I are so grateful to have other teachers, the office boys and of course the students to help us through the process. Thank you.

Here’s one of the performances from the little kids (I don’t share the booth because it’s just like any other Science fair booth)


14 thoughts on “Science Fair 2014

  1. Oh Novia!! The kids are soooo cute! They look like all your hard work was definitely worth it and that they enjoyed the learning so much. I just know this is why you love your work!!

    1. I know!! They are adorable. I love seeing those kids walking around the school doing cute things (although I would definitely run away if being left alone in their class…watching them is enough for me, I rather teach big kids).

      I am very pleased with what we had done ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My mother is a flavor chemist, so I grew up with the scientific method. Still, I never got into the science fairs because they made a competitive sport out of it and I just didn’t get into that much math.

    1. Ah … you have a scientist mother, cool!
      Science fair in my school is more than just competition, the competition is just the side part because every students are compulsory to do it as it is part of assessment for science. If rely too much on the competition then the one without inquiry mind will never have the will to do it.

        1. Ah…it’s a shame. I honestly think that we have to encourage students to be inquiry…they might not become scientist in the future but at least they should try it at school.

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