The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells

The Island of Dr Moreau

Edward Prendick is shipwrecked in the Pacific. Rescued by Doctor Moreau’s assistant he is taken to the doctor’s island home where he discovers the doctor has been experimenting on the animal inhabitants of the island, creating bizarre proto-humans...

from goodreads.

I am sure that the story of The Island of Dr. Moreau is not a secret anymore even though not many people know how it ends. I have never watched the movie let alone reading it, but even so I already know that it’s about an island where many strange beasts were made by Dr. Moreau. However, even though I have known the story but I am still finding myself intrigued by the story.

Even though the title is using the name of Dr. Moreau but the story centered on Prendick and the beast people. Prendick was helped by Montgomery, Moreau’s assistant, and when they reached the island Prendick was forced to join Montgomery because the ship captain refused to have anything to do with him. Prendick was given a place to stay but he soon realized that he was in the island of a crazy vivisectionist. Prendick learned to live with what he called the beast people..but it won’t be a story if everything went normal…something happened and changed everything.

I can’t help having so much hate toward Dr. Moreau because of what he did, he wanted to create a kind of human from animals and to do so he has to do some kind of surgery on them in a way that was more like torturing than surgery. He did it just because he wanted to do it. I could imagine how I would go insane listening to the cry of the animals during the surgery and to see the beast people will also break my heart.

This is my second book by H. G Wells (the first was The War of The World) and once again he amazed me with his imagination. He had an advance imagination unlike other writers in his generation. His detail on the beast people is amazing. I really like reading about the beast people and how Wells managed to give personality to them. The ebook (from aldiko) I read was only 132 pages, I half wish that the book is thicker because I want more personality on the beast.

I have grown fond of H.G Wells and I have several books by him in my ebook (aldiko) apps ready to be read. I will read it later after several books I planned to read this and next month.

Here’s a quote I like so much from the book.

Before, they had been beasts, their instincts fitly adapted to their surroundings, and happy as living things may be. Now they stumbled in the shackles of humanity, lived in a fear that never died, fretted by a law they could not understand; their mock-human existence, begun in an agony, was one long internal struggle, one long dread of Moreau—and for what? It was the wantonness of it that stirred me.

I am now looking for the movies 🙂

Book Detail:

Title: The Island of dr. Moreau
Author: H.G. Welsh
Language: English
Pages: 132 pages
Rating: 4 books


  1. I’m quite fond of this H.G. Wells story. There are a number of films based on the book. The best is probably the retitled Island of Lost Souls (1932), directed by Erle C. Kenton, with Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi. Universally, the 1996 adaptation is heralded as the worst. The 1977 version with Burt Lancaster, Michael York, and Barbara Carrera is my guilty pleasure.

    1. Me to…I like this one better than The War of The World, I am looking forward to read his other works.

      I can only find the ’77 and ’96 version, will watch both soon and review which one is better.

  2. I read the book for the first time a few years ago and it was pretty chilling stuff. The descriptions of the beast people and what they went through made my skin crawl…

  3. You know that recently I’ve been enjoying Wells, but this one scares me since I can’t stand cruelty (animal or human) so I’m not sure how I’ll handle reading it. It’s on my 1001 list so I have to read it, but I’m very hesitant.

    1. It doesn’t mention the detail of the cruelty but yes you can feel it in every page…but I have no regret for reading it because it’s a good imagination

    1. I hope you’ll get a chance to read it…it’s really good, even though I hate some of it but it’s happening everywhere, human using animals as laboratory experiment 😦

    1. Sad but true but has to be done. As much as I love animals but there’s no other way to test medical or other science thing but on animals 😦

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