The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

The Street LawyerMy first book review in months \(^_^)/

How I miss reading. I don’t have much time to read anymore because I often use my commute time to read and now I live on my school which means I no longer need to commute. Ever since I moved in, I still tried to read something but never been able to finish any book. So, when the holiday started I randomly picked one of the books I haven’t read from my shelf…the book was The Street Lawyer by John Grisham (it’s my first Grisham in many years, the last time I read one of his was in college). I am so happy that I can finish the book in short time (short to me but I am sure it’s still long time for many fast readers).

The Street Lawyer is an interesting read just like other Grisham’s books. I won’t say I am a fan of his books but I do admit that I enjoy reading his books when I have one but not exactly craving to read one…that’s why it takes years for me to finally read his book again. What I like about Grisham’s books is his ability to share the knowledge or information related to law and justice in a very simple and witty way. It never bored me when the book starts talking all that law thingy (he is like Michael Crichton, able to share complicated stuff in an interesting way).

The blurb:

Michael Brock is billing the hours, making the money, rushing relentlessly to the top of Brake & Sweeney, a giant D.C. law firm. One step away from partnership, Michael has it all. Then, in an instant, it all comes undone.

A homeless man takes nine lawyers hostage in the firm’s plush offices. When it is all over, the man’s blood is splattered on Michael’s face– and suddenly Michael is willing to do the unthinkable. Rediscovering a conscience he lost long ago, Michael is leaving the big time for the streets where his attacker once lived– and where society’s powerless need an advocate for justice.

But there’s one break Michael can’t make: from a secret that has floated up from the depths of Drake & Sweeney, from a confidential file that is now in Michael’s hands, and from a conspiracy that has already taken lives. Now Michael’s former partners are about to become his bitter enemies. Because to them, Michael Brock is the most dangerous man on the streets.

The blurb was the reason why I bought the book, it sounds intriguing. I found more than reading an intriguing book. The book showed us what street lawyer is. It also showed us how different lawyers can be, the ones who care more about wealth will work so hard and only think about how to bill their client more and more while the street lawyers work as hard as they can to defend people who most likely will never pay because their clients are the homeless. Their salary comes from donation or once in while they can have something big.

I think The Street Lawyer is more to the homeless than the intrigue in court. Reading about the shelters for the homeless made me realize that I have never once heard that there’s a shelter for the homeless here in my country. What happened to the homeless also made me more grateful to God that I still have good home and good work.

The Street Lawyer is the less thrilling book by Grisham that I have ever read but what makes it a good read is description of the street lawyers…the lawyers who work for heart more than for money. Every bit of the book is interesting, all the details on the shelters and the homeless (even though they don’t connect to the main case) are not something to skim through.

In short, I really like this book and it makes me want to buy another Grisham book.

“At the age of thirty-two, I was freed from the shakles of corporate servitude, and the money. I was left to follow my conscience.”

Book Detail:

Title: The Street Lawyer
Author: John Grisham
Language: English
Pages: 550
Rating: 4 books

17 thoughts on “The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

  1. I’ll have to pick this up. I’ve never heard of street lawyer before. That and one of the books I’m writing has a lot of legal issues. But for that I better do some non-fiction research.

      1. No, it’s Beautiful Spanish Hussy, which is where we learn about Drew’s addiction – how it came to be and where it took him and why he ended up like he is. I’ve covered it lightly in the blog, but go much deeper in the book.

  2. Ooohhh, Novia… I hear what you are saying. It’s been I while since I did any reading either. My last book was Paolo Bacigalupi’s “The Windup Girl” a near future biopunk science fiction novel set in Thailand from a few years back.

    I used to do most of my reading in the evenings before bedtime once I had showered and settled down for the evening. But having Carolyn around means I’m never alone at bedtime so I just got out of the habit… I should get back in the habit of finding some time free again for reading.

    1. First of all…I have watched Harakiri 🙂 I just haven’t had the time to write my review yet.

      A few years back? Wow…I don’t think I can do that. It’s not even a year for me and I am already trying to find a bit of time to read…I like reading as much as I like watching movies. I hope you will start reading again 😉

      1. Hahaha!! I meant that the book was published back in 2009… I actually read it last summer, but I had to squeeze it in here and there over a month when I had an hour or so off to myself in the afternoon now and again. That was hard… it always seemed that I should be doing something more important. I imagine you know just how that feels sometimes being the busy person that you are. 😉

  3. I’ve never read a Grisham because I always watch the movies based on his books, which I usually enjoy.
    We have shelters for homeless people. It’s fortunate really or they would have to be in the street in the coldest weather. But it’s a very sad topic.

    1. I think I have read his books more than watch movies based on his books…but I admit both A Time To Kill are great.

      The only thing we have here is an emergency shelter for natural disasters. I think there are some small shelters for homeless here but not like what you have.

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