Sherlock – The Last Vow

This Sherlock finale has made me confused…not confuse about the story but about how to write a spoiler free review. From the beginning till the end, it’s full of strain of spoilers. I don’t know where to begin and how to dodge the spoiler.

So…here’s my (trying so hard not to spoil it) review.


“Sherlock, she loves you!”
“Yes like I said, human error.”

I am not going to say that Sherlock 3 is the best series of all because the others are also equally great, however I can say that Series 3 is the most complicated and most beautiful of all. Complicated because you can’t turn your attention away and then expected to still understand the story afterward, you have to follow the whole story to understand it, to understand the case to be precised. Beautiful because this series really shows everyone’s feeling toward the others. We can clearly see that Sherlock truly loves John and the cold Mycroft really cares about her little brother. There’s so much love here.

In His Last Vow, for the first time in Sherlock (BBC) we get to see the addict Sherlock, the Sherlock who uses drug. I LOVE the villain, I love him far more than Moriarty…to be honest, I always imagine Moriarty to be like him (NOT like the one we saw in Series 1 and 2). Charles Augustus Magnussen (played brilliantly by Lars Mikkelsen) is one of the most powerful men in the western world. He is powerful because he knows every little secret of important people. He uses his knowledge to blackmail them and because of that no one dares to stand against him…except for one man!

Sherlock is asked by Lady Smallwood (Lindsay Duncan) to help her out of the blackmail. The case grows broader, it’s no longer related to Lady Smallwood.

I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Charles Augustus Magnussen. He is the true match for Sherlock’s intelligent. To be honest, he is the best thing in this episode (of course apart from Sherlock and John). Magnussen is an amazing villain, so manipulative, arrogant, cool and classy. He is amazing. Lars Mikkelsen plays the character so brilliantly. He is by far the best villain in the entire Sherlock series.

Charles Augustus Magnussen
Charles Augustus Magnussen

If you haven’t seen this episode, I ADVICE you to look away, close this page…ignore it because here’s come the spoiler!! It’s nothing but spoiler from here on.

The reason why I can’t write a spoiler free review is because I have some complaints for this episode. It’s just TOO Moffat!! Just like what he did to Doctor Who Christmas special (which I am still unable to write a review) he indulges himself too much. It’s like he is trying hard to give a twist but in the ends he gives too much twist that ends up giving a sense of gratuitous.

I am NOT saying the episode is bad…but compared to other Sherlock episodes (from series one to three) this one is the least episode that uses the greatness of Sherlock deductions. I bet almost everyone who watch the series love it because of the way Sherlock deducts things, we’re not here to simply see the handsome Benedict (for me, he is handsome because he is great as Sherlock). I love all the sweet things in this series and fortunately the other two episodes also have the other things I like, the deduction! Unfortunately, His Last Vow lacks of that.

I did mention it in my review of The Sign of Three that the closing makes that episode great…because Sherlock really deducts something. This time he has a brilliant criminal who is as smart as him but he doesn’t do much deduction, he is only doing normal detective thing. I was very disappointed when I see it. And to top it all, he doesn’t even solve the case…he kills him!! It’s just too lame!!

And the cliffhanger? Oh don’t even get me started!! Again…Moffat forces things to an incredible extent. Moriarty showing up again? Like that’s going to make us curious. The two series have great cliffhanger, it kept us in the land of wondering for years…but now, when I saw Moriarty’s message, I was like WTF?? Really? This is how they create the cliffhanger? *raising eyebrows*

As I have said above, I am not saying that the episode is bad…I still love parts of it. I don’t mind they turn Mary into an ex-assassin. I have already figured out that she is not what she looks like. In fact, my favorite quote is from the conversation between Sherlock, John and Mary.

John: Is everyone I have ever met is a psychopath?
Sherlock: Yes. Good that we settled that.
John: Shut up! And stay shut up because this is not funny. Not this time.
Sherlock: I didn’t say it was funny.
John: You! What have I ever done? My whole life to deserve you.
Sherlock: Everything.
John: Sherlock, I’ve told you, Shut up!
Sherlock: I mean it, seriously! Everything, everything you’ve ever done is what you did.
John: Sherlock one more word you’ll not need morphine.
Sherlock: You are a Doctor who went to war, you are a man who couldn’t stand the suburb for more than a month without storming to a crack and beating up a junkie, your best friend is a sociopath who solves crimes as an alternative to getting high, that’s me by the way, hello. Even the land lady used to run a drug cartel.
Mrs. Hudson: it was my husband’s cartel, I was just typing.
Sherlock: and exotic dancing.
Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock Holmes if you have been youtube-ing…
Sherlock: John, you are addicted to a certain lifestyle, you’re abnormally attracted to dangerous situations and people, so is it truly such a surprise that the woman you fall in love with conforms to that pattern.
John: But she is not supposed to be like that. Why is she like that?
Sherlock:  Because…you chose her!
John: Why is everything always my fault?!

I also love the elaborate mind palace of both Sherlock and Magnussen. It’s nice to see what’s going on in Sherlock’s mind when he is inches from death. The appearance of Moriarty in Sherlock’s mind is perfect (he should have stayed there, not in the end of the episode) I also like the way he explains how he is going to enter Magnussen’s office to John. The visualization of their theory is interesting, we can it in plain sight.

Sherlock S03 E03c

And of course…the acting!! Again, everyone involved in this series played amazingly. All the actors/actresses are the perfect choice for the characters. They are all brilliant actors, BBC is blessed to have such talents in their show.

I am a fair fan, I don’t love something blindedly and automatically judge all the episodes as amazing. As much as I love Sherlock (anyone who knows me knows how much I love Sherlock) but I can’t say I like this episode wholeheartedly…in all 9 episodes of Sherlock, this is my least favorite of all.

Nevertheless, I am still eager to see Series 4…in fact, I miss all the characters already…for the past three weeks, they have been an important part of my daily life. It’s sad to know that the series is over and we all have to wait for another year or two to see them again. I really hope that the amazing writers of Sherlock will go back to the amazing Sherlock we first saw in series 1 without losing the sweetness that has been shown in this series.

Miniseries Detail:

Title: His Last Vow
Staring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs,  Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbingtton, Lindsay Duncan, Lars Mikkelsen
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Nick Hurran
Air Date: January 12, 2014
Rating: 3,5 stars

Oh…so good to see Benny’s parents again in this episode 😉

Benny's Parent

And this is a nice photo to close my last review of Sherlock series 3 🙂 …see you again next year (hopefully next year)

Martin and Benny on the set
Martin and Benny on the set
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