Sherlock – The Sign of Three

Just when I thought Sherlock couldn’t be more interesting and I couldn’t love Sherlock more…I was totally wrong!

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They are right about you. You’re a bloody psychopath.
High functioning sociopath…with your number.

The Sign of Three is a bittersweet episode. It’s a beautiful episode because we can truly see Sherlock’s feeling toward John. It’s the best episode EVER it terms of unconditional friendship. This episode has made me love the series even more. This is an episode where we actually see that Sherlock is also human 😉

It’s another funny episode but with a lot of heart in it. Of course it’s easy to guess that Sherlock will instantly be John’s best man…but I have to give two thumbs up to the scriptwriter (all three Sherlock’s writers are joining force to write this episode) for creating the best man scene. It was funny and clearly Sherlockish…I mean I have no problem imagining that that’s how Sherlock would react. The scene is one of my favorite scenes in this episode.

Spoiler: (block it to see it)

John: So..the big question. The best man. What do you think?
Sherlock: hmmm…Billy Kinkaid (?) … bla .. bla
John: For my wedding. For me, I need a best man.
Sherlock: Oh right! Gavin?
John: who?
Sherlock: Gavin Lestrade. He’s a man and good at it
John: it’s GREG. And he is not my best friend
Sherlock: Oh! Mike Stamford. I see. He is nice, I am not sure how …
John: Mike’s great, but he is not my best friend. Look Sherlock, this is the biggest and most important day of my live. No…It is! It is! And I want to be out there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world.
Sherlock: yes
John: Mary Morstan and…you

Sherlock S3 E2 (8)

To be honest, this episode is definitely more difficult to write than The Empty Hearse. It’s just so darn hard NOT to write spoilers here…I sure hope I will not spoil it for anyone here.

As much as I love Sherlock doing his best man’s speech…BUT I, at first, think that the first half of this episode is a bit weak. When watching it, I thought that somehow the three men writing this episode are pushing things too much, it’s like they try to cram everything in. I like the fact that they try to make it a sweet episode but I am also looking forward to see the crime or the case that shows Sherlock’s greatness…in other word, I like to see some actions too. When I was about to come to a conclusion that episode two is not that good…BAM! All the greatness of Sherlock deduction came rushing in. And I seriously love it! Let’s just say that the crime that Sherlock solved was unexpected (my roommate was lost in confusion watching how Sherlock solved the case)

I think the main reason why 3 Sherlock’s authors (Steve Thompson, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss) came together to write one episode is because they needed a story which can be both heartwarming and thrilling at the same time.

Simply said I have so much for this episode…I am not sure men will like it as much as women toward this episode. It’s a really sweet episode. However, as we all know (especially if you are old enough to have a married friends) that marriage changes everything, I have been there…a situation where I lost a lot of my friends because they got married (fortunately, I still have one great friend who doesn’t change after she got married…the rest?!?!), I somehow understand why everyone keeps telling Sherlock that marriage changes everything. Poor Sherlock.

Fortunately, Mary (love her character so much) is the perfect woman for John…she sure knows how to act between them. We can clearly see that Mary is marrying 2 men at the same time 😉

Oh!! I think I should mention that Sherlock shows jealousy here…I love seeing him jealous, even Mary spots his jealousy 😉

Oh Sherlock, neither us is the first you know.

Sherlock S3 E2 (4)

I am going to stop now because I might spoil it too much…I just want to say again I love this episode…I really do.

Have I told you I love Sherlock’s speech?? I guess I have. I try to quote it here but since it is a spoiler, you have to block it with your mouse to read it 😉

“I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant and all around obnoxious arsehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet. I am dismissive of the virtues. I am unaware of the beautiful and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. So if I didn’t understand to being asked as a bestman, it’s because I never expected to be anybody’s best friend. Surely not the best friend of the bravest and kindest and wisest human being I have the good fortunate knowing.

John, I am a ridiculous man, redeem only by the warm and consolency (?) of your friendship and as I apparently your best friend, I can’t congratulate you on your choice of companion…actually, no I can. Mary, when I say you deserve this man, it is the highest compliment which I am capable. John, you have endured war and injury and tragic loss, so sorry again about that last one, so know this today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you’ve saved and sure the two people you love the most in this world, and I know I speak for Mary as well when I said we’ll never let you down and we have a life time to prove that.”

Again…another episode full of great dialogue.

Miniseries Detail:

Title: The Sign of Three
Staring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs,  Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbingtton
Writer: Mark Gatiss, Steve Thompson, Steven Moffat
Director: Colm McCarthy
Air Date: January 5, 2014

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As this episode is about wedding and friendship, I would like to say congratulation to my friend Miyuki @ Nekoneko movie litter box who will soon marrying her best friend ((hug))… a real life wedding and friendship 😉


  1. That speech just killed me, miss! It was perfect, in a Sherlock-kind-of way. I have to agree that there were some moments I also felt that too much is going on, but that speech, the jokes and latter half saved this episode. Can’t wait for the third episode (even though it means it’s the last ep of the 3rd series…)

    1. I think it is saved to say that everyone loves the speech 😉
      I can’t believe how good the writers are…they can come up with such speech that can fit a person like Sherlock, not cheesy but hits the mark. For me, the way Sherlock connects the two cases saved the detective thrill part…the speech is already great even without the solving of the crime.

  2. I had no idea how the different plot threads would join up at the end but it did and it was rather good. I liked how the episode visually displayed Sherlock’s reasoning – the women online and the scene changes. The speech was good but the ending really nailed it for me – I couldn’t help but go “Aaaww,” and shed a tear.

    1. Oh how I wanted to say that in my review…I REALLY like the way Sherlock connects the two cases like that.
      Me too!! I really like the way the director shows what’s on Sherlock’s mind…to be honest, I like the way Sherlock solves the case in this episode than the Empty Hearse, this episode has a better director.

      Aaaah!! that part…I wanted to share that one too…but I held myself.

      “my 1st & last vow. Mary & John, whatever it takes, whatever it happens, from now on I swear I will always be there.. Always.. For all the three of you.. I meant two of you, no.. I just miss count it”

  3. I agree Novia! 🙂

    Friendship and love are the two inseparable things that make for the best marriages. Thank you again for your congratulations and good wishes… My wish for you dear friend is that sometime soon you find the one who will make your heart skip a beat… You are too passionate, kind, and filled with love not to be able to share it with another special heart. My biggest ((hug))!! 🙂

  4. I’ve been seeing pics of Benny all over Tumblr… gaaah I wish I didn’t have to wait ’til the 19th!! I saw an animated gif of him kissing a girl passionately, please tell me it’s in this episode! 😀

    1. Huahahaha I avoid tumblr and twitter before I can see it…I won’t even wait for the DVD ( I will definitely buy it once it’s out) because the spoilers will be EVERYwhere.

      Oh the kissing!!! hahaha that was funny…it was from The Empty Hearse not from this one 😉

  5. I really enjoyed this episode and I laughed quite a bit. At first I thought they missed the mark completely but it ended up coming together.

    1. Yeaaahhh \(^_^)/
      I guess everyone felt the same when watching this, the ending makes the series more enjoyable.

      Laugh quite a bit? hahaha I laugh quite a lot 😉

    1. I know 🙂 That’s why I love Sherlock.
      I read somewhere that they divided the story, one did the case one did the speech while the other did weeding party. They know each other well enough to manage to do that.

  6. Finally I can read it (better) on my computer!!
    Nov, you really did not write (all) the speech (completely) :0 Congrats! \(^_^)/ (because I know you try so hard to hold your fingers from typing all the speech esp the end of the speech :p )

    In this episode, I truly realized that watching SherBen (Sherlock by Benny) cannot be done while doing my work.. (of course, me!) So, first, I didn’t get it right, but the second I watched this episode with my full attention, I’m thrilled… (until now). So heartwarming, so special that I cannot describe it with words. I re-watch it again and again (^_^) now while waiting for the third episode.

    It showed how the chemistry between John to Sherlock, especially, and then Sherlock to John, afterward, not an usual friendship, but a special relationship which cannot be categorized as friend, brother, lover, or any other relationship. Might we call it “Sherlock – John” type of relationship.

    John really accept Sherlock as Sherlock who lack personalities as human :p which is supported by Mary (and I love her so much with her expression esp when it comes to face Sherlock inhumanity (^_^) ). Afterwards, Sherlock accept that he has one person who asked him as a best man (and Sherlock said it might be for the last time..) and that person is John who actually has special place in his life, which made him make a vow to John’s new family (not only John!!).

    So, this episode is a GREAT episode for me! Like you say, it’s so Sherlockish for the speech, the way they spend the night together before the wedding, and the “special present” given by Sherlock’s deduction in the end of episode which make them “panic” (do not want to spoil the info, (^_*) )…

    Fuiihh, Sorry if my impression is too much. Hahaha! This post really represents my impression for this episode. I really want to reblog/make a direct link to this post, on my blog If you’re ok with it 🙂

    See you on the third episode of this series!

    1. Hahahah such a long and passionate comment…I love it 🙂
      Your kind of comment always increased my love for blogging…just to know someone else out there love the same thing I love.

      People usually called them Johnlock, I like to call their relationship as Bromance, but I think the right term is platonic love…they love each other so much but of course no sex involve. It’s kinda like Mulder and Scully (although they get together in the end but while the series was still on, they have platonic love).

      I know I will rewatch the whole series once the last episode is already aired. Two days from now…Sherlock will end we have to wait for another 1 – 2 year to see the fourth…it’s going to be excited and sad at the same time.

      Yes you can reblog it 🙂 because reblog still contain my post link 😉

  7. I thought it was a terrific episode. Starts a bit slowly but really warms up and I loved the fact they managed to solve crime alongside delivering the best man’s speech. Typically clever, well-written, witty and funny. Another brilliant episode in what is turning out to be a triumph of a series.

    Can episode 3 live up to these standards – I’m sure it can!

    1. 100% agree to what you have written here 🙂
      The plot is great! I can’t believe they can come up with such plot…solving case through story and bestman’s speech. Brilliant!! just brilliant.

      Episode 3 is tonight…I am going to be both excited and sad because we have to wait for another one or two years to see series 4.

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