Extremely busy week and HOLIDAY ahead

This is not a real post!

I mean I will write something else soon. These past few weeks, I had been so incredibly busy…so busy that I don’t even have time to blog and read blogs. I blog once or two because of Doctor WHO and VAMPS, other than that I have no time 😦

My students’ report cards, final exam, school concert, and many other school works had wrapped me in intense level of busyness. I did still have time to relax, but I usually use it to chat with other teachers.

I can’t blog on weekend too because my nephew misses me. From Monday to Friday, I stayed in the school’s dormitory for teachers and I go back home every weekend. My nephew won’t let me off his side because he is always asking about me. I can reply my blog’s comments from my mobile…occasionally but not always.

Now…I am glad I finally have more free time. The report cards almost finished and ready to print. The final exam is over and I only have few students need to do a catch up test. But I still need to supervise my students to finish their portfolio and personal projects.

I will have school holiday from December 18 to January 4 🙂

I am planning to go to Bromo on December 21 (not yet sure) and visit my Mom’s grave on December 30 (fixed plan). Before I am planning to write as many posts as possible, I have my serial (Aqeela and Me) to continue, some viewing review, a bit of music post, and my annual posts (top 5 movies/TVseries/books of the year).

Not related to the blog…I miss reading….but I have lost the mood to read when I see the books on my book shelf. I REALLY need to buy one Stephe King’s book…his books always makes my spirit to read live on again.

That’s all for now…in case you are wondering where have I gone for few weeks. Thank you for those who are still reading my posts even though I have no time to visit anyone 🙂

…..and my turtle’s blog is active again 🙂

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