FITP: Obsessed

He looks at him from head to toe. He loves everything he sees. He looks at his tattoo and thinks that it’s a great tattoo. He looks at the way he dresses and thinks that that’s a cool outfit. He looks and looks and slowly becomes obsessed with the man standing in front of him. The man doesn’t realize that he is being observed because the observer always knows when to stop looking, he has mastered the art for years.

The train stops and the man walk out of the train. He follows him. He carefully walks behind him without causing any suspicion. He has decided that he wants to be him. All he need to do now is to kill him and shapeshift into him.

Total: 126 words
Word: Obsessed (150 words)

My first flash for new quarter of Flash In the Pan hosted by Red @ M3

Inspired by an image on Creative Writing Ink

© Chris JL
© Chris JL

I am bit late to join in this quarter’s Flash in The Pan. I was and still am too busy but I am glad I finally have time to write three stories in the row 🙂 my two serials, Aqeela and Me & The Adventure of Little Papoe (this one is scheduled for October 31).

Critics on the story is always welcomed with open heart 🙂


  1. Wow, what a chilling story Nov. Glad I didn’t read this before I took the Subways whilst I was in NYC last week 😀

    Btw, I just realized I saw three Benny films in Oct, two of them made my Movies of the Month 😀

  2. Well done. Enjoyed this :). I was wondering what he was planning to do. ‘Shapeshift’ – very sci-fi.

  3. This is great Miss. Novia, the whole story is riveting and the ending where the man being observed is quickly despatched so that the observer can live the mans life for himself is a good twist 🙂 Wow shape shifting and gruesome, I like it 🙂

    Andro xxxx

      1. You sometimes mention your English writing not being to your liking but then you produce something really interesting like this FTP story, so don’t ever worry about it, you do extremely well my lovely friend 🙂

        Andro xxxx

  4. Creepy. There is actually a crime novel with a similar concept. I’ve forgotten the title. But it’s a bit different as it’s identity theft. One man c^kills another one and lives his life (not Ripley although that’s similar too).

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