Aqeela and Me – Chapter 6: The World in Between

Previous Chapter: The Witch and The Guardian


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“Guardian of me? You mean you are my guardian?”


We were inside a big rock, that reality alone hurt my head a bit and now this girl in front of me was saying that she is my guardian. I felt like I have fell into a dangerous trap. “Why?”

“I can’t tell you why I have to keep you safe until you meet the old man, he will be the one to explain it all to you.”

“The old man? Who is he?”

“He has outlived everyone in Gerin Juha , he knows everything.” Aqeela answered my question without any emotion on her face. She looked so military.

“Okay, although I am not happy with your answer, I will wait till I meet him but you have to tell what this world is?”

This time, Leeka did the talking. “Our world in the world between your world and Hawab world, the world underneath out feet. You people never think that there are still worlds underneath their world. Our world is small because we are in between two big worlds, yours and Hawab. When I tried to let you come into our world through the gate. That was the time when all the gates into thousands of different worlds were open, I have to put a spell to keep others but you to stay outside the gate. You felt something was there in the dark, didn’t you?”

I remembered the heavy breath near me when I was still trapped in the darkness…when I left my family. I suddenly missed Mom and Andy so much. I wanted to ask her about my family, will I ever seen them again but I decided to hear her story first. “Yes, I remember something was there, I am not sure what was there but it’s there.”

“They came because they know they gate to this world was open for few second. There are gate keepers in every world. I am sure there’s also a gate keeper in your world but your world is so big that you might not know who the gate keeper is. However, our world is not as safe as yours. Your world is between two peaceful worlds but our world is between your peaceful world and the beast world, Hawab.”

The pain in my head increased, I couldn’t process this new surprising fact. How could there be many worlds at the same time. How come no one noticed the existence of the others? I tried asking her.

“YOU think no one knows about the other worlds, there are many of your people who know about the other worlds, you ARE the one who don’t know. I have been to your world and that’s why I can speak your language. There are many witches in your world that can help me get into world but their way and mine are different. I have to borrow all the lights in Gerin Juha just to get you here, your witches don’t have to do that.”

“Then why don’t you bring those witches here, why me?”

“We can’t answer that, Aqeela already told you that.”

“Hey,” Aqeela cut off our conversation, “should I remind you two again that we are not safe here. Time for talking is over. There are too many spies out there. We have to move now.”

“She is right! Let’s go!” Leeka took my hand, “You’ll understand soon. I’ll explain more once we’re safe.”

My head hurt so much. Before I could take one step to follow Leeka and Aqeela, I lost my footing and fell down. Everything turned black.


Since I am not a native, feel free to correct my grammar :) I need all the correction I can get. And I am also open to all the critic you can give me. This is my learning process.


  1. I hope it’s only that she passed out, and not that she’s dropped through the floor or something. I’ve got no problem with the worlds-within-worlds concept. I first ran across it as a kid reading an anthology of SF short stories from the 50’s.

    1. For me, my first was Manga, I think it was on Junior high when I first read about another world concept.

      For this, I give a bit of spoiler, she only passes out.

  2. Humanity has always been keen to invent other worlds, even long ago when new continents and civilization were still being discovered. However even this was not enough. It is as though we still needed answers. Thank you for continuing to keep us enthralled by ‘Aqeela and me”.

    1. Thank you so much for always reading my story, Robin 🙂

      So true!! the idea that there’s another world out there never going to end…there will always be new worlds to invent.

  3. Oh my god, how do you invent all these things?
    I like the concept of different worlds, I like it a lot. I’d imagine in order to create a new world, it would take up a lot of imagination to do so, not to mention a lot of thinking since you need to figure out how to make it all work out.
    I applaud you for your astounding work. Keep it up, I look forward to new chapters as well as any other new writing!
    Much love.

  4. Aha! i suspect the two terms spitted out by Leeka which were Gerin Juha and Hawab, were originated from Indonesian words, namely ‘Negri Jauh’ (Far Cry Island) and ‘Bawah’ (Beneath). Probably…

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