The Charm of Atomic Bomb

Trust me, the title is totally misleading! 😉

My student told me something about a week ago and I think it’s good to share it here.

Before I was accepted in my new school, I have to go through interview and micro teaching. I was fortunate because everything happened in one day. I came for the interview, had a micro teaching and had a salary deal…all in one day! This happened in May 2013. After I got accepted, I didn’t join in immediately because I had to finish my teaching in my previous school. I couldn’t just leave my students before the school year is over. Fortunately my new principal understood that and agreed to accept me as the new teacher on June (school year always start late June or early July).

What I am going to share is about my micro teaching.

I didn’t expect to have micro teaching at the same day as the interview. The princi8pal allowed me to teach them any lesson I like. They gathered all the boys in one class…YES the boys!! the noisy boys not the calm girls! The girls were having swimming lesson at that time.

I came up with Atomic Bomb. I thought the knowledge of how atomic bomb can create such explosion would be an interesting topic.

I went to the classroom ready for any tricks they will lay upon me. Kids can be naughty to new teachers.

I told them that I am going to share about atomic bomb and asked them what they have already known about it. Then I explained about how the energy came from the loss of mass in a certain atom, how the formula created by Einstein applied in creating such energy. Pretty much like this image below!


Boys will always be boys! they were so in to it, they hardly made sounds…unless for asking questions. They also asked about nuclear plant and things related to this matter.

I guessed I got accepted as science teacher in this school because of atomic bomb 😉


Moving forward to last week, I found out that the bomb did charm the boys! One of my students said that they were ready to play tricks on me, making me uncomfortable. Their first reaction when they were told about micro teaching was “hey guys, there is going to be another micro teaching. Let’s make her do something to her!” They were going to make me having a hellish teaching moment. But when I begun my teaching with “What do you know about Atomic Bomb?” … they forgot their plan 😉

He told me that at that time he was thinking “hey, this is an interesting topic!”

…and now, he is happy to have me as his teacher 🙂


  1. Love your tactics, I dare say – you escaped that just fine!

    I bet you’re a great teacher. I can imagine you are 🙂

    • Atomic bomb always makes everyone interested 😉

      Ah…I can’t say anything about that, the students arr the ones who can judge that…but I am glad I still keep in touch with my former students 🙂

  2. Haha! You outsmarted the little devils. You get an A+++ from me!
    They may also be thinking “I’d better not get her mad, she might have an atomic bomb!”

  3. I am pleased that you chose such an explosive topic otherwise those naughty boys might have given you a fright 😦 I think that you chose very well and yes, the Atomic Bomb is definitely a worthy subject to discuss, and was well liked by all 🙂 This is good because they forgot to play their wicked tricks on you 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    • A fright from students? hahaha that will never happen (hopefully) . Students are wonderful no matter how tricky they are…it’s a bliss to be a teacher. You got to know new faces every year and when they graduated and still remember you, then all the hard work is paid off 🙂

      • I agree, even now I can remember some very inspiring teachers that I had and that is many years ago now my sweet and great friend 🙂

        Have a wonderful start to your week Miss. Novia and I hope that you enjoyed your birthday 🙂

        Andro xxxx

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