Moving Out For The Sake of Time and My Turtles

I have mentioned it so many times that my new school has been keeping me so busy. Honestly, I have never worked as hard as this before…again I have to say I am not complaining because I enjoy working there…but the fact remains, I hardly have time to blog read and watch movie/tvshows.

SO…I decided to move out!

NOT move out school but move out of the house I have been living together with my brother and his wife and my father…AND I will move in to my school’s property.

My school has a mess on third floor, by living there I will safe so many time and can rest properly again. School starts at 7.30 AM and I have to leave home at 6.20 AM. Going to school is not the time problem here, my problem with time comes from my journey home. School ends at 4 pm, and if I go home straight away, it’ll only take about an hour ride (I am taking bus not my own vehicle)…but if I have things to do before I go home and leave the school around 5 pm, I will arrive at 7 pm (sometime more than 7 pm). This journey home and dealing with traffic jam is my number one time problem!! When I get home, I already feel so tired and all I want to do is doing nothing but being on my bed.

My time management becomes all screw up and I have things I haven’t done just because of the journey home. I can’t deal with that problem any longer.

And then there’s another important reason.

You know how I love my baby turtles. The other reasons why I need to move out is because of them. Before I work at this school, I have a couple of day off. I used those days to put my turtles outside and enjoy the sun…sunlight is good for turtle. Since I work here, I have no time to take them out 😦

My dear baby turtles are losing their quality time with the healthy sunlight. I feel so bad. I want them to be strong and healthy and happy. If I live near the school, I can let them enjoy the morning sun before I leave them to go to school.

So…the plan was to either find a room for rent near the school or find hoping there’s an empty room in school’s mess. I know that the school has mess for teacher but the last time I’ve heard it was full. One of the teachers told me she was going to cancel her ‘reservation’ and gave it to me. I was so thrilled BUT things weren’t as simple as it seemed.

I asked the person in charge with the mess whether I can take my pets or not. There was a bit of tough discussion because there are babies in the mess. I told her that my turtles will be in their tank and I only let them out in my room and outside the building. The only problem any baby can get from turtles is when the baby touches the turtles and then put the hand inside her mouth. YES turtles have salmonella that can cause stomach problem BUT it only happens when one digests it. I am not going to let any baby (except for my nephew because it seems that he has the same antibody as I am) touching my turtles for the baby’s own sake.

In short, I told her that it’s okay if the turtles aren’t allowed, I can find a room for rent. NO MATTER WHAT, I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE MY DEAR KROTEN, PAPOE AND KUROME.

Long story short, she said that I and my dear turtles can live in the mess \(^_^)/

Kroten with grass under her feet (photo from my old house)
Kroten with grass under her feet (photo from my old house)
The turtles on a cemented front yard

We will move there this Sunday 🙂

The good thing about this moving out of the house and moving in to the mess are:

I can have more free time to do things I like and finish school’s works

I won’t deal with the painful traffic jam again

…and my babies can enjoy the sun again 🙂

The plan for Kroten, Kurome and Papoe are

To let them enjoy the sun between 6 am to 7.25 am (walking from mess on the third floor to teacher’s office on first floor doesn’t even take 5 minutes 😉 on the roof. I have checked the roof and the sun is lovely and warm there.

To let them walk around school’s garden on Saturday morning. Kroten can finally enjoy grass under her feet again and Kurome and Papoe will enjoy it for the first time. This house I am living now has cemented front yard not grassy at all 😦

My future room
My future room

My turtles will be put under the windows and the blazing afternoon sun 🙂

View from my window
View from my window

Can’t wait for Sunday to come 🙂

50 thoughts on “Moving Out For The Sake of Time and My Turtles

  1. Nice. Turtles are just the best! Please, never leave them!
    But those are water turtles, where do you intend to put them? I rescued one many years ago but I put her at a water tank that had a small “stair” so that she could dry herself in the sun light. Nowadays she has a even better place for her.
    🙂 turtles are the best!
    yours look happy btw!

  2. That’s very cool that you can live on the school property Nov! Nice view too, very green 😀 Your dedication to your ‘kids’ that is your turtles is admirable, you’re like a dotting mom, ahah. Hope you’ll have more time to watch movies and blog now 😀

    1. I know!!! Yoy know, I am currently on my new room because I have to finish marking my students’ midterm test by tomorrow and I miss not seeing my kids here…but they’ll be here soon. I love not having to face the traffic jam again.

      I hope so too 🙂 … Actually I am SURE I will have more time to watch movies and blog again 🙂

  3. this sounds like it is going to be the best decision for all of you! So glad the mess is allowing you to bring your babies! Now they can get the sunshine that they love and need! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    1. I am also happy and hoping nothing bad will happen…I am a bit worried that they’ll blame my babies for any diseases here whereas my turtles aren’t the cause of all diseases.

      I can’t wait to start exposing them to the sun 🙂

  4. It is so you, dear Novia, to think first of your precious turtles and then for yourself. Your love for them knows no limits. 🙂

    Here’s to hoping the move will be good for you all, and that you will still get to see your family occasionally as well. Plus… living at school, maybe you will be able to introduce your babies to some of your students and co-workers who I think would love to meet them.

    1. Aaawww :blush: Thank you Miyuki 🙂

      I am planning to go visit my family every Sunday if I don’t have plans to go somewhere.
      Hahahaha my students have been asking when will I move, they want to see my precious turtles 😉

      1. I just know Kroten, Papoe, and Kurome will enjoy the attention of new friends and I know you will enjoy teaching your students the wonders that your turtles can show them all. I just know this will be a nice experience for you all.

        It will be really nice to live on campus too… Will you be living alongside many other teachers and staff? It will be great chance for you to socialize and become friends with others in your profession who share your experiences and maybe even others from far away. I will be crossing my fingers that you make some great close friendships while you are there to share with us here at your blog.

        My biggest <> and sincerest hopes that this move is only just the beginning of a new exciting adventure for you all!! 🙂

        1. Yes, there are more than 10 teachers here 🙂
          I am already closed with some of them and so far I am enjoying the life here and I am only a few hours here 😉

          Thank you Miyuki 🙂

  5. Wow this is a perfect solution Miss. Novia and allows you to do everything that you have been missing out on, plus a bonus of NO traffic jams so everything has turned out beautifully 🙂 I am sure that your turtles will be very happy too 🙂 Have a sweet evening my lovely friend 🙂 I like your new room, and the view is amazing 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  6. It sounds as if this will save you a lot of time and energy every day from not having to commute. You can’t live much closer to your work than on the floor above! I’m sure that it will take some getting used to, though, living on your own in an apartment away from your family. But have your turtles with you will certainly make it easier. This new job has really changed your life!

    Good luck with the move on Sunday.

    1. Indeed!! I am glad I will not take the route home again as the traffic there is hellish.

      I had lived on my own when I was in college…it’s like going back to college now 🙂
      The turtles are a big part of my life now, I’ll ve okay with them around me.

      Thank you, Peter 🙂

  7. You have certainly found the best way around a tough situation. It doesn’t look like you’ll have a lot of room, but if it’s enough to do the thinks you need to, then it’s all good.

    I take it a mess is the same thing as a dormitory.

    1. It’s actually bigger than my old room 🙂 They can walk everywhere now.

      Yes mess is same with dormitory. It’s English because I saw the word in Going Solo, they call the place for the soldier as mess. We have been using the word mess for ages…even by Indonesian who don’t understand English well.

        1. Here mess hall is also for the place where the soldier sleeps. Then it got wider to all kind of work dormitory. People usually called dormitory for college and boarding school.

  8. Love the photos, Novroz. Love seeing other lives. I must be a voyeur, I realise!

    You are SO SWEET moving out partly for your turtles & their sunshine needs. You’re so sweet.

    I hope you enjoy the move. I’m not sure whether you loved being in that house full of people (so might hit a bit of loneliness) or you had too much noise there (so will love the quiet) but either way, I’m sure you’ll find your “happy medium”.

    I wish you the best :). You’ve probably already moved by now…

    1. Thank you Noeleen 🙂

      They are one of the biggest parts of my life, I always think about their well being.

      Everyone has her/his own room and we gather in the living room once in a while …so it’s neither too quiet nor too noisy…it’s just fine 🙂
      But living with so many people can have a problem one day…i just hope nothing really bad happen to my turtles. I can deal with whatever happen to me but not on the turtles.

  9. All for your babies (turtles). I hope they find happiness and it is wonderful not to be stuck in a traffic. More time to blog for you I guess? 😀
    All the best.

    1. So far, I haven’t got the time to properly blog yet…but soon after I can manage my time, I will have more blogging time 😉

      Yeah … it’s amazing how traffic sucks up people’s energy.

      I hope my baby turtles like this place…so far, they are still dealing with the stress of being moved

  10. This is really exciting for all of you, I hope the move went well, now you can all relax, enjoy the sun and your extra free time! 🙂

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  11. Sama mbak. Saya jg udah mulai kuliah, pulang perginya 1 jam klo ga macet.
    Mau ngekos, tp inget kura2 ga jadi deh, soalnya ga mungkin kan anak kos boleh bawa hewan peliharaan, belum lagi biaya hidup kalo ngekos.
    Yah setidaknya lumayanlah dapet tempat tinggal yg ngebolehin. Semangat ya! ^^

    1. Kyknya kl tempat kos gapapa d bawa peliharaan, apalagi cuma kura2 yg ga kesana kemari kyk kucing.

      Sy ga mungkin bisa jauh lama2 dr kura2ku, ini aja lg di rumah dan kura2 di mess rasanya kangeeeen bgt, yg dipikirin mereka mulu pdhl br sehari di rumahnya

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