BBC … You’re Killing Me!

BBC Channels abroad

First of all…I am going to stop writing review of Peaky Blinders per episode because I don’t want to give too much spoiler…I will do a fortnightly review so that I can write a broad review that will minimize spoiler.

So…this Sunday is a perfect time to share how BBC has officially ruined my viewing activity!

As many bloggers kept on reviewing this and that featured movies, I kept spending my free time (which becomes less and less) to watch more TVSeries. And BBC is making things worst!

I currently stop watching Shingeki no Kyojin till the whole episode has been shown because I hardly have time to watch it every week, especially with Peaky Blinders ruling my viewing time. Giving up Shingeki no Kyojin does not help at all!!

Why? Because BBC decides to air fun TVShows at the same time. I am glad Doctor Who and Sherlock aren’t on the telly yet.

Here are the shows that have been keeping me busy for a while.

Peaky Blinders

I don’t need to say more on this as I have shared two reviews (episode 1 and episode 2) already. Great story, great cast, and great music.

Peaky Blinders Logo

Gadget Man Series 2

I have never heard of Gadget Man before but when Richard Ayoade was mentioned as the new host, I immediately searching for the show and…to no surprise, BBC has another great show. (I will watch series 1 with Stephen Fry as the host when I have my holiday)

Basically, Gadget man is about sharing weird gadget that no one has ever heard before. I said weird because most of the gadgets are unusually weird. I love how Richard introduces the gadget and of course I love the guests. It didn’t surprise me that Noel Fielding is one of the guests 😉 (They are inseparable)

Will talk more about this after the series is over.

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Never Mind The Buzzcocks

I guess you all know how I love Never Mind The Buzzcocks (a show that makes me a huge fan of Noel Fielding). The show started last week!! AND first episode is hilarious!!

Just like last year, I will review this TVShow later 🙂

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So…you see, I have less time to watch featured movies now.

However…things might change a bit 😉 wait for my post on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Sorry if I still haven’t visited your blogs as I am getting busier each week.

Dear BBC,

Could you please NOT showing all the good TVShows at the same time!

Thank you.

15 thoughts on “BBC … You’re Killing Me!

    1. I haven’t watched The IT Crowd’s last episode yet 😦 hopely soon.

      Gadget man is really funny…the imagination and creativity of the makers are amazing, tho not all of them. I can’t stop laughing at that urinal thing XD

  1. Ahah, too funny Nov. So the Brits are ruling over your life eh? I honestly don’t know if I could work in the UK ahahaha. I hope Peaky Blinders will be carried by Netflix Streaming at some point, same with Broadchurch which really appeals to me. Btw, someone gave me a guest post of a top 10 list for Broadchurch so hope you’ll stop by for that Nov:D

    Btw, Richard Ayoade is adorable! I was watching some older IT Crowd stuff, love him and Chris O’Dowd.

    1. Oh yeah! Curse them for taking over my viewing life 😉

      Aw…I would love to read that, I’ll be there soon.

      Aha…talking about IT Crowd, the final episode is very funny 🙂 it’s an one hour show. It was aired last week.

  2. I haven’t seen any of these but it happens often that good shows come at the same time. Not much you can do. I’m currently “show-free”. I try to move away from TV series for a while. They spil my viewing. I start to get annoyed when a movie is long now.

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