The Stand Miniseries (1994)


As you’ve already known, I felt VERY disappointed with Under The Dome series because of the changes…not that I am against changes but the changes are just too awful to see. The series has turned a good book to look so simple. Because of that disappointment, I tried to find The Stand. The Stand and Under The Dome are two of King’s thickest books, both are more than 1000 pages. The Stand Miniseries only had 4 episode and each episode was 1,5 hours. Before you continue reading, I want to say that I REALLY LIKE THIS MINISERIES!! This is how King’s book should be made into visual…STAY TRUE TO THE STORY!!

Let’s begin this post with an open letter to the great Mr. Stephen King:

Dear Mr. King,

I love your works…you are my number one author and I want to be a writer like you someday. However, if ANYONE…I mean ANYONE (that includes yourself) wants to turn your book into a movie or miniseries, can you please make sure that that person DOES NOT change the story. Changing the details is okay but not the basic story. I had hard time enjoying The Shining and Under The Dome is a total failure, the two took TOO much liberty to your story. On contrary, I love Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, and The Stand…and we both know very well that those three stay true to your books. In case you have forgotten who you are…let me refresh your memory, YOU ARE A GREAT STORYTELLER and let it be shown in both movies and series.

Hope you’ll have long life and keep writing more books,


Your fan from Indonesia.

Now, let’s talk about The Stand 😉

I read the book in 2010. The story is about a new strand of virus that had symptoms like normal flu. The virus was created by US government and it got loose to the society by accident. Within weeks, the virus spread had wiped out almost everyone in United State and maybe the world, but there is no news about the world because the government was covering it up. Some people weren’t infected by the virus…somehow they were immune. The immune forms two groups, one followed Mother Abagail and her believe toward God while the other followed Flagg who happened to had very dark heart.

To know more about The Stand, you can read my review > Here.

The miniseries, although felt a bit slow, doesn’t stray from the book. It has some missing characters and minor changes but as a whole it’s still the same. The major characters like my crush Nick Andros, Stu, Fran, Tom, etc are still in the story, basically all the characters that matter much toward the story are still playing big part of the series. And I like the fact how they aren’t being rewritten to have new personality (like in Under The Dome). Fran is a bit unlike the book but it’s not a major disappointment for me. The Stand covers many characters and each has their own characteristic and we can see that in the miniseries, almost everyone is written as good as the book.

Nick and Tom
Nick and Tom

I enjoyed every minute watching The Stand Miniseries. I have to admit that I had my worried when I saw the name of Rob Lowe as Nick Andros. Nick Andros is my only book crush (I am not sure how you call it, it’s the only character from a book that I fell in love with). There was once a thread in asking which book character you want to date with…and my answer is Nick Andros (I don’t even give second option…it’s only Nick)

Here’s a quote from an old post called They who Have Captured My attention:

Nick is my latest favorite character. He is deaf and mute but he is the kind of person that people look up to and wouldn’t mind trusting their life on his hand. Nick’s character is so strong and lightens everyone with his charisma. I love reading every word about him…even at the very boring part of the book, if he is in it, I read it happily. I wonder how the movie version of Nick, I hope who ever played as him will portray him really good.

I have never imagined him to be played by Rob Lowe because it’s not how I imagine him to look like, however Lowe surprised me. Lowe is perfect as Nick, he has that innocent and determined look and I can also see how warm he is toward Tom.  Simply said, he plays Nick Andros perfectly. Well done Lowe!

I am now re-reading the book (more like re-reading with a lot of skimming) because I miss Nick. I am only reading chapters where Nick is the central character 🙂

Gary Sinise also played Stu Redman brilliantly. I think he is the best choice to play Stu. The only problem I have is on Molly Ringwald as Fran, I am sure it’s not her fault it’s more to how her character was changed. She was written as strong woman in the book but in the miniseries she was more like a damsel in distress, clinging on to Stu without really doing anything. But overall, I enjoyed most of the characters. Jamey Sheridan was also great as Flagg, he had that annoying smile that worked well for his character.

I also like the cinematography. The emptiness and the death are well shown in the miniseries. There are a lot of dead bodies but they don’t overdo it. The feeling of emptiness because so many people died is so transparent.

I think one of the reasons that make the series is good is the fact that King himself wrote the screenplay, therefore the story can stay true to the book even though some changes had to be done.

There are rumours of it being made into a movie and Ben Affleck is going to direct it…but Ben has left the project to be Batman. I am not sure that a book that thick can be turned into a good 2-3 hour movie.

Miniseries details:

Director: Mick Garris
Producers: Stephen King, Mitchell Galin
Screenwriter: Stephen King
Starring: Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Jamey Sheridan, Rob Lowe, Laura San Giacomo, Rob Lowe, Miguel Ferrer, Ruby Dee, Bill Fagerbakke, Corin Nemec, Adam Storke, Ray Walston, Matt Frewer, Ossie Davis
Rating: 5 stars

Interesting stuff from the miniseries:

Meet Mr. King the actor 😉

King of The Stand

An obvious blooper – the microphone


I always enjoy seeing the master in his adaptation. I have seen him in Thinner and Tales From The Crypts.

The mic is a minor error but very visible…they should have edited that 😉

Anyway….this is for my R.I.P VIII – Peril on The Screen hosted by Stainless Stell Dropping.

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