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Last week, my fellow movie blogger Ruth @ Flixchatter posted a very interesting post…so interesting that I decided to make it into my top-5 post. I was actually preparing another top-5 post but that one can wait. Ruth posted Favorite Fictional Biopic

First, the description of biopic (Wikipedia)

A biographical film, or biopic (abbreviation for biographical motion picture), is a film that dramatizes the life of an actual person or people. Such films show the life of a historical person and the central character’s real name is used.They differ from films “based on a true story” or “historical films” in that they attempt to comprehensively tell a person’s life story or at least the most historically important years of their lives.

The description belongs to real people…however I haven’t seen enough real biopic to come up with five favorite biopic. Fortunately, I have seen many fictional biopic and I have some that I love so much 🙂

Here are my top 5 favorite fictional biopic.

#5 Carrie

Carrie is an interesting character because she is actually NOT a monster. People around her turn her into a monster. The movie is interesting because we get to see the changes in Carrie. Although the movie doesn’t include little Carrie but the book explains how the torment from her mother shapes who she becomes. I hope the new Carrie can portray Carrie from the book like what Sissy Spacek did.


#4 Iguchi Seibei from Twilight Samurai

Seibei is the most humble samurai in cinema I have ever seen. When I watch the movie, I can’t help feeling that Seibei really exist in real life. Seibei’s love for his family is heartwarming. There’s simply nothing to dislike about Seibei.


#5 Billy Eliot

The life of little Billy Eliot is so wonderful. I love seeing how awkward he is toward ballet (at first) and then loving it with all his heart. Billy is an adorable character. I love watching every minute of his life and his love for dancing.


#2 Patrick/Patricia “Kitten” Braden from Breakfast on Pluto

I have seen many transvestite characters in movie but Patricia ‘Kitten’ Braden is the one I love the most. I love the life of Kitten so much and the love for her character and her life has made me a die-hard fan of Cillian Murphy. I love the movie so much, I have seen it more than 10 times since the first time I saw it back in 2010. It’s interesting to see little Patrick turns into beautiful Kitten.


#1 Forest Gump

Forest Gump is the most phenomenal fictional character ever! It’s so enjoyable seeing his life unfold in front of us. He might be slow but he has incredibly warm heart. A movie focusing on one particular character can be bored, but that’s never been the case with Forest Gump. I love both the book and the movie.

Forest Gump

Those five are my favorite biopic because the characters are so interesting and the movies are very well done.

Do you have favorite FICTIONAL biopic too? Do share it in the comment if you do 🙂

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