Cillian Murphy’s Characters in One Sentence

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Click this image to see more post on Monthly Murphy

You know how DVD always have this review on the cover with only one word like brilliant or superb movie…well, that kind of review inspired me to write this month’s Monthly Murphy.

I am going to explain Cillian’s Murphy Characters in one sentence…it’s a bit of a challenge for me and I quite enjoy it.

I have reviewed some of the movies and provided the link by clicking on the title (if you are interested to read about the movie)

So…here we go 🙂

#1 SunburnDavin McDerby: An irresponsible and selfish young man who left Ireland to avoid a pregnant girl.

#2 At Death’s DoorGrim Ripper, Jr: A silent ripper who has conscience.

#3 Filleann and FeallGer: An innocent Irish bloke trying to con someone.

#4 A Man of Few Words Best Man: An ordinary best man with thick Irish accent.

#5 On The Edge Jonathan Breech: A suicidal young man who found friendship and love in a rehabilitation place.

#6 WatchmenPhil: An opportunist.

#7 How Harry Becomes TreeGus: A very shy young man with super annoying father.

#8 Disco Pigs Darren/Pig: A teenager caught in an unhealthy obsessive friendship and a psycho in making.

#9 28 Days LaterJim: An ordinary guy caught in a survival game against zombie and other survivals.

#10 IntermissionJohn: A man willing to do anything to have someone’s love back.

Cillian Murphy's Character 1 - 10

#11 Girl With A Pearl EarringPieter: An ordinary butcher.

#12 Batman TrilogyDr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow: A twisted mind, smart but derailed.

#13 Red EyeJackson Rippner: A manipulative terrorist.

#14 Breakfast on PlutoPatrick “Kitten” Braden: A full of charm and confident transvestite.

#15 The Silent CityA Soldier: An ordinary soldier.

#16 The Wind That Shakes The BarleyDamien O’Donovan: A doctor caught between fight for freedom and family.

#17 SunshineRobert Capa: A physicist with the life of entire human race under his decision.

#18 Watching The Detectives Neil: A movie buff who couldn’t separate real life and movie life till she met a bizarre woman.

#19 The Edge of LoveWilliam Killick: A man who loved someone so much but doubt got into him after the war.

#20 Perrier’s Bounty Michael McCrea: A troubled man with huge debt with the wrong man.

Cillian Murphy's Character 11 - 20

#21 The WaterSon: A quiet son.

#22 PeacockJohn/Emma Skillpa: A complicated character with unusual split personality.

#23 InceptionRobert Fischer: A rich man who felt insecure with his father’s legacy.

#24 Tron: Legacy Edward Dillinger, Jr: An overconfident rich man.

#25 RetreatMartin: A bit of a coward husband whom later found his courage.

#26 In TimeTimekeeper Raymond Leon: A bad-ass sexy policeman.

#27 Red LightsTom Buckley: A physicist in denial.

Cillian Murphy's Character 21 - 27

Still waiting to see him as Richard Neville in Hippie Hippie Shake, Mike in Broken, Ivan in Cry/Fly, Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders.

You SHOULD check this cool edit by Unidentified Flying Cupcakes.

How many of his movies have you seen? Do share your one sentence description with me 🙂

I would love to share this last poster for Peaky Blinders 🙂

Cillian Peaky

A cover of a magazine!! Cillian in long coat…my heart literally stopped beating for a while.

Cillian Notebook

The trailer for Peaky Blinders

Thank you Николай Николаев


    1. Hahaha don’t worry…I don’t hate anyone who haven’t seen his movies. It’s already common that no one knows him. I have meet many people who said “Who?” everytime I said my favorite actor is Cillian Murphy. At least you have seen three of his movies 😉

      Anyway, some of those movies are short films.

  1. WOW Nov, this is brilliant!! I like your description of #10 Intermission, that makes me really want to see it soon. Ahahahaha, the description of him in In Time is perfect. Bad ass cop indeed, but also sexy in black leather 😉

    1. Thank you Ruth 🙂
      You can see that I have seen most of his movies 😉
      Hahaha don’t get fool by Intermission, what Cillian did to get his girl back is not that kind of romantic thing…it was quite silly.
      Sexy beyond words!! Hahaha too bad I still can’t bring my self to rewatch the movie.

    1. I really love your comment, Audrey 🙂 it makes me smile in agreement. When it comes from me, people might think that I am a bit bias…maybe I am bias, but he really is a versatile actor who can play anything.

  2. Nice idea Novia, I’ve been thinking for a while of doing a post of one line reviews of my favourite films, there is something appealing about the brevity of it. Challenging and enjoyable.

    1. Thank you Ronan 🙂
      I am not sure if I can make a one line review for my fav movies, because I’ll be using amazing for all of them 😉

      1. I know, it’s tough but it’s an interesting proposition. I’d be interested to see what bloggers would come up with. I feel a blogothon coming on 😉

    1. Which ones have you seen?
      Sunshine is one of my fav movies. It’s more realistic than…say…armageddon, because people who tried to save the earth are scientist from many countries.

      1. I’ve seen Dark Knight Trilogy, 28 days later and Inception. All Fantastic movies. I’ve actually never seen Armageddon, but I remember that Aerosmith song from the movie soundtrack.

        1. Ah!! Those three make him famous but those three don’t show his real talent in acting 😉
          He is so underrated.

          Armageddon is being rerun like a hundred times here 😉

  3. You did a great job with these! I’m not really that into movies, I just sleep when the humans put one on the TV! 🙂

    Have a fun day

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  4. You know I see him all the time in movies, but when I count back how many movies of his that I’ve actually seen…it’s only really 3 or 4. The latest one that I watched (oh I Finally got round to it) was In Time, and well, one sentence, “Now that’s a cop who is a cop with a bigger story to tell”. I mean I guessed where he’d come from but I didn’t really think he was like the main protagonist, uh Timberlake’s character whose name I’ve forgotten…

    1. 3 or 4? What else have you seen?
      Timekeeper Raymond is an interesting character, I guess that’s why he said yes to the project. Cillian loves playing different characters

      1. I’ve seen him in Batman Trilogy, In Time, Red Eye and Tron: Legacy oh, it’s five actually, because I’ve also seen Inception. I’m really bad at keeping track – unless I make a list, it’s more like an “Oh, I’ve seen him in plenty of movies” kind of feeling lol. I think I may have watched Watchmen and 28 Days Later as well, but I didn’t want to include them in the count because I may not have watched them completely…oops
        Yeah, I’ve noticed he’s played many, many different roles. And I think he’s a great actor. Actually in Red Eye, honestly he was badass

        1. Oh…the Watchmen here is a short movie not that Watchmen that talks about retired superheroes.

          Hahaha try watching Red Eye and then Breakfast on Pluto continuosly…you’ll fell like you’re seeing two different actors 😉

          1. Ah I had a feeling it wasn’t the same!

            Ooohhh that sounds like a good idea! Maybe I will do that! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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