GO AWAY! (FITP & Creative Writing Ink)

Stop it!
Stop it!
Please stop it!
They told me you’re not real. They told me the pills will kill you. But why are you still here?


“Doctor, she is screaming again,” said the nurse.
The Doctor sigh, “Is her dead daughter in the room again?”
“You know Nurse Amy, the pills will never cure her conscience.  After all, she DID murder her daughter.”

Total: 71 words

Word: Go ( max words: 150 words)

This is my third flash for the fifth quarter of Flash In The Pan hosted by Red @ M3 .

Inspired by: Writing Prompts @ Creative Writing Ink Prompt August 8th

© Liz Kasameyer

Because this coming Saturday is August 17 (my monthly schedule for Indonesia Banget) so, I shared my flash today instead of on Saturday 🙂

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