Sherlock Holmes – The Valley of Fear

13578700Sherlock series three is now on recording and you all know how I love that series. Knowing that Sherlock will soon appeared again in BBC, I somehow has the urge to start rereading the books. I read it when I was still in my teen and randomly reread it as I get older but it was always in my native language. I have tried reading the English version once but the language made me a bit sleepy from time to time.

This time…I changed my way of reading 😉

I downloaded free audio book 🙂

I am very busy right now and to maintain my reading hobby, I listen to audiobook and read the book at the same time (only when I have the time to hold a book)

I am beginning to enjoy audiobook more and more…and reading and listening at the same time proved to be the best 😉

I am not sure who is the narrator of the audiobook I was listening few days ago, but I am quite sure it was John Telfer because his name showed up when I searched at goodreads for free audiobook. Whoever he was…he sure is an amazing narrator!

The narrator can easily switch his accent from British to Scottish to Irish…it was a treat for my ear. I like his Scottish accent the most because it was similar to David Tennant (Doctor Who).

The Valley of Fear is quite long, it is consider as a novel. It has two parts, one with Holmes solving the mystery and one with the past of the victim. To be honest, I was feeling a bit bored when the part of the victim’s past story was being told. I kept thinking “Where’s Holmes?”

The Valley of Fear began with Holmes receiving a letter with secret code. He and Watson deciphered it and found of that a man named Douglas was in danger. Inspector MacDonald suddenly showed up and told him about a murder. Holmes thought that the murder of Mr. Douglas was connected to Moriarty.

Holmes solved the mystery easily (of course)…I am not going to say how 😉

The first part of the book ended with a confession and so began the next part where we slowly learned why the misfortune fell upon Mr. Douglas. This part is the boring one…maybe if I wasn’t expecting to hear more about Holmes, it wouldn’t be that boring. Fortunately I was listening to an audiobook and I could finish this part…otherwise, I am not that sure. I might have skipped all the story and read the last part where Holmes finally showed up again 😉

…overall, it was still enjoyable. I am now listening and reading the collection that started with A Scandal in Bohemia.

Reading this book all over again made me realized that this is the book that became the inspiration for The Blind Banker (Sherlock – BBC).

Audio book detail:

Title: The Valley of Fear
Author : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Narrator: John Telfer (I think)
Time: ± 3,5 hours Pages: 120 pages
Rating: 3 books

10 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes – The Valley of Fear

  1. Hello there!
    So you also love Sherlock Holmes. I started to read it in my 6th grade (elementary school) since my oldest brother love detective story and introduced me Detective Conan manga as my first reference to read. I read it in Bahasa and never try to read in English (the copy I read had so many words that I couldn’t understand – Inggris kuno).
    I just finished watched the series for season 1 & 2 (the latest is when Sherlock was dead but he’s not, right?). I don’t know the actor play as Sherlock but his acting is totally awesome and the closest character as Sherlock (better than the movie played by someone with junior in the end of his name).
    I fall in love with the way he show the eccentric of Sherlock and the way he speaks (I love British accent) XD
    Too bad that every season only has 3 episode T.T
    Could you tell me how to get the audio book?

    1. Yup..tough English! I understand all the words it’s the structure that makes it a bit difficult.
      You can find the audiobook in … total 800mb.

      Ah! That’s Benedict Cumberbatch … one of my fav actors (one I will see no matter how crappy the movie is) You should check my latest post 😉 I talked about Series 3 (British called it Series not Season and they do not have long episodes no matter how famous the show is).

      Robert Downey’s version of Sherlock is NOT Sherlock from the book, I didn’t like it even though I like Downey.

      1. will go to ur post then.

        Aaa~~ British is so aarrghhh, why can it be longer than 3 episodes? T.T

        So he’s robert downey’s the one who played as Iron Man? So not Sherlock! But Benedict looks so much like Sherlock (how can he speak so fast!!?? I wonder how many trial he will take for the part when he starts his deduction less than one minute :p )

        1. The series with longest episode is Doctor Who, 11 to 12 episodes. The comedy show which only last 30 minutes are mostly 6 episodes. Sherlock is 1,5 hour show…3 is already quite many.

          Hahaha…Benny said that the script was great but it was hellish to practice.

  2. I can still not listen to audiobooks. I get distracted too easily.
    I’ve read this but can’t remember it. I’ve read all the Sherlock Holmes books and stories in one go a few years back.

    1. Listening to audio book on the bus is perfect…less distraction, I can’t do it whem people I know are around.
      I barely remember all the detail on Sherlock too, except for his characterization….that’s why I am planning to reread them all

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