용의자X – Yonguija X (Perfect Number)

Perfect Number

To him, the only unsolvable equation was love.

Unconditional love is when you do something for the one you love without expecting anything in return, even though the love is an unrequited love.

Yonguija X is one of those movies where love makes you do the most unthinkable thing.

There’s a new channel on TV, it’s called NET…I really like this new channel because they dare to be different. What I like the most is their Korean movies every Saturday and Sunday (although I hope they will soon change that into Asian movies, meaning NOT only Korean). I didn’t watch all the movies because sometimes the ads didn’t intrigue me. I have watched two movies there, one is an okay movie and one is a great movie…the great one is called 용의자X (Yonguija X or Perfect Number in English)

I don’t know why the English title is Perfect number because the Korean means Suspect X.

I didn’t watch it from the beginning, I missed the first 10 minutes…but it was still intriguing. Baek Hwa-sun lived with her niece. Hwa-sun had recently divorced from her abusive husband. One night, her husband found her apartment, he came barging in and attack both women. They tried to protect themselves by killing the ex-husband. Their neighbor, Kim Seok-go heard the noise and knocked on their door. Knowing that the murder would ruin Hwa-sun and her niece’s life, Seok-go helped them to cover the murder.

Kim Seok-go was math genius. He could calculate everything. However, his social skill didn’t match his intellectual. He was an introvert, he didn’t have many friends and hardly ever fall in love…until he met Hwa-sun. He used his mathematical skill to create the perfect alibi for Hwa-sun. Because of his plan, Hwa-sun was free from the murder charge. The detective in charge, Jo Min-beom believed that Hwa-sun was the killer but he couldn’t prove it. Min-beom was the un-calculated factor in Seok-go’s calculation, he was his high school’s friend.

Unfortunately, after all Seok-go had done for her, she ended up dating with another man.

I can’t say more than that because spoiler could ruin this movie.

The movie glued me the moment I saw it. Like I said, I was 10 minute late, but it grabbed my attention straight away. I like the atmosphere, it gave that mysterious feeling and made me very curious toward many things. I was very curious how Seok-go could create such perfect alibi and why he did it. When a new man showed up, I was once again curious of how Seok-go would react toward that man.

I like Seok-go’s character a lot…I think Ryoo Seung-bum played brilliantly as Seok-go. He looked so awkward and unable to show that he was in love with Hwa-sun. His presence was so strong in the movie but so invisible in the story. I think everyone in this movie played really well.

and just like most Asian movie, Yonguija X had a great ending. An ending that was so beautiful and sad at the same time. The ending made my eyes a bit teary. When the movie ends I was hoping to see a glimpse of what happened to them few years later…but of course things like that rarely happened, we are left with our own conclusion.

However…Throughout the movie I kept thinking that the pace of the movie was a bit like Japanese movie. The slow and intriguing pace, the atmosphere of the mystery…it all felt like Japanese movie rather than Korean movie. When I was about to write this review…I learned that Yonguija X was a remake of a 2008 Japanese movie called Suspect X. My first thought was “NO wonder it felt so Japanese!” …and It was based on a novel by Keigo Higashino!! What a surprise…that explain the ending. I have read one of his novels and really like it, he has a great way to end a story. Naoko was the book I have read and the ending was what made me like the book. (Naoko is about a mother who takes over her daughter’s body).

I am now really curious to see Suspect X – Japanese version and read the book as I have like Higashino’s book before.

Movie Details

Title: 용의자X (Yonguija X) – Perfect Number
Director: Bang Eun-jin
Writers (screenplay): Lee Gong-joo, Lee Jung-hwa, Kim Tae-yoon
Based on: The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino
Starring: Ryoo Seung-bum, Lee Yo-won, Jo Jin-woong
Release date: October 7, 2012
Other review: Prasanna’s Ramblings
Rating: 4 stars

용의자X is is part of my Cinema World Series hosted by Caroline @ Beauty is a Sleeping Cat



  1. The poor guy, he goes to all that trouble to help her beat a murder wrap and then she dates someone else. I’m curious as to what happens next.

  2. This is another one of those films that I’ve missed catching somehow, but I hear a Region 1 release is coming out soon so maybe I’ll get a chance to see it after all. Thanks for giving us such a nice review, Novia. 😉

      1. You know me… 😉
        I will like a “love story”… but the suspenseful parts will be my favorite.
        Oooohh… and I did also find a copy of the Malay release of “Shokuzai” with English subtitles, so soon I will have that to watch too. Yay!!

        1. It’s not THAT suspenseful 😉
          Horaaaaay \(^_^)/ curious to know what you think of it. At this moment, I can still say that’s in my top 5 series of this year.

  3. That’s so cool that there’s a channel dedicated to Korean movies!!!

    I read the novel this movie is based on around this time last year. It was a pretty good story. This film was recently released in Japan as well, I think. I like the sound of this version and the trailer looks good – high production values etc.

    1. Things Korean are very famous in Indonesia now, from music to drama to movies. I am not into their music and drama (J-dorama is more enjoyable), I only watch the movies.

      I wonder how similar the book and the movie is. I already have Suspect X Japanese version, when I have free time I will watch it and see which one is better 😉

  4. Hi, Nov.
    Suspect X versi Jepang yang film dorama Galileo-kah (Yogisha X no Kenshin)? Yang maen Fukuyama Masaharu dan Shinichi Tatsumi?
    Btw, NET itu saluran TV berbayar atau ga, Nov?

    1. Kalo dr yg gw baca sih, itu film kayak specialnya Galileo. Iya pas gw tau yg maen Fukuyama, jd tambah semangat pgn nntn hehehe.

      Ga berbayar kok….gw mah ogah buang2 duit buat TV berbayar kecuali kalo ada channel BBC One.

  5. Ohisashiburi, Nov!
    I sometimes watch Net and there’s also a good movie (forgot the title) about women’s life in prison. It’s about life and I recommended that movie to you. For this movie, what will you recommend, the Korea one or the Japanese one?
    I love to read your movie’s recommendation (but sorry for not leaving any comment cos I read it on my way home).

    1. Ohisashiburi Winni 🙂
      I only watch NET’s movies when I have the time and feel like watching it.
      I haven’t seen the Japanese version yet, I already have it but the mood to watch it hasn’t come yet 😉

      Thank you for reading my reviews 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply! I guess you’re on your vacation, ne? 🙂 Have a nice holiday then! My promise to leave a comment for the 1st anniversary of LarcJkt will be today (I couldn’t do it before cos many things happened. 😦 )
        C u in ur next review (and if I’m in the mood to leave any comment 😛 ) 🙂

  6. This looks fantastic, Novia and I almost missed your review. So sorry.
    Thanks for adding this to my Cinema Series. I really like Korean movies and this looks like one of the better ones. I hope I can find it.

    1. I might not see Korean drama like I watch Japanese drama…but I sure love their movies. They have their style.
      Hope you can find it, it’s quite new.

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