Cillian Murphy’s Directing Debut : Hold Me Forever

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Click this image to see more post on Monthly Murphy

Yeaaaa…… \(^_^)/

My dear Cillian Murphy directed a music video by MONEY, the song’s title is Hold Me Forever. He focused the video on the elegance and commitment of ballet dancers.

I think the video is very artistic and fits the music. I would love to see behind the scene of the video, seeing Cillian behind the camera would be a lovely view.

Here’s the video:

May I say that I am very proud of him 🙂

Apart from that music video, Cillian also lent his voice to a short film called Harriet and The Matches.

Copied from the official page:

“It almost makes me cry to tell what foolish Harriet befell….”

Adapted from a traditional German fairy tale ‘Harriet and the Matches’ is a dark cautionary tale about a lonely little girl.

Featuring the vocal talents of Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight, Inception) and Bernice Stegers (Tipping the Velvet) as well as starring Helena Barlow (Great Expectations, Harry Potter) ‘Harriet and the Matches’ mixes live action with puppetry and stop motion to create a visually stunning and atmospheric short film.


Unfortunately, the short hasn’t been uploaded to youtube yet 😦 I really want to see it but I have to be patience…for now.

Cillian is very busy this year!!


    1. Glad you said that 🙂
      I also think so but I am a bit bias when it comes to Cillian.

      I didn’t notice that lyric before. I quite like the music but I have only heard it once and didn’t pay attention to the lyric.

    1. He is!! 🙂
      He said he would love to do one or two more music video….and to no surprise, like the way he choose his movies, he only want to do music video if he likes the music.

    1. The way I see it…he only does things he loves. This video, he did it becuase he likes the music and he has vision of ballet when he heard it.

  1. I think it’s really great that he takes the opportunity to do more than just stand in front of a camera. He’s a really creative person. But I don’t get this video at all, no clue what it has to do with the song. It’s pretty though.

    1. I read in an interview (too bad I can’t find it again) that when he was given the song, images of people doing ballet plashed in his mind. He thought the music perfect with the struggle of people doing ballet as their professional career. When Cillian mentioned it to the band, they agreed immediately.

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