Under The Dome – Thought on The First 3 Episodes

Chester’s Mill is a place like any other, at least it used to be until we were cut off with the rest of the world by a mysterious dome. Invisible, indestructible and completely inescapable. We don’t know where it came from and why it’s here. Now that we all trapped under the dome, none of our secrets are safe.

Under The DomeAs I have already mentioned it several times, one of my most anticipated viewings (I no longer say anticipated movies because I am anticipating some tvseries) is Under The Dome. The reason is VERY simple…because I LOVE THE BOOK!

Many King’s fans didn’t like it as much as I do but for me, this is easily one of my favorites. I like the way he creates all the characters and the way they behave toward the isolation. Although the ending was a bit weak but the whole journey was amazing.  There were a lot of emotions involved in it. The book was over 1000 pages and I read it gluttonously as if it was only few hundred pages.

I am not going to talk about the book now…it’s all about the miniseries…the ongoing miniseries.

I have read (and also dreaded) that there will be some changes to the story and characters which is to be expected in every adaptation. The question is how big of change will it be.

I was planning to reread the book before the series started but holiday is a bad time to read, I normally read while I am on the road (read: on public transportation, on queue, etc). I spent most of my holiday at home and that made me lazy to pick up any book, I prefer to spend my time playing with my turtles or my nephew or watching DVDs…things that I can’t do while I am on the road. So, till this day I haven’t reread Under The Dome. Even so…I still remember the story and the characters.

The rumour about the series being changed was so true!


Episode 1

This episode began with Barbie burying someone and then on his way out of Chester’s Mill, something happened. An invisible wall suddenly appeared and cut off everything on its path. A cow was cut into two. This first episode is mainly about people’s first reaction toward the invisible wall.

Unfortunately…when the dome fell, the shock is not as grand as the book. The best visual effect of it is when the dome cut a cow into half (click here if you want to see the image as it is very gruesome). I remember that the book gave more terror when the dome fell.

Episode 2

In this episode, hidden motive, dirty secret and breakdown started to show up little by little. The people in Chester’s Mill also learned that the invisible wall was actually an invisible dome.

Episode 3

I am not sure how to summarize this episode, basically this episode showed nothing new, just the characters’ development


….so….From the first three episodes, here’s my thought!

I am neither impressed nor annoyed by it even though The changes were ENORMOUS. I have forgotten all the details from the book but the changes were so clearly visible that I don’t need to check it to know the different. The problem is, the changes were not only from the story line, they were also in the characters…the characters that made the book great.

From the first episode, they already showed Barbie differently. The rest of the people in that town hadn’t shown much character’s change yet, but through episode 2 and 3 the changes were easily noticeable. The plot was also changed to a direction I couldn’t quite predict. It was like seeing another story with the same outline…people that was trapped in a dome.

However, I am not going to abandon the series! I will watch it till it’s over. I am curious about the ending because rumour said that it was changed. I wonder will it be better or worse than the book, like in The Mist, I really like the ending in the movie…more ironic than the book.

What keeps me watching the series is curiosity of how far the difference will be and the fact that Stephen King is one of the producers, so I still have hope that he won’t let the change drift too far away like in The Shining movie.

Starting today…I will reread the book to make sure that I have a good memory and also to see how far they changed the story and the characters. I will write another review once the series is over.

Now…for those who have CBS, Under the Dome is on Monday. Go watch it 🙂


Miniseries Details:

Based on Under the Dome by Stephen King
Developed: Brian K. Vaughan
Starring: Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Natalie Martinez, Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch, Nicholas Strong, Colin Ford, Jolene Purdy, Aisha Hinds, Jeff Fahey, Dean Norris
Executive producers: Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, etc
Producer: Randy Sutter


  1. I admire your dedication to reread it to see how significant the changes are. Will have to add the book to my King list.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I can reread it because I really like the book…I have read 50pages and wow the differences are already more than 50. I am going to make special post when the series has finished…it’ll chart all the differences.

        1. It is 🙂
          I have done it once with The Lord of The Rings.
          …but, if the characters in the miniseries keep on changing I might turn reluctant to continue because the characters are the ones that make book awesome.

  2. I was just replying to your comment in my post that I hope you do a post on this, and voila! 😀

    Hmmm, that’s odd that there are so many changes from the book considering Stephen King is one of the producers. Maybe he thinks it’d work better for the screen adaptation? What do you think of Mike Vogel, one of the lead actors? Sounds like you’re not too impressed with him as you didn’t even mention him here.

    1. I was actually thinking of doing the review after the series is over but the changes are a lot and it makes me want to write it after 3 episodes. I wonder why King lets so many changes happen, he dislike The Shining (movie) because of the changes (I also don’t the shining) but he let UTD run loose like this.
      I am still hoping that I’ll be surprised by it, that the changes actually work better.

      Mike Vogel plays barbie and yes I am not yet impressed because that’s the Barbie I know, this Barbie kills someone in the beginning while Barbie in the book is kindhearted. But the truth is, it’s not just him….it’s everyone in the town, none of them impressed me…yet.

    1. It’s supposed to be only 1 season. It’s a miniseries.
      I try watching it open-mindedly because the book is so darn good and the series barely scratch the surface.

    1. I wonder the same!!
      Maybe he is more open-minded as he grows older….but seriously, the characters in the book are way better than the series.

  3. So far I’ve watched the first two episodes. A couple of problematic issues I have is that the characters and acting are not up to the level that will keep me hooked. One of the few characters/actors that I liked already died in the first episode haha. There’s not much else to watch on TV during the summer, so I think it’s worth checking out the pilot episode at least for those that are curious.

    1. Totally agree to your first paragraph!!! The characters and the acting are all so so. The characters are way better in the book.
      I will keep watching this not because there’s nothing else to watch ( I still have few Japanese series to watch) but because I want to see how different it will be. The book is amazing, I wonder will the series be amazing too or sucks.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I might check out the book one of these days. The hook of the show is mystery of the dome, but for the series to go on, it needs stronger characters. I think it’s smart that the network did not debut the show in the fall and is running this serialized drama for the 13 weeks straight.

        1. What makes the book as one of my favorite King’s books is the characters! Even though I was questioning what makes the dome but I couldn’t put the book down simply because the characters kept me to go on reading. Now that I am rereading it, I am once again attach to the characters. So many different personalities and all are pictured perfectly.

          The series, on the other hand, has weak characters. I have read 1/5th of the book and the difference is already like a mountain.

          The Fall? why? is it because of so many new series? I have lost contact with US series lately.

          1. When setting up a series I think the first several episodes should develop the characters to give the audience a reason to care about them. Stephen King is credited as a producer on the show, I wonder what he thinks of the TV adaptation and how much creative control he has.

            It’s too bad if the show loses what made the characters special in the books. As a non book reader, I do see potential in Barbie and James Rennie, but that’s about it so far.

            Although there are notable exceptions, many serialized dramas on US networks aren’t very successful. Looking at the Emmy 2013 nominations, most of the best drama series are on cable/specialty channels.

            I think the Fall has too many new and returning series. Plus people get into their routine and end up watching procedurals like CSI where everything is solved within the episode and if they miss an episode or two they can jump right back in.

            In general, It’s challenging for some viewers to keep up with a long, evolving story and stay invested in the characters & mysteries week after week (that is if the show can maintain it’s quality and is worth watching) 🙂

          2. Barbie and Renny are no friend in the book. I was quite surprise to see them talking nicely in the series. It really is like two different stories.

            To be really honest, if it’s not an adaptation of my number one author, I would have stopped watching it after 2nd episode..like you’ve said the characters don’t make me care about them.

            Ah…thank you for sharing bits of your thought on US TV 🙂
            I used to like US series, the X Files has stayed as my most fav series for years. But now, British series has stolen all my attention.

  4. You make the book sound so good. If only it wasn’t that long. I’ve seen the miniseries IT but have no clue how true to the book it is. My Stephen King pile is growing higher and still I haven’t read any of his books with the exception of Carrie.
    I will certainly watch this.

    1. The book is very good!! One of my fav by King 🙂 I am now rereading it in between other books, I enjoy it more than the series even though I have read it before.
      Hope you’ll give him another try soon…find his not so thick books 😉

  5. koq saya streaming ga bisa ya.. katanya daerah anda tidak terjangkau gitu..hehe ada rekomendasi nontonya dimana ? saya ga langganan tv kabel soalnya

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