A Flash and Ramadan Mubarak


“Should we travel to…say…our homeland just for this month?” asks the husband.

“Why?” the wife replies.

“Well, Ramadan will come soon and are you sure you want to do fasting for eighteen hours?”

“Ah…you’re right! We’ve never fast that long. We have to do an extra six hours compared to when we did it in Jakarta.”


His wife says nothing. She is thinking what to do best. Her husband often lets his wife becomes the decision maker.

“I think we should stay,” she finally comes up with a decision.

“Are you sure?”

 “I am sure! We’ll struggle at first but we’ll be much stronger everyday just like all the Muslims in this country. You brought us here to have a better life so don’t run away when it comes to our faith.” She smiles and her smile reassures her husband.

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This is my second flash for the fifth quarter of Flash In The Pan hosted by Red @ M3 .

My first Flash was in Underneath The Shell as Part of The adventure of Little Papoe ( a children series I made with my cutest turtle Papoe as the main character)


This time, my flash is a bit special because it’s a way to say Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims around the world…let’s embrace this Holy Month and be pure again.

I saw in the news that people in UK will have to do fasting for around 18 hours while in Russia will be around 20 hours. Whole my life, I have been fasting for only around 12 hours, I am not sure I can do it like the Muslims in both UK and Russia (that’s where the idea for the flash came from)…but I know faith will make anyone stronger 🙂

To all my friends and all that ever stopped by my blog…please accept my apology to all the wrong words I have said toward you.

Courtesy of Ramadan 2013
Courtesy of Ramadan 2013


  1. I am pleased that this woman is also
    the decision maker, as equallity is very
    important I think 🙂

    I know that you will do
    your fasting well Miss. Novia 🙂

    Andro xxxx

      1. Yes I have some friends that will be fasting, and it is even harder in this hot weather 😦 They always manage it though 🙂 I doubt if I could last longer than eight hours before wanting some food, but I admire them for keeping the faith 🙂

        Have a lovely Wednesday Miss. Novia 🙂

        Andro xxxx

          1. Yes I think that salt tablets taken in moderation could help, as dehydration is common when fasting in hotter weather 🙂 I could be wrong on that though…

            Have a lovely Thursday my sweet friend 🙂

            Andro xxxx

  2. I didn’t know what Ramadan was until I read this post – learn something new every day, as they say! 😀 Interesting that different countries have different fasting periods!

    1. It’s fasting month based lunar calender. It’s different each country because it depends on the sun. We fast from sunrise to sunset. I live in the equator hence the sun stays the same, but those above and below the equator has different daylight period, sometimes shorter sometimes longer.

      Where do you live, Theresa?

        1. Really? What a coincidence 😉
          Let me just say, I love your country…Japan and UK are the two countries I really wish I can visit one day.

          1. The UK does have some really nice spots 😀 Where I live, in the Midlands (middle of the UK) it’s not so great, but there are some wonderful countryside and coastal areas. London has some nice sights to see but is incredibly busy! I was there yesterday, in fact going to add a post about it soon. 🙂 Which country are you from?

          2. It’s not just the sight…what I like about UK is almost everything, the accents, the music, the movies, tvshows, etc.
            I am from a far away country called Indonesia 🙂

  3. It’s just a few more hours of starvation. Like she says, it’ll make them stronger. Not that I’m doing it. I like my moments of starvation to be involuntary.

  4. I made it for 20 hours even in Malaysia. Now that I am in the UK, I follow the sun. 🙂 When the mind sets about doing something, no body is going to stop it from happening. 🙂 Ramadan Karim to you Novroz.

    1. 20 hours in Malaysia? We have the same timezone…how come you did it for 20 hours?

      Indeed 🙂 Even though at this moment I can’t imagine fasting for that long…but ifvI face auch situation I know I’ll be strong, simply because of faith 🙂

      Ramadan Karim to you too 🙂

      1. Yes Faith and the niat makes everything possible. 20 hours because I value sleep above getting up at Fajar. :p but that would change….

        Ramadan Karim.

    1. I started at 1 st grade, about 7 years old. Most children here start at that age. At first we do it half day and then slowly do it full day.

      But I think it’s more to faith than getting used to it. I remember few years ago, a celebrity converted from Christian to Islam and she said that she cried in happiness because she could do fasting whole day long even though she did it before. She was a bit worried that she might give up before the time, but her faith kept her going. I completely agree with her, even though I couldn’t imagine fasting for 20 hours like in Russia, but if I have to I know I can do it because of my faith.

  5. I do not think you have intentionally ever said anything wrong.

    I think there are a lot of husbands who let their wives make these decisions. 😉

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