A Flash and Ramadan Mubarak


“Should we travel to…say…our homeland just for this month?” asks the husband.

“Why?” the wife replies.

“Well, Ramadan will come soon and are you sure you want to do fasting for eighteen hours?”

“Ah…you’re right! We’ve never fast that long. We have to do an extra six hours compared to when we did it in Jakarta.”


His wife says nothing. She is thinking what to do best. Her husband often lets his wife becomes the decision maker.

“I think we should stay,” she finally comes up with a decision.

“Are you sure?”

 “I am sure! We’ll struggle at first but we’ll be much stronger everyday just like all the Muslims in this country. You brought us here to have a better life so don’t run away when it comes to our faith.” She smiles and her smile reassures her husband.

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This is my second flash for the fifth quarter of Flash In The Pan hosted by Red @ M3 .

My first Flash was in Underneath The Shell as Part of The adventure of Little Papoe ( a children series I made with my cutest turtle Papoe as the main character)


This time, my flash is a bit special because it’s a way to say Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims around the world…let’s embrace this Holy Month and be pure again.

I saw in the news that people in UK will have to do fasting for around 18 hours while in Russia will be around 20 hours. Whole my life, I have been fasting for only around 12 hours, I am not sure I can do it like the Muslims in both UK and Russia (that’s where the idea for the flash came from)…but I know faith will make anyone stronger 🙂

To all my friends and all that ever stopped by my blog…please accept my apology to all the wrong words I have said toward you.

Courtesy of Ramadan 2013
Courtesy of Ramadan 2013

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