Top 5 Favorite Male Voice/Singer

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Back in August 2011, I have written my top 5 female singer, I know I should have followed it with my top 5 male voice but I don’t know why I never written it. When one of my favorite male voices came recently, the idea to write this struck me again. I have heard 3 singers Live and loved it, hoping to hear another one soon, unfortunately I will hear the last one on my list.

I know that my list is not going to be the same with other people because when you talk about best voices, ordinary people and critics have different opinion. Critics will lay down all the techniques in singing and other stuff I don’t understand…For me, beautiful voices are the voices that give you chill when you listen to them sing, especially live ( I know some singers who sound great in CD and failed epicly in live, those kind of singers will never be one of my favorites).

As I have said so many times in my top-5 post, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…it goes the same to this list. These are men who had captured all my heart with their wonderful voices, and I know they might not capture yours.

I like voice that sounds different to other singers or in other word it has the signature belongs to only singer. The kind of voice that can immediately make me know that that man is the singer.

So…here are my most favorite male singers (no pop singer here, all belong to rock bands)

#5 Ed Roland of Collective Soul

Ed RolandI have always loved Ed Roland’s voice even though I wasn’t a big fan of Collective Soul (that is until June 22, 2013. Now I am a huge fan of Collective Soul). Ed has a very strong signature voice. I didn’t follow all the albums, but whenever I came across CS’s new song in the radio, I instantly knew “ah Collective Soul!” In my ears, Ed has a tender voice but very powerful when he wants it to be. He sounds the best when he sings ballads but there’s a good rock edge when he sings rock tune.

His voice is what makes me so eager to come to Java Rockin’Land. I want to hear his voice LIVE and I am so very happy that he sounds the same as his recording. It only confirms me that I am not wrong for loving his voice.

#4 Matthew Bellamy of Muse

MattI love Matt’s falsetto voice a lot. His high voice as well as his low voice is a treat to my ears. He has such a melodic voice even though he is singing high pitch rock song. The song that made me realize that Matt has beautiful voice was when I heard Unintended (although I became Muse fan after Black Holes and Revelation). His voice is very sweet in this song, falsetto and a bit of vibration mix as one.

Hearing him live only made me love his voice even more. His voice didn’t falter even after more than 1,5 hour show, he hardly gasp even though he never stop moving around and using a lot of his energy.

#3 Thom Yorke of Radiohead

YorkeThom Yorke is a genius!! Both as a song writer and as a singer. He has such a special voice that goes straight to my heart. The first time I heard Creep Live, I was mesmerized. I can feel sadness through his voice. When I listen to more of his songs, many emotions are transmitted from the way he sings. His voice is hypnotizing. I don’t think there is another singer like him.

How I love to hear him live. I am still praying for them to come to Jakarta.

#2 Freddie Mercury of Queen


Freddie was my number singer before I found my current number one. He has a very melodic voice that can easily go up and down in less than a second. He sings beautifully without even trying. All Queen’s songs are full of harmony and he is the only one who can sing them perfectly because his voice is the perfect explanation for the word harmony. All the musicians who had covered his songs couldn’t even match the harmony he brings out when he sing them. The first time I heard him was in Bohemian Rhapsody and he straight away stole my heart.

There’s a comment in youtube saying, “Why do you take him, God? You are so selfish, You want him for Yourself!”. I smiled at that comment because in way, it’s true…only God can hear him sing now.

#1 Hyde of L’Arc~en~Ciel


Yes…my number one is easily predicted! Hyde might not be as famous as the previous four in my list but he has a voice that can turn my attention toward him the moment I hear him sing. His wonderful voice is the first reason I fell in love with L’Arc~en~Ciel. Just like Yorke, he transfer emotions through his voice but unlike Yorke, Hyde has a more cheerful tone. Finale is the first song that makes me realize that he is a great singer. After listening to ALL Laruku’s songs, my love for his voice is exceeding my love toward other singers. He might not be the best singer in the world, compared to Mercury he is still way behind Mercury’s technique…but his voice soothed me, his voice keeps me happy.

Unfortunately, his involvement in Vamps ruins his beautiful voice. I really wish he stops singing those shouting songs. His solo in 666 (the name of the album) is the first record that totally ruined his voice.  I am glad that Tetsu insisted that Hyde gets back to his “Laruku’s voice” after having his solo and vamps project.

Fortunately, when I hear him live…he still has his beautiful voice.

Honorable mention (this mention goes to singers that has signature voice, voice that I will always recognize and for that I really their voices)

  • Axl Rose of Guns N Roses
  • BJ Armstrong of Green Day
  • Brandon Flowers of The Killers
  • David Cook
  • Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam
  • Eric Martin of Mr. Big
  • Gackt
  • Paul McCartney and John Lennon of The Beatles
  • Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin
  • Ryuichi kawamura of Luna Sea
  • Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian (I know that the lead singer of Kasabian is Tom Meighan but the voice that attracts me belongs to Serge. I sort of wish he is the lead singer, but I still love Kasabian with Tom)

Honorable mention

That’s my list…even if it makes you raise your eyebrow, but I stay firm on my list because that’s the way I feel toward those male singers in my list.

I love to know your list, do share it with me and remember don’t mock other people’s list because different people have different opinion.

50 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Male Voice/Singer

  1. That’s an awesome list. Haven’t heard of the guy at number 5 but I know the others and I love at least one of their songs. Hyde is awesome. I really love his song Season’s Call. I sing that but can’t reach the high notes 😉

    I love Thom Yorke’s acoustic for Creep :

    1. Thank you Jason 🙂
      The guy in number 5 is a bit underrated, even in US…so no surprise you never heard of him.
      Season’s Call was pretty high, but what I like the most about him is his melodic voice, like the video I put here…I love the way play with his voice.

      I have heard of that version…Thom Yorke is amazing, isn’t he! 😉

  2. Five only? How bout Ten? Hehehehee.. :p
    Gw dr yg ptama ja x yaaaa..tuk yg atu ni,kye gw dh sering bgt tuh mention dTwit btapa gw cinta bgt ma voc-ny..
    1. Teru of Glay
    not perfect but i just love his voice,for me he has a beautiful voice..adeeemm bgt rasany tiap dgr suara die,bs bqn mood gw mbaik.

    2. Jung Dongha of Boohwal
    Mungkin dSini jrg yg ngenal nih org,or mlh gada yg knal die. Dl,scr ga sngaja gw liat ben ini dArirang en gw lantas jatuh cinta ja ma nih ben trutama ma voc-ny..ditambah pas die ikutan acr Immortal Song,dgr die nyanyi Goose Dream bqn gw merinding.. 🙂

    3. Freedy Mercury of Queen
    Dr kecil gw dh ngepens ma nih Freedy..oh ga sampe ngepens bgt sie,tp lagu2 mrk akan trus gw knalin en tao mpir smua lagu mrk. Krn kKhasan voc Freedy-ny jg,gw lgs sreg ma smua lagu2 Queen,scr jmn gw SD srg bgt dgr lgu2 dr ben2 mcm Queen-Rolling Stones-DuranDuran sm 2kk gw yg suka ngeben dRmh.

    4. Ville Valo of HIM
    Bwt gw,Ville itu punya voc yg seksi..huaaaaaa..bqn nosebleed d dgr suarany die..ahahahahahaaa..

    5. Toshi of X Japan
    Emosional gw dh bcampur aduk d klo dgr Toshi nyanyi..en elo tao juga lah apa salah satu alasanny..hahahahaaa..walo ttp sie,mrk jd ben ptama fave gw,tp y klo dBandingin ma voc2 diatas yg gw sebutin atu2,koq tyt Toshi jd msuk list no 5 yaaaa.. :p

    Sisany msh da bbrp vocal yg gw suka,mcm Andy-Riff, Lee Hongki-FTI,LOWKEY (walo die pnyanyi hiphop RnB,gw suka voc-ny), G Dragon en TOP of Bigbang (well,gw suka dua2ny sbg hiphop singer en ntah knp klo mrk dh duet bwt gw dh klop bgt!), Gackt, Taka of La Cryma Christie, voc-ny Turisas (tb2 lupa namany sapa)..

    1. Whuaaa…gw pikir Toshi yang pertama 😉 Walaupun suka baca twit lo soal Teru ttp aja ga nyangka karena gw PD bgt bakal Toshi.

      Yaaiiii….ada Freddie juga 🙂 Suaranya indah bgt, timeless.

      Ah…Andy /rif, gw dulu juga suka tapi sayangnya dia sama sekali ga merawat suaranya…sekarang kalo denger dia nyanyi kupin malah sakit kareena yg ada cuma serek doang, ciri khasnya dah ilang. Waktu gw liat dia live thn 2009 gw kecewa bgt…kok jadi begini pikir gw. Kemaren baru liat Edane, tuh contoh vokalis yg masih merawat suara…masih ttp bagus.

      1. Iy sie,Andy mqn kemari maqin sereknya doang yg kdenger jg..sayang jg sie.
        Hahahahaaa..iy gw beneran suka bgt sama voc Teru,gatao knp,da kekhasan dr voc die yg bqn gw betah bgt dgr voc-ny en brasa adem bgt..walo Toshi jg ntah knapa die ga jd fave no 1 gw.. :p

        Oy jg suka voc-ny si musical actor-Im Taekyung dr Korea,Kyo of Diru and voc Despairs Ray..tb2 lupa jg,krn cintany sama Tsukasa si drummer..:p

        Mao nambahin Taka of One Ok Rock jg sie..walo gw tmasuk msh baru suka nih ben..skitar 2than gw suka mgkn pngaruh english-ny die yaaa..sle gw jg suka voc-ny Ellegarden yg sama2 gape english-ny.. 😀

        Gyaaaaa..VITAS..ktinggalan bgt yg atu ini,gile aja gw mpe klupaan. Voc die mantabh abis,walo ga msuk list 5besar gw gw jg bngung sie sbenerny sapa ja yg mao gw msukin k5 besar..walo yaqin Teru ttp no 1 en Toshi pst msuk 5besar sie.. :p
        Gini d,klo kbanyakan dgrn bbagai mcm jenis musik..bngung bgt sbenerny klo dBqn list gini..wkwkwkwkwkkk..

        1. HUahahaha…daripada puyeng sendiri…gw satuin aja deh comment lo yang putus2 ini 😉

          Taka banyak juga yang suka ya. Gw suka sih lagu2nya tapi suaranya biasa aja buat gw…mungkin karena gw suka suara2 yang melodis alias hobi banget naik turun, liat aja tuh list gw, semuanya org2 yang suka naik turun nada kalo nyanyi.

          1. Gw, kalo gw ngerasa da yg khas dr voc tuh org, gw lgs bisa suka en addict deh. Da satu ntu, yg tlupakan bgt, krn idola lama gw..voc-nya ben jepang Tube..ptama x dgr lgu mrk yg Natsu o kirenakute…bqn gw pnasaran ma lgu2 mrk en jd sreg bgt ma voc die d, jd lagu2 mrk dKuping gw tdenger enak aja-efek dr suka voc nya- :p
            Taka ntah knapa dKuping gw brasa da khas-ny aja, makany smua lagu OOR jd tdengar enak aja dKuping gw jg..XDDD
            Eh gw jg lupa ga sebut Hyde ye.. *digampar niji* :p

  3. aku juga suka tuh Unintended :))

    hmm.. agak bingung sih klo disuruh bikin list, dan cuma 3 org ini doang yg muncul di kepala saya..
    – Brendon Urie nya Panic! at The Disco *sukaaa banget sama suaranya mas Brendon!! hehe xD
    – Yabu Kota nya Hey!Say!JUMP (boyband Jpn) *menurutku suaranya unik dan adem aja dengernya 🙂
    – Taka nya One OK Rock (band Jpn) *efek englishnya yg fluent dan musik serta lagu2nya OOR yg ok 😀

    siapa lagi yaa~ hmm.. itu aja deh! haha /lupa

  4. Great list !
    here is mine:

    5. Al Jarreau

    I like jazz and I looovvvee the way he sings.

    4. Andrea Bocelli

    Celine Dion said, “If we can hear God singing, His voice must be like Mr. Bocelli’s voice”

    3. Tompi

    i really like him.. i have loved him since Bali Lounge.

    2. Sting (ex The Police)

    His Voice is… I can’t describe. hahahaha.

    and the number one, the one and only….

    FREDDIE MERCURY of QUEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is not only great singer,but also great musician.
    His musicality created many legendary songs..

    and it’s my favourite


    i found this band two days ago in youtube.
    it’s great because they mix Gregorian Chant with modern music..
    the band’s name Gregorian.

    1. First of all, thank you for sharing and providing the video, Reva 🙂

      Andrea Bocelli sure has great voice, better than Pavaroti in my opinion … but it’s not my kind of music, therefore I can’t really appreciate his good voice.

      Ah…stupid me!! I should have put Sting in my honorable mention. I also like his voice. And yeaaaaa for Mercury!!! He is brilliant. I love his voice and too bad we can never her him live now.

      The Gregorian has good voice, I admit that.

  5. I’m so happy to see that Eddie Vedder made the honorable mention list. I didn’t listen to a lot of Pearl Jam before I started dating the better half, but now he’s a staple on our ipod. And the better half loves to travel to watch PJ. it’s a win win for me. Not only do I get to see new places, but then I get to go to a wonderful concert. They’ve never disappointed. Not even when he had a terrible cold in Oslo, Norway. In between songs we was blowing his nose and coughing, but when he was singing you couldn’t tell he was sick. It wasn’t until I noticed that he wasn’t talking much–he loves to talk between the songs–that I new something was wrong. Then he apologized for not being friendly and said he had a terrible cold but didn’t want to disappoint his fans. I admire that.

    1. Awwww…Lucky you!! I am still waiting for PJ to come here. I will definitely see them if they come.

      For me, Eddi Vedder is a like to Ed Roland, I am not a fan but I really like their voice and their hit songs. I recently become a fan of Collective Soul after seeing their live and maybe I will become PJ’s fan too once I see them live 🙂

      Thank you for sharing the story. I have more respect at Vedder now. I always like singers/bands who concerned about the fan and always be nice. Take example of AXL, he had great voice (past tense because he no longer has it now) but he was bitter toward his fans…it disappointed me but I do still love his voice.

      I wish I can be like your better half…I would follow Larc en Ciel everywhere 🙂

  6. Since it’s about voices, I won’t comment about physical appearance xD
    1. HYDE
    I actually got no reasons here. He can sing? Yes. Good voice? Yes. Unique? Yes.. Because I listen to him every day since 16 years ago until now, to me he’s Hyde. That’s his voice. I can’t compare it to anything. it’s not a voice, it’s Hyde’s singing. He’s my idol.
    2. Gackt
    I think anyone would agree that he got a very unique voice. That vibrato is gloriously unique and even though he rarely shown hitting high notes, he can do it! I love him better in his live performance.
    3. David Bowie
    As he’s getting older he’s just getting even more sexy, not just physically, but his voice is also getting more mature, deep, warm and of course… Sexy. I prefer his live performance as well. His live voice is a lot sexier.
    4. Bryan Adams.
    Got a beautiful throaty bad boy voice, easy to remember, easy to listened to and even though he doesn’t have the vibrato like other singers, it still doesn’t make it less attractive. And he’s one of my favorite song writer too.
    5. Vitas (Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachyov)
    He’s the guy with 5 octaves voice. His voice is very clean, stings, and dramatic. Even though I don’t know his newer work, I love his older songs.

    1. Hahahaha no surprise to see Hyde on your number 1 😉 we are so much alike when it comes to our unhealthy love toward Laruku an Shieru. Like you said…it’s Hyde!! The singing voice that has kept me company for 12 years. His voice never bored me.

      I like Gackt too (although I don’t like seeing him but I like listening to him), great vibrato. I like Bryan Adams and David Bowie too 🙂 They didn’t make it to my honorable mention but I still like them nevertheless. Too bad we haven’t heard much of Adams nowadays. I know Bowie just released new single.

      Thank you for sharing Archiel 🙂

  7. Top 5 Favorite Male Voice/Singer…….
    1. Hyde L’Arc~en~Ciel
    duh~ jangan di tanya d yaaaa…klo om2 cantik yg satu inih…. mao jungkir balik gimana juga ntu suara bagaikan surga bagi gw… huakkakakka…..

    2. Gackt
    suara c om yg satu ini slalu berhasil biqin gw histeris n melongo mulu tiap denger… ahahhahahhahahhaa…. suaranya menggoda bgt… >>,<<

    3. Ryuichi kawamura Luna Sea
    neh suara khas bgt….. kadang2 suka bqn gw addict tiap die nyanyi…^^

    4. Kim Jaejoong
    *sigh* gw jatuh cinta ma suara neh org…. d cd…atopun d live perf suaranya slalu biqin gw menahan napas…..abis ntu histeris….. *terlepas dr die bias gw* :p neh org pernah bawain lagu org…. biasanya gw suka bandingin ma penyanyi aslinya…teryt die berhasil bawain ntu lagu dgn baik tanpa berusaha mengikuti penyanyi aslinya…. *gw slalu di biqin jatuh cinta*

    5. Kim Junsu
    neh org ga bisa gw anggurin…. *bukan bias* die punya suara yg khas… dah gt ngikutin musikal pula…yg mana musikal salah satu kesukaan gw….. ;DD…. positip tiap die bernyanyi slalu biqin gw merinding….. ahahhahhahahhaa…..

    masih banyak list penyanyi2 yg bagi gw suaranya indah2… kekekkekeee… tp saat ini urutan 5 gw yaa mereka…^^

    1. Yeaaaa \(^_^)/ Hyde number 1 again 🙂
      Gackt and Ryuichi ada di honorable mention gw. Yang 2 lagi ga tau sayangnya.
      Kalo Gakct dtg gw pengen nntn, pgn denger suara aslinya.

      Sankyu udah share 🙂

      1. huakakkakakkakakaa…… iyaaaa……klo Hyde mah ga pernah berubah posisinya kekekekkekeee…. artis Jepang akan slalu yg utama…..dah cinta duluan seh… ;p

        yg nmnya kim jaejoong ntu yg ngefans ma hyde… pas konser d Jepang kmrn Hyde ngasih die dvd konser Laruku n cd Vamp yg baru…*sooo lucky*….. mangkanya gw jadi tambah cinta ma neh kim jaejoong ahhahahhahahahaa……

        makasih juga dah mao berbagi…^,^

  8. Interesting Top 5… At first, I was like, “Favourite Male Voice”?? Definitely Benedict Cumberbatch all the way! Number 2 would be Alan Rickman, then Number 3 would be Liam Neeson, etc. Then I took a chill pill and re-read it carefully. My bad. But that would be a cool Top 5, right? 😉
    Well, here are my choices:

    #5. Phil Collins
    I have my parents to thank for introducing me to this artist. They have a soft spot for Mr. Collins because his show in Jakarta was the first concert they’ve ever been to together, so back in the day, when i was little, they used to put on Phil Collins record on the car. Then I fell for him even more when he made the soundtrack for Disney’s Tarzan because all the songs in that soundtrack album are amazing. That’s why I got really bummed when he announced his retirement last year 😦

    #4. Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy)
    I love this guy’s voice! It’s so distinctive and unique, Billboard even credited him as one of the best voices in pop punk! His voice is so unique that most of the times my ears can’t even catch what it is he’s singing, especially when he gets to the chorus 😛

    #3. Andrew Belle
    An episode of Grey’s Anatomy introduced me to this artist, and i instantly fell in love. He has a certain raspiness in his voice that can make me feel sad and melancholy no matter what the song is about. Whether his song is about heartbreak, or even a beautiful love song, I cant help but feel mellow.

    #2. Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol)
    The first time I heard Chasing Cars on the radio, I quickly took notes on my phone so I could find it on the internet later at home. There’s something about his voice that captured me. Sounds hyperbolic, I know, but that’s true. And he has a voice that I can recognize anytime anywhere. When I first saw the teaser of Epic on the theater, I instantly squealed when an unknown song started playing throughout the clip because I knew that it was him. My brother, who was sitting next to me, stared blankly as if I had a seizure. 😀

    #1. Joshua Radin
    Love him. Love him. Love him. I’ve praised this singer/song writer so many times on your list that has anything to do with musicians, so I don’t think I should do that again now 😛
    One thing that I love the most about Radin’s voice is how it can blend so nicely together whenever he does a duet with a female singer. I think this is important because some singers sometimes stand out way too much from their duet partners and therefore destroys the real purpose of creating a duet. But when it comes to Joshua Radin, whether it’s with Ingrid Michaelson, Maria Taylor, etc, he will make his voice melt together so beautifully. That’s why my favourite song of his is the one with him and Erin McCarley called They Bring Me To You.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Rod Stewart
    Craig David
    Ray LaMontagne
    Michael Buble
    Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars)
    Chris Martin (Coldplay)
    Jon Foreman (Switchfoot)

    1. Male voice as in singing voice 😉
      I don’t think I will make such list of male voice as in talking voice. I only like 2, Cillian and Benny.

      Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing seeing your list, no…not because it’s bad…it shows how much we differ in the music department 😉

      Thank you for sharing, as always 🙂

  9. I love your TOP 5 posts, I really do.
    I think these are all great choices even if my first 5 are a bit different.
    I added videos when I thought you might not know them.
    My very favourites are
    1. Matt Berninger from The National

    2. Dave Gahan
    3. Rea from Reamonn

    4. Raphael

    5. Colin Meloy from The Decembrists

    1. Thank you Caroline 🙂

      Wow…you always come up with people I never heard before. I like it, it broaden my knowledge. I am using mobile now, will see/hear your videos tomorrow and posted how I feel here 🙂

      Thank you for sharing new musicians with me, Caroline 🙂

        1. You’re right 😉
          Raphael has the most unique voice and fun song too. Hahaha cuteness has got nothing to do when it comes to music, but yes he is cute.
          The drum sound in the National video you put here drove me away from the vocalist…I really like it.

          1. I have never heard of them before…they sound good and yes the video is funny 🙂
            I will see if I can hear more in youtube. Thank you Caroline

  10. My choices would be more mainstream / current generation singers I think :p Though I still adore the voices of Freddie Mercury, Sting, Phil Collins, Bryan Adams, John Lennon etc. And these picks are merely by their voices only (not the songs or music), and not in a ranking order:
    – Paolo Nutini. This singer is really underrated. I really like his husky voice though I only like his first album, the rest was kinda boring.
    – Isaac Slade from The Fray.
    – Jon Bon Jovi.
    – Julian Casablancas from The Strokes.
    – John Mayer. D’oh, he’s like my favorite singer of all time.

    Too bad I have to eliminate Chris Martin (Coldplay), Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), Gavin DeGraw, Jason Mraz, Duta (Sheila on 7, seriously I think he’s one of the most iconic vocalists Indonesian has ever seen), and many others that I’m sure I have missed.

    1. My list, both top 5 and honorable mention, is also based solelybon their voices…otherwise I would have put Artic Monkeys’ vocalist (his name escape me), Tom Meighan of Kasabian, Taka of Lacryma Christi, etc. Great voice often leads to liking the songs.

      I like Bon Jovi too 🙂 tho I didn’t put him in my honorable mention.

      Hahaha I know Mayer will be in the list 😉

      Thank you for sharing, Fariz 🙂

  11. Awesome post Nov! I knew you’d have the guy from L’Arc~en~Ciel on here 😀

    The only one I like from your list is Freddie Mercury of Queen, he’s got an amazing vocals. For me I like the more Classically-tinged style, so Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Andrea Boccelli… as for pop rock, I LOVE Sting’s voice and recently I like Bruno Mars voice whenever his songs came on the radio.

    1. Thank you Ruth 🙂
      Well of course 🙂 I wouldn’t love the band for 12 years if his voice isn’t wonderful. I like many songs but for a band to be my favorite, it has to have great vocalist.

      Hear hear!! No one else can be like Freddie! I really wish I can hear him live tho it’s an impossible dream.
      Buble, Groban and Bocelli have amazing voice, too bad they aren’t my cup of tea.

  12. I don’t have a list, but Freddie Mercury would probably be my number one. Queen had some of the best music, and he was an incredible singer.

  13. Hadn’t heard of the first or fifth but they sound great! Love Muse and Freddie of course. In fact, speaking of Queen, came across this on my internet travels the other day – they’re timeless really!

    1. Long time no see or as the Japanese would say hisashiburi 🙂 May I assume you have a new story on your blog now…will go and take a look soon 🙂

      Wow…that video is amazing!! I’d love to be there among those people. Thank you for sharing that, Theresa 🙂

  14. Hey I like your number three, Freddie Mercury as he was brilliant 🙂 I don’t know what my choices would be but Mick Jagger would have to be in there, along with Ozzy Osbourne, but there are just too many to list, and with only five choices it’s not easy 😦 lol

    I like your posting on this idea though Miss. Novia as it has got everyone thinking and that is really good my great friend 🙂 Have a really nice rest of week and soon it will be the weekend again 🙂

    Andro xxxx

    1. I guess everyone loves Freddie 🙂 timeless and unforgetable voice.

      Ozzy has an interesting signature voice, we instantly know it’s him singing.

      Have a nice week, Andro 🙂

    1. Ga 🙂
      Saya suka banget The SIGIT tapi suara si vokalis ga special buat saya walaupun sy suka lagu2nya. Dulu sy suka Andy /Rif tapi dia sama sekali ga merawat suaranya n sekarang cuma kedegaran serak ga jelas doang jd ga suka lagi.

  15. I like all of your top five. Like you said, their voices are all distinctive. I also like that they don’t grate on me the way distinctive voices sometimes will. I just discovered Muse through youtube hopping less than a year ago, and Hyde through you.

    1. Grating distinctive voice? can you name one? That is if you don’t mind 😉

      Ow…MUSE is awesome live, no better live is more precise. if they ever come to your city I recommend you go watch them. I really miss them and would love to watch them again.
      Hahaha I am the Hyde-virus 😉

      1. It’s just personal taste. These get to me, and not in a good way, though I can listen for short periods and be ok. I can generally identify them in the first three stanzas of singing.

        1. I see what you mean! My personal opinion is like you…they have their signature voice but it’s hard to enjoy. I like some songs by ac/dc and stewart, I like the songs but not so much on the singers.

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