Collective Soul @ Java Rockin’Land 2013

Collective Soul at JRL

Oh…Java Rockin’Land is in June” Flat reaction from me when I knew that yearly festival (but there was no JRL last year)…but then they mentioned that Collective Soul has agreed to play in JRL…I was like “WHAT?? Collective Soul will be in JRL?” and started panicking, dying to find anyone who wanted to go too…especially ones with a vehicle. If the show was in Senayan, I’ll be fine on my own, but JRL is always in Pantai Carnaval (Carnaval Beach), Ancol…so far from home and not a very safe place.

For the love I have for this band, I spent extra cast to buy two tickets, one for me and one for my friend who was not a fan but has motorcycle…I need her as my driver 😉

Was the cost of extra ticket worth it? YES…YES…and YES!!! Collective Soul were freakin awesome!! Can’t believe they are men in their late forty, especially Ed Roland…that man is 49 but man he moved around like a young man in 20.

Before I begin my concert review…I want to share how I find the best spot to see them 😉 I have written in my JRL Day 1, that before Collective Soul there was Suicidal Tendencies with their brutal fans. I kept my feet near the dangerous zone of people bumping against each other…in other word mossing. I was on the second line in front of the barrier. The minute Suicidal Tendencies stopped playing and the fans retreated, I took a fast walk to the corner where I could see them without distraction. At that time, ST’s guitarist got off from the stage and all their fans came running back to the barrier knocking me off but I kept my footing and hid between two big men who stood still watching all the excitement. I had my best spot (front row right on the corner where there was nothing but barrier in front of me and on my left) and I was not going to move even an inch. Fortunately, ST fans retreated after the guitarist climbed back to the stage.

The Awesome Ed Roland
The Awesome Ed Roland

I stayed there and listened to six Pence None The Richer from that spot. Thank God I ‘sort of’ fought for that position because the view was amazing!! They were so close to me and I got some smile from the handsome Ed Roland 😉

Starting from June 22, 2013…I claimed myself as Ed Roland fan 😉 . Collective Soul is one of many bands that I like without being a fan of any of the member, like Radiohead, Muse, and many more. I like their music and the band…but none of the member was attractive in my eyes, especially not the singer because Ed Roland looked a bit geeky when he was young…but out of expectation, the wrinkle and grey haired Ed Roland turned into a hunky man…gyaaaa so charming!!! Throughout the concert I kept thinking “My God, how come this old man looked so darn attractive now!” He looks so much better with short hair than long hair, IMHO.

Let’s talk about the performance now. CS began their performance with Tremble For My Beloved. Joel, Will and Dean came out dressed in all black, no sign of Ed yet. And then Ed came out with white jacket and slick white hair. At that time I was thinking “hmm…he looks different” He said hi by raising both his hand and then began singing. As usual, Ed was busy moving around and playing with the microphone stand…he was the most active ones compared to the rest of Collective Soul members. Without delaying, they hit it off with Heavy. I was singing on the top of my lung and that was the first time I saw Ed smiling at me…you might said that it looked like he smiled at you but he wasn’t, you just think like that…but I know when someone look at me in the eyes and he did look at me in the eyes. I was so happy (and he smiled more than once at my direction…tho not always at me). Part of me think that maybe he smiled because he never expected to see a Muslim woman who wears hijab would jump and dance and sang so loud like what I did 😉 …well Ed, welcome to Indonesia where the Muslims aren’t like what the world think of women Muslims should be 🙂 We have freedom to express our feeling without breaking religious rules.

They continued with Listen, I have been expecting that song. Ed took off his jacket and now all Collective Soul members were clad in blacks. I know the song so well and once again sang on the top of my lung. Can’t believe how Ed could maintain his energy, he kept on moving around. Ed took his guitar and began December. The intro was a bit different to the usual, they played it slower than the original. Some of the audience already began singing during the intro. When Ed said “Are you ready? One two three four!” All the people in the front row sang the refrain together with him. Then the intro to Gel kicked in after Ed asked the audience, are you okay? Hohoho…how I love seeing him danced to the song. All of us shouted “aha…aha…aha” along with Will when the refrain began. Joel was amazing here, I could see him clearly because he was on the other side of the stage. In front of me were Will and Dean.

Ed said “Happy Birthday Jakarta” because June 22 is Jakarta’s birthday and then he said “Thank you for inviting us to your party men, we are so honored. This is so fun, we like you people!” Ha…how do you think we feel?? We love you, men! They toned down their performance by singing She Said. Beautiful song and I decided to record it and kept my voice so low while singing along with them.

Why Pt 2 came up next, fun song and I was singing along and directed my hands at Ed every time the lyric “tell me why, you don’t feel the same!”. Then they played Where The River Flows, another energetic show that kept me jumping along following the tune. I like the lighting, it felt like dancing along the song. Ed without his guitar was the best to see because he seemed to forget his age. Will and Joel also looked more active during this song.  They then decided to tone down again, Ed took his guitar again and began singing Compliment. I took my time to record them again, too bad a photographer kept on standing in front of me 😦 He didn’t bother my view but his head appeared on my record.

They kept the slow atmosphere by singing Needs, and since I didn’t have to jump along to the song, I once again recorded the performance and sang so low. Will often played facing face to face with Dean. Hollywood came afterward. The most interesting part of this song was when Ed decided to step down from the stage and got near to the audience…unfortunately, there was a photographer in front of me so I didn’t have chance to touch his hand, my friend did.

They sang Better Now and I wish it could turn out like when they did it in Home DVD, but it seemed that not many knew that DVD and the fans didn’t sing “and the world’s done shaking, the world’s done shaking, world’s done shaking me down”. Then, somewhere outside the venue, there were fireworks. Ed said “they might not be able to hear us” he decided to wait and then once the fireworks ended he joked by saying “yes, that was part of the show” and smiled. They began the song I have been waiting for, Run…whuaaaaa I was shouting so loud and then record it while still singing so low. I stopped recoding when Ed let the audience to sing the refrain. I prefer clapping my hands and sang out loud than recording. I love that song…I really do. Dean played keyboard for this song. They then decided to do another upbeat song, they sang Precious Declaration. I danced and jumped through the song.

The World I Know came next. Everyone sang along with them, we knew the song so well and not singing along was like impossible. When the intro kicked in, everyone shouted because they wanted to sing with them. Ed let the audience sang the refrain while he played the guitar. He looked so happy, smiling all the time. The World I know became their last song…well sort of. They went back to catch their breath.

They began their encore performance by rocking the house with Counting The Days. Then the song everyone been shouting at them began, Shine began with Ed saying “Let’s sing a song together, shall we?” Everyone was shouting “yeah!!” the moment he played the intro. And of course, he let us sing parts of the song. We even shouted “yeah” at the right time. I couldn’t stop jumping and singing, I was so happy. And I was even happier when I gave Ed heart sign using my hand and he smiled and nodded a bit as if to say he knows. Of course he knows…I was right in front of his eyes and enjoying the show too much.

Javarockin’land is kindly enough to share the full concert 🙂 Thank you soooo much

Here’s the full set list

  1. Tremble For My Beloved
  2. Heavy
  3. Listen
  4. December
  5. Gel
  6. She said
  7. Why Pt2
  8. Where The River Flows
  9. Compliment
  10. Needs
  11. Hollywood (part 1, part 2)
  12. Better Now
  13. Run
  14. Precious Declaration
  15. The World I Know
  16. Counting The Days
  17. Shine

Thank you for coming Collective Soul….and I will wait for your return…soon if possible 😉

Will and Dean
Will and Dean
Collective Soul
Collective Soul


    1. All of those recordings are mine except for the last one because I chose to sing and jump than record it.

      Oh…I had a blast!! Those not so young men were fantastic and seemed ageless

          1. Lucky bug. Last time I went to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash I stood in a row where everyone was sitting and an usher came and told me it wasn’t allowed.

  1. beware cillian,noel,sama vokalis laruku lupa namanya..ada saingan baru nih,ed roland..senengnya mb novi konsernya seru banget kyaknya..sapa lg mb yg ditunggu maen d jakarta?guns roses?

    1. Hahaha…Cillian mah ga punya saingan 😉
      Tapi itu si om Ed luar biasa bgt, dah tua malah tambah keren n ttp enerjik, bnr2 ga kyk umur 49thn. Seru abis d pokoknya.

      Masih menunggu Radiohead, Greenday, Kasabian, dan Arctic Monkeys 🙂

    1. Thank you, TBM.
      It was a wonderful night…love everything about it. A connection? You can say that 😉 I can still remember his last smile. I read that Ed Roland is a nice and approachable man.
      Hope I can come again when they come back 🙂

  2. Oh Novia… 🙂

    I love to read these concert memories of yours and to see you in full “fangirl’ mode. So darn cute when you show your heart and feelings!!
    You are the sort of pure fan that any artist wants to have appreciate them and their music. I know that the band will carry away with them some of your energy, enthusiasm, and love and make them want to visit Indonesia again.

    1. Thank you Miyuki 🙂
      Since we are, somehow alike, you are the one who always enjoy my fangirling post more than anyone 😉
      I am a very appreciative person…if I like it, I show it as best I can, and if I hate it, I will also show it not hiding it.
      The enthusiasm I had was always depend on the bands and fortunately all the bands I have been waiting for haven’t yet disappointed me 🙂

      1. Hahaha!! 🙂
        Yes!! We are much the same in the way we are both intense about things we feel strongly. That is definitely why I like to read about these “adventures” you have. It’s like sharing them with you.
        I can’t wait till your next one… 😉

    1. I did enjoy it…more than I expected. In fact, I dare to say that I used to like Collective Soul but couldn’t say I am a fan as I don’t have all their albums…but now, I am proud to say I am a fan! They were awesome!! They were definitely better as a live band than a recording one.

      Thank you…I am glad I stick to that best spot…otherwise, I wouldn’t get that extra smile 😉

  3. You didn’t find the members attractive before? How is that possible? hehe..just kidding. I find Ed Roland attractive back when I was in high school. The song list sounds great, I don’t know the newest songs though. Glad you enjoyed the show. Hopefully they do come again on their own concert, I’ll try to watch it!

    1. Huahahaha…they are just not my type. Dean is handsome since back then but not attractive to me and Ed…man, he is soooo geeky in his long hair. It’s like he wanted to be a rockstar but failed (sorry Ed)….But now, with his short hair, gyaaaaaa!!! I was fangirling a lot during the concert. Not only he has wonderful voice (which is why I like CS), his stamina is amazing and he looks stunningly handsome…such perfect combination 😉

      Actually, there weren’t any newest songs there. None of the songs were from their 2009 album. There are only 2 songs I didn’t know, but still I enjoyed a lot 🙂

      I really hope Ed will keep his promise and come back soon (maybe after their next album) and maybe we can see them together 😉

  4. The band opened with Welcome All Again in pitch black at the start, then neon vertical light stands kicked in and the rumble started and the crowd went nuts, and the band was on stage in full performance – all this within seconds. I don’t particularly like this song on the album, but live it definitely gave me chills and a sense of heightened anticipation. I think it was the perfect choice for opener. From there, straight into more guitar soaked songs with a one-three punch of Heavy, Listen, Tremble for My Beloved, and Why Pt.2, before taking it down a notch with Needs; one of my favorite Collective Soul songs, and so I stood with eyes closed singing full volume not caring if I was off key in my friend’s ear – or if rhythm guitarist Dean Roland (who was mere feet from where we stood) heard me either.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of detail that you put into your post. I was also at this concert last June, but only managed to publish the write-up of my experience today! Glad that you enjoyed yourself!

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