Java Rockin’Land 2013 Day 1 (June 22, 2013)


This is my second time coming to Java Rockin’Land. I always enjoy this rock festival because they always brought the best band from the nineties…and yes I am the nineties generation that kept having hard time to move on…I am now VERY picky with recent bands.

In 2009, I went to my first Java Rockin’Land to see Mr. Big and this year I went to see Collective Soul. I wish I can come EVERY year but Java Rockin’Land was held far from home and it’s not a very nice area for a girl to be all alone there. The festival usually finished after midnight and to look for a taxi was a bit uncomfortable. Because I didn’t have any friend who wanted to go there in 2011, I missed seeing Cranberries 😦

This year, when I knew that one of my favorite bands in is coming, I tried hard to find a friend who have vehicle to come with me…no one was eager to come 😦 . So I finally asked my friend who had a motorcycle to come with me, I bought two tickets…one for me and one for her. She was my personal driver for a day because there’s NO WAY I am going to miss seeing Collective Soul. And thank God all that effort worth every second of their performance. I will write about Collective Soul’s performance in separate post. (Collective Soul concert review)

We came around 6 pm, just the right time to pray…so we searched for Musholla first (Musholla is a small mosque). And then we headed to the venue about 200 meters from where we parked our motorbike. The band that was playing when we came was an Indonesian band called EDANE. They were on the main stage. There were 6 stages there but I only hang around two stages, The main stage called Indosat Stage and the smaller one called Rockin’Land Stage, they were closed to each other. EDANE is a band that can be considered as the hair band. I quite like one of their songs called Kau Memang Manis (You are really cute) , it’s not a love song…it’s about a girl so cute but so not nice. Here’ s the video…hearing how the audience sang along made the video much better 🙂

After EDANE, there was a band from Dutch called Kensington. It’s a band formed in 2005, quite new. I have never heard of them before and since they were performing next to the main stage, the Rockin’Land Stage (I wasn’t planning to walk far away from the main stage because I don’t want to stand too far when Collective Soul start playing). At first, I think they have quite good tune. I enjoy it a lot, but after three songs I got bored because they all sound a bit the same. I retreated and sat near main stage…but then Kensington played a different kind of tune, I was intrigued again and walked closer to the stage.

Overall…I think they deserve more attention, they were quite good. I enjoyed their last three songs. The drummer caught my attention the most because he played very energetic.

Right after Kensington, everyone moved back to the main stage to see Suicidal Tendencies, a crossover trash band. I knew very well that the audience would do some mossing…Collective Soul would be next, so I walked as near as I could to the stage and worried where the mossing area would take place. The moment Suicidal Tendencies started playing, the place I was standing up turned into mossing area…all those big guys bumping against each other and the small me (mind you that I am only 150cm) was caught in the middle…so I moved closer to the stage all the danger 😉

Although I am not a fan of this kind of rock music but I admit it was fun, I enjoyed all their songs and moved my body following their rhythm. But seeing how brutal the audience was…I don’t think I will come to their concert again unless in a festival like this. You can see the mossing in the first few second of the video. They asked the audience to climb onto the stage when they performed their last song…I saw the Java Rockin’land crew looked so worry and limited the audience.

After ST, Six Pence Non The Richer played on Rockin’Land Stage across the main stage…I didn’t go there because I had my best spot for Collective Soul secured (will talk about this later). SPNTR was quite sweet…I meant they have sweet songs. I listened to them from afar and had no recording of them. They had two songs I know well, Kiss Me and There She Goes.

Collective Soul came right after Six Pence…and they have their own special concert review 😉






Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies

To read about Collective Soul’s performance, go here


  1. You got to see a lot of bands this time out and it’s already sounding like you had fun. I’m surprised you had trouble finding someone to go with you. Most of your close friends are not so much music fans?

    1. I had fun alright…especially when Collective Soul finally hit the stage 😉

      Well, most my close friends love Japanese music…it’s easier to find friend to come to a concert by Japanese band than by western bands.

  2. I was a lot pickier with my music ten years ago. Then the kids started really getting into music, and dragged me along. At first I was not amused. They were into head-banger and scream-o bands. Still not my thing. But it turned out I like Chevelle, Lincoln Park, NIN, and a bunch of others. That lead me to even more, and now I find a lot of new/newer music that I get into. Meanwhile, my dh is still stuck in the 60’s. *eyeroll*

    1. I am not sure that I am stuck in 90s because I still like new bands like Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys and even One Ok Rock from Japan. But I admit I don’t have many new bands to hear, mostly from the past who are still active like Green Day and of course Collective Soul.

      1. I like Green Day, too. Sometimes I enjoy Arctic Monkeys and sometimes I find I’m not in the mood. I run into them on youtube now and then. I listen to a lot of albums on youtube. In the last couple of years I’ve only purchased music I listened to there first.

        1. Same with me 🙂
          I only purchase one that I know I will like, not just any album…except for Larc en Ciel, I’ll but anything from them.

          1. Auto-buy .. I like that term. I used to do auto-buy to Muse’s record too but his latest album disappointed me so I didn’t buy it. So far, Larc hasn’t disappointed me (hopely never)

  3. I only know Six Pence None the Richer but I’m not too keen on them.
    You did have fun. I was also surprised you had a probelm to find someone to come with you.

    1. I quite like sixpence, in the sense that they are a good band to wait for another band to start 😉 …but I don’t think they fit well with other bands in Java Rockin’land…they are too sweet.

      The place is the major issue here…it’s just too far and very late, the show was over after midnight.

    1. I know 😦
      Now that I know how to get there (hiring personal driver 😉 ) I will not miss out again next year…and hoping another 90’s band will headline again

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